Dark Magus Returns
Chapter 589: Fighting A Pillar

As expected, the large-scale fight had been pushed back and had entered the town. The ruined houses were getting destroyed as members were getting flung into a house.

The regular citizens were doing well, getting back up even after such a big blow, but they were just regular citizens.

In one of the destroyed houses, a group had been chucked in. They were hurt, a few broken ribs here and there and heavy cuts.

The Behemoth Clan was coming in, that's when Froma quickly dropped through a hole in the roof, and quickly pulled out five arrows hitting the Behemoth Clan members and sending them flying back.

"We from the Crimson Crane are still middle-stage warriors, even if you are large in size, you can't take a single hit from those like us," Froma said proudly.

There was one worry though, the large numbers were a drain on their Qi.

"You guys, if you can't get up, remember to take the pills that we gave you, they will give you the energy to fight on, let's do this!" Froma claimed.

In some ways, now that the large-scale fighting had been pushed into the town, it was easier for the weaker members to use it to their advantage.

For one, the citizens that lived there knew the structure of the alleyways, the houses that they were inside, and they could ambush and plan to attack in certain ways.

There were more places for cover, and in general just more places for them to hide as well, making them last far longer than the Behemoth Clan had expected.

The good thing was, nearly all of the public citizens had retreated back, expecting the fight to go on into the major parts of the city.

They could defend with no worry, still, the numbers were going down fast. Their two hundred strong had already dwindled down to around 135 or so. Thankfully, spread across the city they weren't able to see what was occurring.

"All of you have no respect for the lives of these citizens!" Reno said standing in a street, and rushed forward hitting the back of the head of several of the Behemoth Clan members before charging forward and hitting one with both hands in the center of the stomach.

A green visual Qi could be seen emitting from him. "So I shall have no respect for you."

All those that Reno had touched had blood oozing out of their mouths before they had then dropped to the ground.

Rather than down on the ground, Fixteen had stayed up high on one of the rooftops. He could see one of the members climbing up top from the edge, a large grin on his face.

He quickly charged toward Fixteen, who dodged the attack and pulled the blade out from his side, he knocked the man's sword away and then struck him in the chest hitting him off the rooftop and down onto the floor below.

"Since I've been sent here, I wonder if the Clan head even sees me as no longer part of the Neverfall Clan," Fixteen sighed. "I promised that I would help Dame in any way possible.

"My loyalty is with that stupid young master, but I have no clue where he is or what he's doing, so all I can do is stay here and try to help the Dark Magus.

Right then another warrior came, stronger than the last. Fixteen swung his sword and when the two clashed they stayed in place, their Qi battling it out against each other.

Unlike the Crimson Crane members, he was only an initial stage warrior. There were bound to be a few of them that could give Fixteen some trouble.

"Either way, it's clear that you see me as an enemy!" Fixteen shouted, as he swiped in a green pill, in an instant the swing of his sword was slightly faster, and had delivered a large cut across his opponent's chest.

"I have swiped more of these pills for myself compared to others, you have to look after number one after all," Fixteen walked to the edge of the rooftop.

He was looking at the entire situation trying to get a feel for what was happening. They were only on the edge of the town, and hadn't managed to push too far in.

Some had given chase to the citizens that were fighting, but the main bulk of the fight was concentrating on the Crimson Crane members.

There was one area of concern that was more troubling than any of the other areas. Still out in the field, Alba and Tilon had run into trouble and it was big trouble.

Alba had a large cut on top of her head, blood dripped down almost covering her eye, she was huffing and panting.

While Tilon, who was by her side, was also taking deep breaths. Seemingly, nearly everyone else around them now was ignoring them and were continuing on forward.

"I heard a lot about you, I guess you are as strong as they say you are," Alba said, wiping her blood with her forearm.

Right at that moment, a large curved sword swung from the side. It was too fast to avoid so she stuck both of her blades up and crashed into them directly.

The large wave of middle-stage Qi rippled in the air. At the same time, Tilon with his shield had punched the edge of the blade that curved around almost piercing Alba's head.

How she had gotten hurt the first time.

"Don't worry, I've got you."

The large curved sword was pulled back, and the one holding onto it, Polter, couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

Another one of the Pillars of the Behemoth Clan. Polter was just as tall as Yanin or Sha Mo. However, his figure was a lot more slender.

He had long arms and legs and a square-shaped body. This matched his head that also appeared to be somewhat rectangular.

With his long limbs that weren't very thick in size, he could move them fast and his strange blade worked well, since the attack of the weapon would be twofold which had caught Alba by surprise.

"And you are not as impressive as I thought!" Polter said. "It appears what is said about the Crimson Crane is true. That you are only infamous for being a strong clan among wanderers.

"However, when compared to that of the other factions, if you were a clan, your name wouldn't even be mentioned!"

In the middle of his showboating and laughter, Alba had jumped up, both her blades covered in her red visual Qi, and performed a large cross-shaped slash in the air.

As if he was reacting to it, Polter just swung his blade from above, hitting the two weapons blocking them, and sending her way back on her feet sliding next to Tilon.

"This is going to be difficult, Alba!" Tilon said. "It took the entirety of the Crimson Crane to take out one of the Elders of the Light Faction."

"This man in front of him is no weaker than him, and it looks like the other members aren't going to be able to help us, so how are we going to win this fight with just the two of us!" Tilon said, wishing right now that his shield would have been complete. Maybe then he could have done something.

Chapter 589: Fighting A Pillar
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