Cursed Immortality
Chapter 411: Hunting the Epics (3)

Shortly after the mysterious appearance of the small tidal wave, the closed doors of the villa smacked open and powerful people walked out.

Most of them were the black tiger orcs, as these sorts of teams normally formed around their own races because it was far easier to trust their own kind than a foreign one.

However, it didn't mean they won't allow another race to join their ranks. As long as the other person met the requirements, they were welcome anywhere.

There were also three elves and two monkey-faced orcs who walked out of the villa in haste. They all wore stern and furious expressions since they were clearly having a nice rest until the alarms went off, and they were not going to let off the culprit.

As those guys left toward the entrance gate once after another, they didn't pay attention to the empty flower filed right in front of the villa entrance door. A pair of cold amber eyes were gazing at them stoically.

"Where is my target?" Jacob asked with a hint of haste as he knew this was his only chance when all of those were occupied by the thought of finding the attacker.

Once they calm down, their attention will shift, and his effort will be for naught. He wanted to complete his task and get the hell away before the enforcers came here.

"Oh, he's coming alright, and he's coming fast! Hehehe…" Immortika wrote ambiguously.

Jacob suddenly had a bad feeling about this because he suddenly sensed a faint tremor under his feet, and the next moment, a 3-meter tall, burly figure came running out with tremendous speed, leaving a blurring image.

Even with his eyes, it was extremely to for him to follow. However, Jacob didn't want to miss this chance as those mercenaries were completely focused on the gate, and they seemed to be aware of their incoming leader, so they weren't worried about him, and that's what Jacob wanted!

Jacob's heart rate climbed like an explosion, and the blurry figure who was about to step outside the door turned somewhat slowly, and he could finally see the guy's ferocious face while his body emitted a faint dark mist.

Nevertheless, Jacob didn't have time to analyze what sort of spell the other was using, and his eyes shimmered in a crimson glow, 'Slumber Hex!'

The next moment, the Black Tiger Fang, a tier-6 epic, abruptly closed his eyes and fell into slumber on the spot!

However, this was just the easiest part because now he had to catch that guy who was still using a movement spell, and his speed was almost at Mach-1!

If he let him crush, there was no way in hell the others won't notice.

So, Jacob moved right in front of a massive figure who had now turned into a cannonball and was about to clash with the entrance.

Jacob's speed with his 20X acceleration was almost at the realm of mach-1, and he knew the moment he broke into 25X, his speed would be mach-1 or even faster.

However, Jacob's plan wasn't to crush that massive guy, as it was the same as announcing his presence—all he wanted was to just come in contact with his unconscious body.

The moment he and the unconscious Black Tiger Fang were only a meter away, Jacob moved his hand, and the moment he felt the terrifying, crushing pressure on his hand, he instantly tried to store Black Tiger Fang into his pendant!

The next moment, when his hand was about to shatter, Black Tiger Fang's body instantly vanished, and so did the force behind him, and what remained were powerful winds brushing past Jacob.

Despite his objective being achieved, Jacob didn't stop, as now was the time to quickly leave this place before someone noticed Black Tiger Fang's abrupt absence.

Twisted his body, with the same speed, he ran back, and the moment he was outside, he jumped, and the gray disc appeared under his, and he vanished in the dark night.

All this happened within five seconds, and even Black Tiger Fang's team members couldn't have imagined that their powerful leader was abducted within seconds!

Well, they will be found out about in a few minutes, and this was just the start of the legendary ghost story of the city no. 543, which will make everyone tremble whenever they discuss it!

In the sky, Jacob smiled in relish as he glanced at his 'massive, slumbering trophy' in his infinity pendant.

But he didn't waste time as he knew this wasn't the time to celebrate yet as a new storage ring appeared on his finger, and thereafter, a ghastly magic core entered his grip.

The magic core then began to glow in his hand as he felt pure magic power start to sink into his body and then enter the hex mana core before mysteriously starting to fill in the infinity pendant.

"Lead me toward this Bronze Barbarian," Jacob commanded Immortika as he wanted to grab both of these targets in this area before leaving toward other districts.

As for the last two targets in this district, he decided to leave them and only looked for these targets alone. He was not greedy enough to try grabbing a tier-8 epic when there was a chance that one might notice his movement. This was simply too suicidal. He knew his limit and wasn't a match for such an opponent yet.

Jacob was planning to hunt in this manner for three hours until Immortika's summoning time was over before calling it a night and returning to enjoy his hard earn 'meal.'

"Hehehe, that was really entertaining to watch. How about we tone it up a bit? Why don't I lead you to a target with the densest legendary bloodline in the entire city? That guy will give you about 2.5% alone.

"Furthermore, he happened to be alone and coming in this exact direction as we speak. Hehehe, are you interested?"

Jacob was surprised as this was unexpected, but this was definitely a rare chance. Yet right then, he was instantly vigilant as he questioned sternly, "Some with the densest legendary bloodline in the entire city? What is such a person doing here in the middle of the night and alone no less…"

Chapter 411: Hunting the Epics (3)
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