Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

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Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Gwongyeoeul. 261 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I’ve reincarnated as the reverse harem game’s villainess, the one and only step-daughter of the Eckart duke family.

But the difficulty just has to be the worst!

Everything I do will only lead me to death.

I must be paired with one of the main male characters from the heroine’s harem before the ‘real daughter’ of the duke family appears!

Two older brothers who always pick a fight with me on every little thing.

The insane crown prince whose route will always lead to my death.

‘I only see the heroine and no one else’s wizard, and also her loyal s*ave knight, too!

‘First, let’s take some of them which I see no hope in, out of the list!’

“I didn’t know my place up until now. From now on, I’ll live as quiet as a mouse so you wouldn’t care the slightest bit!

But why do their interests in me keep on rising every time I draw the line?!

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    • Runa Jan 24, 2021

      Well, i know there's a translation group that properly translated this novel up to chapter 190ish, but their website isnt open for anyone because they didn't want aggregator site to steal their work.

  • JuzoInui Jan 21, 2021

    So I don't know if I'm crazy or what, but around chapters 20-23 the chapters feel incomplete or there are missing chapters. I'm currently on chapter 23. In chapter 22, after (spoilers) a cliffhanger where the protagonist was being protected by Eclise, it just suddenly jumps them back to the mansion without seeing what happened.

  • lnwUser27972 Jan 18, 2021

    heelp! where did i stopped reading? i remember it was when they accussed penelope abt the crown prince, and then i forgooottt

  • Julia92 Jan 14, 2021

    Hi guys I’m lost, can someone help me find where I stopped?? It was when penelope was with kallisto and he got injured in the cavern i think!! Plss help me I really want to read again where I stopped 🥺🙏

  • Sarasa Jan 12, 2021

    So the side story seems more like a 2nd book. It’s at what? 20 chapters now? I am hoping there is better closure than what was initially started.

    • Sarasa Jan 12, 2021

      To be fair, I think most of the translation was google translation with an attempt to fix the grammar. I have seen other groups try it that way.

  • nick Jan 04, 2021

    fucking brother's and father just why wont they die, I just want them to suffer and die. Admin Edit: Please do not post messages containing spoilers.

  • Pords Jan 02, 2021

    Hey what chapter does it start on the novel on the last chapter of the manhwa season 1 it's chapter 47

  • Vitch Dec 31, 2020

    fuck, will the translation be better the more i read? i can't with this translation. it's horrible

  • Ruri Dec 31, 2020

    Read the latest chapters and I’m surprised that Cedric and Marriane had a thing 😂 really didn’t expect that to think they have 3 kids now but I ship em 😂 anyways can’t wait for our main ship to get married and have kids too! 😆💕💕💕

    • Sil Jan 14, 2021

      May i ask, Is there any possibility Penelope will ended with Callisto? I'm afraid to continue reading the side story, Because it's not over yet so I'm afraid that Penelope won't be with Callisto:"(((

      • Sarasa Jan 12, 2021

        She only shows up in the side stories so if you didn’t read the side stories you wouldn’t have heard of her

  • Maria Dec 29, 2020

    "I made the right choice" of course you did .. there is something I've been wanting to say which is ... Penelope is really cruel ..I wanted to break in the screen to give her a couple of slaps on behalf of Callisto's feeling but she saved herself when she confessed...I kinda feel like am a spoiler but I can't help was definitely the right choice to read this amazing novel...💕 To the translation team (every one who worked on this novel) THANK YOU VERY MUCH 👍

  • Teddyhunter Dec 28, 2020

    This is actually such a really good novel even though the concept of isekai villainess turning out to be the good protagonist is already overly done by now, the twists & turns of the plot is refreshing actually. And yes, some of the translated words and grammar sometimes don't really fit in that well with one another but i still understand the whole picture overall. That's why i recommend reading this novel in tandem (together at the same time) with the Manhwa (the Korean manga). Some scenes make much more sense when you read the manhwa + the visual depictions helps you with feeling the moods and gravity of a situation in certain scenes and some scenes from the novel actually add more information of what was left out in the manhwa.

  • lulu99 Dec 26, 2020

    Im confused I just started reading this, im on chapter 20 but I feel like I skipped like two chapters at different times

    • Sarasa Jan 12, 2021

      I think some of the earlier chapters had chunks missing. If you read the manga and this translation you get the picture.

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I'm too in love with this story. I cried many times when I read about penelope's pain and grief. Her pain was truly could broke mental. Callisto is too sweet of a man

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I love the story but im having a headache just by reading this trashy translation.Does anyone know other sites who have better translation than this?

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so hard to undertand wth is going on here, and the plot is wayy too complicated to understand it without proper english. also penny is a little but bichy in my opinion.

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I wanted to read the novel as I didn’t want to be left in a cliffhanger in the manhwa. The story/plot is amazing. The only problem I had was how bad the translations were after chapt.45. It was like copy pasted from google translate, the pronounce, phrases and words were completely wrong. It was hard to understand because of it.

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So far this is the best i've ever read hhh😆

But I'm afraid to continue reading the side story, Because it's not over yet so I'm afraid that Penelope won't be with Callisto:"(((
For someone who saw this message and know more abt these, please answer me

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All these time I'm just stucked on reading manhwas but this is the first story who pushed me into reading the actual novel since I was so impatient for the updates. Honestly, I find Penelope cruel at times hence, it's not that I can really blame her due to her past and everything she's been through. Still, I hope that she would actually try to open her heart atleast a little bit and maybe be mindful of what others may feel due to her words. In my opinion, I think she should give the family Eckhart a chance to redeem themselves but I still understand her point so I still love her. Another thing is that I feel that she focused on rising the male lead's percentage of interest that she was not able to really enjoy the world. I know that she was desperate to go back to her real world and survive but umm maybe I'm just expecting too much.

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the translation is TRASH but the plot is so good so I guess I just gotta deal with it smh.

also, i ship Penelope with the crown prince so hard oml.

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One of the best!! Read this and find out yourself😁 and you will be awed to how does the story goes.... but I really love eEclet it just that it does'nt goes to what you want

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Am I the only one who seems to notice that this translation is a bit off? Is was okay at the beginning but starting to feel off as I continued reading it. Haha

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The story is amazing! Looking forward to the epilogue! I love how the story fold up until now.

But I really wish Eclise will also appear in the epilogue though..

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It's really good i like it very much. Thanks for the tranlation. I recommend this. Penelope and Callisto my favorite couple. The fact that Penelope said she can't live without Callisto's affection took my heart.

You should read this if you like villainess protagonist.

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It was beyond expectation, i love the characters and the story plot, full of surprise... Appreciate for the translator who continue this story, thanks to you guys i can enjoy my WFH days not so boring reading this.... the ending was bomb... you guys need to be patient in reading it, its worth it...

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Absolutely great. The novel gave me a roller-coaster of emotions, while the translation is pretty wonky but I can still understand. Thankyou for the translations and give this novel a read! It's GOLD

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Ahhh the extras are very fun and I really like them. Penelope doing what she wants it’s very nice and good because she deserves it. I think Callisto might be very possessive but not in a bad way, he admit his fault and that is a good thing. 😁👍

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I love this novel SO much. Although the concept of Isekai villainess turned to be the good one is overly done by now, but in terms of twists & turns HOO BOY i love it. It's fresh! But do be warned of a MASSIVE surprise SPOILER from the TL Team at the end of the chapter 🙄

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