Crazy Leveling System
Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System

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Crazy Leveling System novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Shounen genres. Written by the Author Crazy Meng Meng. 860 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Your meridians cannot be cultivated? It’s ok! There is the Crazy Leveling System: Do missions, kill monsters, swallow other people’s spiritual power, make pills or forge weapons and participate in big battles. You can gain experience!

EXP is too low? No worries! I have double EXP card, ten times EXP card! EXP bursts and level rises!

What genius, big family young master, empire emperor, and talent? In the face of this Crazy Leveling System, they are far behind!

“Huh, did I level up again?” Yi Tianyun woke up and found himself level up again…

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    Dude. This is quite literally an MTL that was manually reworked to sound different. The OG MTL was bad enough, that the content here has the exact same sentence structure, tone, and many, many, synonyms, doesn't exactly live up to the hype. But. I won't deny that the novel is interesting, if only because there are more than 25 distinct cultivation realms, with different tiers for each of them. The novel also employs a "lottery" system. It's not as attractive as Chu Kuangren's system, but then again, that fic is one of those "turn off your brain to read" and "MC always saves the day in the nick of time" types of novels. In terms of content, it's got a very varied one, despite how much I dislike Crazy's MC. Readability-wise... see 1st paragraph. Is it worth your time to read? Idk. How bored are you? How interested are you in seeing a different system?

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  • ahmetc 1

    the series is good but the translation is beyond awful

  • Combat 1

    Drop it already...Why do you help someone who already ridicule you not 1 time but many times...The system is actually pretty good but I can't bear with his personality

  • RaheemAzmi 4

    Well well another System novel here we go again 😤

  • Yaxxc 1

    The translations NVM So I like this kind of novel but the translations is kind of you know a Lil bit sad. So I was thinking of dropping this and so i would like to know if it gets after or is it the same all the way to the top

    • NoelleAva 1

      Is it not tolerable? I really wanna give this a try but I don't want to have a headache if the translation is really that bad

      • Yaxxc 1

        You should try and read maybe 5-10 chapters then you'll get what i mean. It's mind clogging

      • LostFromLight 3

        holy mother of Mr. Fool the translation is bad!!

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  • Fallenone24 1

    Does the mc use a spear or a sword ?

  • CodeOverReality 1

    Why is on some chapter like 130 and 131 same text twice?

  • johnchristianteriote 1

    this manhua is there harem or only one female lead

  • Gopal 1

    She married him after 3 worlds unification and stays in it when the mc goes to higher level of universal charts where time flow is 5 times faster . Though before leaving they got married and give birth to a daughter after more than few decades of pregnancy. As the story moves in upward trend it becomes pure shit , not even worth looking after 15-1600 chapters . So , if possible you may forget about it as love and so these feelings aren't taken into account and Mc will become pure leveling menace and complete idiot

    • Silay_layla 1

      What theirs 1600 chapters?

  • BoredKing98 2

    So most of the negatives of this novel that ive seen in the comments and reviews,beyond being cliche, is that the translation is shit. Is is stil like that or was it fixed?

    • JerichFrancisco 1

      Yup super duper cliche , lot of face slapng tsss