Cursed Immortality
Chapter 410: Hunting the Epics (2)

Jacob stood outside a small villa with around twenty people already there, and they were all looking at the signboard outside.

"The Black Fang Mercenary Team Headquarters!

"Team Leader: Black Tiger Fang (B Class Epic Universal Mercenary)

"Recruitment Requirements: We are hiring anyone with a minimum Tier-3 Epic Combatant Straight or Tier-2 Epic Sorcerer Prowess. If you meet the aforementioned conditions and are interested, please contact the Team Manager.

"Warning: Troublemakers or Fakes will be dealt with harsh punishment and then handed over to the City Enforcer Department!"

After reading the information, Jacob mused, 'This team should be at the peak of this city's power cap. No wonder so many people seem interested. This team leader should be my target since only he can be in the core of this place within a heavily guarded area.

'Now, what was left is made him come out from his turtle shell and then grab him. The most difficult part is to separate him from his team members. The city enforcer department won't pay much attention in this district of the city because no one dares to mess with these teams here. They are quite capable of handling troublemakers. But what if they can't see the troublemaker?'

Jacob's lips curled up as he left the crowded area and headed to a dark corner of the villa, and then a tight dark body outfit appeared on his body and a mask. Thereafter, the gray disk appeared under his feet, and then he turned invisible.

He was hoping that this small team won't be bothered putting an anti-surveillance system at the same level as the city in their temporary headquarters. They might have some on those walls, but having against flying objects, they were not guarded against since, in their eyes, a stealth treasure that could help them fly didn't even exist.

Furthermore, with Jacob's advanced equipment and grass fit in his mask eye sockets, Jacob easily snuck into the villa after avoiding the suspicious wall and some point in the ground, which were emitting peculiar radio waves.

Because it was nighttime, the atmosphere was completely silent, and the only sounds were coming from the entrance, which was closed off, and two burly, fiercely looking, black tiger face orcs with white tiger strips were guarding the gate and staring at the people outside with fierce, cold glare. No one dares to make any trouble!

The villa was fifty meters back from the gate and surrounded by a beautiful garden. However, Jacob's plan wasn't to enter the villa, which was literally glowing with all sorts of radio waves.

Jacob then looked at the hovering book, which was filled with sadists laughing. He was keeping it around to identify the target. He said, "What if a prestigious mercenary team headquarters were attacked in the middle of the night? Will a power B-class epic mercenary sit still? What do you think?

"How about we make a bet? I bet he will come out to make a public scene to show off his dominance. So, no one mess with him, and this will draw even more people toward his team. While you will be bet on, the opposite."

"Hehehehe, what kind of bet is this? How about you choose the latter option? Then I might think about it." Immortika wrote.

"What? Too afraid to lose? If I win, I only want information on how to control my solar plexus. But if I lose, I'll do one thing for your blasted entertainment. You can even choose for yourself." Jacob suggested without being dejected.

However, the thing in front of them was not something he could trick with this sort of thing. So, Immortika wrote without being provoked. "Hehehehe, this is indeed enticing, and I'm very glad you thought about your backer for once. But don't worry; I can't see you taking such a risk for me. Besides, I'm pretty entertained already, so that you can be worry-free. I'll let you know when I need more. Hahahaha…"

Jacob pursed his lips when Immortika just refused to have him his for once, "Tsk, wily bugger."

No longer caring about the wily book, he took out the blue advance talisman he had made today. He wasn't going to use his mech weaponry since there was a chance someone might connect him to it.

Since he was now proficient in magic, he was naturally going to use it, and he also wanted to see what sort of destruction this advanced common rank talisman could cause despite having some idea.

To use a talisman, one needs to pour some mana directly into the rune on it, and the moment Jacob did it, the talisman suddenly shimmed and turned into a rock-hard form from its soft paper form.

Without hesitation, Jacob aimed the large gate and instantly threw it like a knife, but he was careful enough to avoid those two guards' eyes.

The moment that talisman broke from the mana that activated it, it could no longer be stopped, and within a single second, the talisman converted into a tidal wave!

A tidal wave around five meters in size appeared out of nowhere, completely catching the two guards off guard and directly swallowing them!


Huge water splashing sound occurred, shaking the walls a little, and all sorts of alarms were acting around the villa. However, that common rank advanced talisman wasn't enough to breach the gate. But it was enough to alarm everyone in the villa and those onlookers on the street.

Furthermore, the fact about talismans was although they looked like a spell and they could even be compared with a magic scroll which can also store powerful magic spells. But they were both diffract things because a talisman was made with magic materials while a magic scroll could only contain or store a magic spell of a spell caster. That's why it is called Spell Crafting,

That's why the runic talismans fall in the category of Rune Inscribing, not Spell Crafting, which was solely built upon the craft of Magic Sealing!

Chapter 410: Hunting the Epics (2)
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