Cursed Immortality
Cursed Immortality

Cursed Immortality

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Cursed Immortality novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Xianxia genres. Written by the Author Wahi. 415 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Jacob Steve, an Old Man, died at 116 after living a whole life.

But Jacob always had a dark side, which he always suppressed and hid from others.
However, in the later years of his life, when death was inevitable, he understood there wasn't any point in having wealth, knowledge, or desires if you couldn't have a life to enjoy them.

He became obsessed with fabled immortality and devoted his reaming life to extending his fleeting lifespan, but just like any other failed.

However, he mysteriously got another chance at life and found a way that led to fabled immortality.
But he was also forewarned that the way led to it was filled with blood and darkness!

In the end, Jacob chose it anyway with no way of going back, and it was also the start of his suffering and his icky, brutal journey toward the 'Immortality' he wanted so badly!

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  • MHLEnviro 5

    MC does any thing to be an immortal. For this curse immortality, MC should kill, and eat his targets. He eats anything, except humans. The environment of the story is well written, it has the diversity of different creatures. MC is cunning, and sometimes, is too lucky. Technology in this story is so high, that sometimes may annoy u. There is no love story till 400 chapters. Like some other CNs, we have that powerful old man's voice who accompany the MC.

  • Garchompshiny 5

    Reading as the chp are posted is maddening I shold stck some chp well see you guys next timeπŸ™‚

  • LonelyPathway 9

    I've stacked 8 chapters now and I'm feeling great. Highly recommended to take short breaks from this novel and read and do something else. Felt like my mental health was going down a drain reading only one short-*ss chapter daily...

  • Garchompshiny 5

    Hello everyone! Hope u are enjoying yourself See you all next time bye :)

  • GurpreetKhamba 1

    Cringe is hard. The cultivation system is annoying to understand. "cooly" is used. Its at that level. Its not dark. It seems like that at the start but after the opening, its not. We having eating of intelligent life forms but its not solely the MC. This is most likely the reason for the r-18.

  • Skoliosis 14

    No f*ck*ng way they named the MC Jacob Steve. I'm reading just for that, that's absolutely hilarious. Imagine if he was in a normal cultivation novel. Xing Qiong and Wang Ling vs Jacob Steve πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

    • Nyx__ 3

      might even go as far as to say it is kinda β€œgoofy” πŸ˜±πŸ’€

  • Roxin97 2

    Great novel, one of the best / mc is total antihero not half a*s , and the story is nice world building is ok / mc is great too he is mature and character development is good

  • Lee0n 6

    Someone I know recommended this by saying "it has mc like Fang Yuan" . So I'm here Hope this good

    • Krsh86 1

      There is just One fang yuan and no one can't reached him But a little it's right. He saw everything as a tool

  • Garchompshiny 5

    Cucu my as* I am not cucu

  • PennilessMonk 7

    What a hidden gem, but i sadly caught up and updates seem slow *Sigh*