Crazy Leveling System
Chapter 774

Chapter 774

Yi Tianyun burned the Evil Spirit Race leader’s body so that the man couldn’t regenerate easily! Yi Tianyun didn’t want any of the limbs that he had already cut to regenerate so easily as the Evil Spirit Race had six arms instead of two.

Although the amount of arm was a symbol of strength on Evil Spirit Race, it was burdensome garbage for Yi Tianyun. The Heavenly Netherworld Holy King that he fought before has also reached the Saint King Peak Stage, so these Mortal World Evil Spirit Race leaders didn’t deter him at all!

Yi Tianyun wasn’t easily deterred this day as he had already reached the 5th Layer Saint King Stage, and his equipment boosted his strength that he was even more powerful than a Divine King early stage! That was why he thought that these Evil Spirit Race leaders were nothing but scums!

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“Kill him!” the leader shouted. The two of them immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun with Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure under their control. They didn’t seem to panic at all even after seeing Yi Tianyun’s speed as they were confident in their own power. Saint King Peak Stage aura immediately filled the air as they went and attacked Yi Tianyun.

But at that moment, Yi Tianyun suddenly disappeared, and the reflection of a black sword flashed in front of the rushing leaders, and they suddenly they felt an extreme cold slipped through them! They immediately felt a sudden pain from their limbs, and sure enough, their arms and legs were cut cleanly before the Immortal Fire engulfed their body! The Immortal Fire wasn’t that intense as it would take several days for them to be completely burned to death, but the fire was hard to extinguish, and it also canceled out their recovery!

“You are pretty good! But in the end, you will be drained dry by Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure! You are already good as dead! I never thought Mortal World would have someone as strong as you. Are you Sealing Heaven Divine King’s Descendant? This power is similar to him!” One of the leaders shouted as he was laughing while being burned slowly.

Heavenly Swallowing Divine Treasure would absorb Yi Tianyun’s life force and Blood Essence, which was why they were so confident that Yi Tianyun would die soon. Furthermore, they were confident with Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure’s barrier as they thought that no one except for a Divine King Stage Expert or above would be able to escape it!

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Water Dragon Emperor and Evil Spirit Race expert that was still under Yi Tianyun’s control frowned. They wondered whether they’d be freed from his control if Yi Tianyun died? They, too, thought that it was impossible for Yi Tianyun to escape Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure’s barrier! Since they retained all memory while being controlled by Yi Tianyun, they felt terrible as they knew that they had done something terrible to their allies.

“What are you thinking about?” Yi Tianyun said as he suddenly appeared behind both of them. They immediately turned pale as they were surprised that Yi Tianyun was already behind them without them realizing it. But more importantly, wasn’t Yi Tianyun fighting the leaders inside Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure? So, why was he out there with them?

But in reality, the one that was fighting against the leaders at the moment was Yi Tianyun’s clone! He immediately made a quick decision to send out his clone inside as he didn’t know whether he would be able to teleport out or not as soon as he saw the Evil Spirit Race Expert controlled Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure to let the Evil Spirit Race Expert in earlier.

Now, the three leaders of the Evil Spirit Race frowned as they felt contempt and deep hatred for the young human in front of them. Not only were they defeated, but their prized treasure has been taken too!

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“Kill us then! What are you waiting for!” one of the leaders shouted without any form of fear in his eyes. Yi Tianyun took a look at the other leader that was impaled on the ground and saw the same thing. None of these Evil Spirit Race Leaders was afraid of death!

“Why would I kill any of you? I’d be doing you a favour if I kill you here now! I will watch you burn to death, a little bit at a time so that everyone that you had killed in the past can rest easy knowing that you all die an excruciating death!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. His anger towards these people hasn’t subsided as he kept seeing the remains of those that have been killed by these Evil Spirit Race people in the past.

This place bore witness to every sadistic act that the Evil Spirit Race people have done to so many people to gain power. None of them could talk now to judge these Evil Spirit Race leaders, so it fell to Yi Tianyun to be the one that made sure none of these people died an easy death!

He vowed to himself that he would exterminate all Evil Spirit Race thoroughly from all Three Realms! Maybe there were other races that were as inhumane as Evil Spirit Race too, but it didn’t matter as he would destroy anything that was disappointing, unpleasant, and revolting to him! He would be the judge of all these disgusting behaviours! He would become the nightmare of these evildoers!

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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 774
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