Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Chapter 648: Potential Fourth Disciple?

"No. 245, Second Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, Failed"

"No. 246, Seventh Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, you can move on to the next part of the talent assessment."

"No. 247, Third level Stage of the Condensation Realm, Failed"

As the city at the base of the Ninth Star Peak slowly got more and more crowded, the first round of tests officially began with a large number of outer sect elders in charge of the test, while a few of the sect elders watched over the procedure from afar. Keeping an eye out in case there was someone among the young people that they wanted to take in as a disciple

"Looks like everything is going well so far…" Standing a bit further away from the talent measuring tests taking place at the base of the Ninth Star Peak, Elder Song kept a close eye on everything to make sure nothing went wrong.

This was the first time that the Shattering Star Sect accepted disciples since it had been established, so Elder Song wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong during this time.

For this reason, he made sure to keep an eye on the people sent over by the different kingdoms. Not wanting any of them to cause any trouble!

Like this, time slowly passed and the talent assessment part of the tests to enter the Star Shattering Sect slowly came to an end with more than a hundred thousand young people having participated.

However, in the end. Not all of them could move on to the next part of the assessments!

Out of the over one hundred thousand people. Only the top ten thousand of these people ended up moving on to the combat part of the assessment for becoming a disciple of the Star Shattering Sect.

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"To think so many people got eliminated during the first assessment… I only barely managed to enter the top ten thousand with a rank of 9231!"

"Huh? You think you have it rough? I was ranked 9997! Getting through the combat assessment will be impossible…"

"Haha! Don't sweat it! I'm sure you guys will do fine. After all, innate talent and real-life combat are two completely different things! If I'm not wrong, the combat assessment should involve us fighting demon beasts and the other participants!"

"Hm... That does sound like a combat assessment, with this, it might not be impossible to pass the assessment given I'm older and more experienced than most of the people here!"

"Indeed, all three of us are already close to the age of 18 and should have far more combat experience than the rest of the people here. Not to mention, I just learned a powerful martial art used by my father and should be able to beat anyone at the same realm, with this, I should be able to easily pass the combat assessment even if my innate talent is among the worst!"

As there was a short break before the start of the combat assessment, the disciples who had passed the first assessment started talking with each other. Curious what the combat assessment would be about and just as a way to calm themselves down for the upcoming assessment.

After all, outside of the people who were in the top one hundred, none of the other participants felt certain that they would be able to pass the combat assessment. Not something odd, as all the participants were below the age of 18 and had close to zero combat experience…

"Seeing as all of you got some time to rest up before the start of the combat assessment, I think it's about time we get started! The combat assessment is split into two parts. The first will have you hunt demon beasts in a nearby demon beast forest. Killing a demon beast at your own realm will give you a single point, killing a demon beast one realm above what your realm is will give 10 points, two realms above your realm will give you 100 points and so on.

The top six thousand will move on to the next part of the combat assessment that will be a simple one on one duel where the winner will move on, and the loser will be eliminated. The top three thousand will then move on to the final assessment."

Not wasting too much time after the first assessment on innate talent had finished, Elder Song moved forward and announced the start of the combat assessment, while also describing the two parts of the assessment before leaving to let the outer sect elders take over and guide a group of the participants towards one of three nearby demon beast forests that the Star Shattering Sect had taken control over shortly after it had been established.

The three-demon beast forest were each made for a specific level of strength so as to better allow the participants to display their full range of talent an abilities without having to waste their time dealing with weaker demon beasts that posed no challenge to them.

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For this reason, there was one demon beast forest for those younger participants still in the earlier stages of the Qi Condensation Realm. One for the participants who were in the later stages of the Qi Condensation Realm and finally, one for the few that had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm.

To make sure nothing ended up going wrong during this part of the assessment, the outer sect elders hid themselves around the three different demon beast forests. Ready to jump in and act in case one of the participants were about to get killed.

Of course, the outer sect elders helping, would mean that the participant would end up getting eliminated!


Arriving when the combat assessment had already started and the first part of the new disciple assessment had already ended, Xuan Hao quickly began scanning over all the disciples present with the help of the system to see if there was anyone talented among them.

"Hm? I didn't expect to see you here Grand Elder Xuan… Are you perhaps looking to see if there is someone interesting among the young ones?" Given that he had not hidden his presence when he arrived, Elder Song quickly spotted him as he made his way over with a happy expression on his face.

Even if he didn't say anything, Xuan Hao could clearly feel that the old man was extremely satisfied with the number of geniuses present in the assessment for future disciples of the sect. Not something surprising given that there were more than ten who had already reached the Foundation Establishment below the age of 18!

The level of talented young people present was simply far superior to any assessment that the Flying Sword Sect had held in the past, it was obvious Elder Song would feel extremely happy knowing so many talented young people would end up joining the sect…

"Indeed, I came here to see if there was anyone interesting enough to accept as a disciple!"

"That is great! If Grand Elder Xuan could accept another disciple, I'm sure that the Star Shattering Sect will get another pillar to keep it stable in the future!"

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Not hiding his reason for coming, Xuan Hao felt a bit surprised upon seeing Elder Song's excited expression when mentioning that he might accept another disciple.

However, after thinking about it for a short moment, it was not too surprising. After all, all three of his disciples were extremely talented. Chu Yang had already reached the Nascent Soul Realm, Qing Yi was close to the Peak of the Core Formation Realm and should be able to reach it in the future, while even Bai Ning was starting to show his brilliance when it came to blacksmithing. Already being close to becoming an Artisan Blacksmith.

In Elder Song's eyes, it was obvious that him taking in another disciple would only be a good thing, as all three of his disciples so far were by far the strongest disciples of the Star Shattering Sect!

"Accepting another disciple…" Muttering this to himself as he turned his attention back towards the ten thousand disciple who were making their way through one of the three demon beast forest, Xuan Hao could not help feeling like it was indeed time for him to take in another disciple.

Not because Elder Song was telling him to do so, but because he suddenly had a feeling that the system might reward him if he started taking in more talented disciple.

Now, the only problem that remained, was for him to find a sufficiently talented disciple!

"Hm? Natural talent 67!?"

Not even having to look around for more than a few seconds, Xuan Hao could not help opening both of his eyes wide as he noticed a terrifyingly high talent number floating above one of the participants heads.

"Who in the- Nascent Soul Realm cultivation?!" Looking towards the person in question, Xuan Hao could not help feeling shocked after discovering that the other party was hiding her cultivation.

"Wait… Why does the aura of this person feel so familiar…?" Starting to pay attention to this person, Xuan Hao could not help narrowing his eyes upon realizing that he felt somewhat familiar with the other persons aura. Meaning that he had met her before!

The only question that remained was, when did he meet this person before…?

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Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough Chapter 648: Potential Fourth Disciple?
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