Demon's Diary
Chapter 1530: War Broke Out

“From today onward, the Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao blocking the way have gradually decreased. They know that they can’t slow us down this way, so they plan to gather all their forces in the Gufeng Mountain Range to start a decisive battle with us.” The Big Dipper Pavilion Master said.

His appearance had not changed at all from hundreds of years ago, except that the starlight on his body had disappeared, but his aura became more magnificent. His cultivation had improved a lot compared to the past.

“It seems that these Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao have established some kind of command system with each other after this period of time. I’m afraid that a fierce battle awaits us next.” Grand Elder Xuan Yu said in a deep voice.

Everyone was shocked by the remark.

Although the number of Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao gathered in the Gufeng Mountain Range this time was much larger than that of the Mother Hellish-Insect war that year, the Eternal State Mother Hellish-Insect was sealed. This disorder situation was beneficial to the human alliance.

If Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao also established a command system, the human race would have no advantage in this regard.

“This is just a speculation.” In the outer circle, a Mystic Comprehending State presence from the 8 great families said with a forced smile.

“It’s better to prepare for the worst, lest we get caught off guard.” Demon Mystic Sect’s thin old man in a black robe said in a deep voice.

“Yes, this war is related to the safety of hundreds of millions of living beings in the Middle Sky Continent. We must not take it lightly.” Nature Work Sect’s Madam Zhen said.

Seeing this, the Mystic Comprehending State presence shut his mouth sulkily.

“Don’t forget, our purpose this time is not to defeat all Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao in the Gufeng Mountain Range. We only need to hold until the space fissures are sealed.” Grand Elder Xuan Yu said.

“Okay, let’s discuss again to see if there are any omissions in the combat plan…” Madam Zhen of the Nature Work Sect said.

The discussion lasted for more than an hour before disbanding.

After Taiqing Sect’s 3 Mystic Comprehending State elders and Sect Master Tian Ge left the ship, they immediately returned to the secret room in the Taiqing Sect’s ship.

“According to the alliance’s plan, the chances of successfully sealing the space fissures this time are quite high.” Immortal Tian Ge said in relief.

“Now all sects and factions have made thorough preparations and have used all possible means to suppress the situation. Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao from the Gufeng Mountain Range alone should not be able to resist our plan, but our biggest enemy is the Eternal State Qu Yao from the other side of the space fissure.” Patriarch Huo Ye said with a slight frown.

“Judging from the current situation, it seems that Eternal State Qu Yao still has some time before coming to this plane.” Immortal Tian Ge said.

“Not yet, but once we try to seal the space fissures, the situation is hard to judge.” Grand Elder Xuan Yu said with a sigh.

“Grand Elders, please forgive me for asking something I shouldn’t ask. If this battle fails and the Eternal State Qu Yao comes to the Middle Sky Continent, what should we do?” Immortal Tian Ge hesitated for a moment and asked.

“Even if the Middle Sky Continent really falls into the hands of the alien race, we have backup plans to ensure that the Taiqing Sect’s orthodoxy will not be cut off.” Grand Elder Feng Qing said in a calm tone.

Immortal Tian Ge was startled and then understood.

The 3 grand elders had already prepared for the worst. The other forces were probably the same.

As soon as he thought of this, the trace of worry in Immortal Tian Ge’s heart also disappeared.

In his eyes, the Taiqing Sect’s orthodoxy was even more important than the Middle Sky Continent. Since the 3 grand elders had a backup plan, he could fully devote himself to this war.

In the next 2 days, the human alliance army encountered fewer and fewer attacks from Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao, so their speed was much faster than in the previous days.

2 days later, a huge mountain range with a radius of thousands of miles appeared majestic in front of the army. It was the Gufeng Mountain Range.

Looking from a distance, huge black and silver clouds were floating between the mountain peaks. Countless Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao were hidden in the clouds as if they were waiting for the human army to invade.

Deep in the mountains, there was a faint thunderous sound. They could hear it clearly even from hundreds of miles away.

The Human Alliance army stopped dozens of miles away from the Gufeng Mountain Range.

As the orders were conveyed in an orderly manner, more than 100,000 cultivators quickly arranged into different formations.

After hundreds of years of fighting, the tacit understanding between the cultivators of each faction had also improved a lot. They were like a real army.

The war was about to break out. Everyone had a solemn expression. Once the attack orders were conveyed, they would not hesitate to launch the final attack according to the previous combat arrangements.

At the center of the alliance army, the senior executives of various factions gathered together with solemn faces.

The thin old man of the Demon Mystic Sect chanted and cast a black ancient mirror. It was the Sky Spying Mirror that was used in the war against Mother Hellish-Insect hundreds of years ago.

As the Sky Spying Mirror shone, a clear scene emerged, attracting everyone’s attention.

There were several dark and huge space fissures around the mountain range, which looked shocking.

The space fissures were trembling slightly from time to time as if someone on the other end was constantly attacking them.

Every time the fissures trembled, it made a loud thunderous sound, and the edge expanded slightly.

“The Immortal Qu Yao on the other side of the space fissures had already taken action. Who knows when will it break through to this plane. We must act immediately.” Nature Work Sect’s Madam Zhen said with an ugly face.

The others all looked unhappy and nodded.

The more than 100,000 alliance army began to take action. Under the unified shouts, they flew toward the Gufeng Mountain Range. From a distance, it looked like a huge arrow dozens of miles long.

At the same time, several high-pitched roars came from the depths of the mountains. These Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao immediately swarmed toward the human alliance army.

Soon, the two sides finally came into contact.

At the forefront of the human army were still the dozens of Cloud Warships of the Nature Work Sect.

Buzzing sounds came from the warships, then countless runes emerged. The warships transformed into giant puppets of 300 hundred meters tall. They were covered in layers of thick light curtains like impeccable armor.

Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao’s bombardment could only cause some minimal ripples on the light curtains. There were many Real Pellet State and Celestial State in the Hellish-Insect army, but the light curtains of the giant puppets were sturdy.

The dozens of warship puppets went rampant in the Hellish-Insect army.

Countless Hellish-Insects rushed forward, but they were either crushed or knocked away by the warship puppets.

Using these dozens of warship puppets as the vanguards, the human alliance army easily broke the outer defense lines of the Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao army and advanced toward the depths of the Gufeng Mountain Range.

Countless Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao rushed from both sides, but they were unable to stop the advance of the alliance army.

In the blink of an eye, the alliance army advanced into tens of miles of the Gufeng Mountain Range. Not only did their speed not slow down at all, but their morale was also high.

As the army went deeper, Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao, who emerged from the canyon, were much stronger than before in terms of quantity and cultivation. They attacked the 2 wings of the alliance army

On the left side of the alliance army, countless talisman soldiers from the Demon Mystic Sect formed a defense line, emitting bursts of black yin wind.

Some Hellish-Insects with low cultivation were immediately frozen when they were in contact with the black yin wind.

However, there were too many Hellish-Insects. With the addition of Real Pellet State Qu Yao, many still broke through the defense line.

These ghostly talisman soldiers immediately fought with Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao. Due to their large numbers and their fearlessness of death, they could barely block the attacks of Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao.

On the right side of the alliance army, groups of scholar-robed cultivators formed dozens of white defensive formations to block the Hellish-Insects.

These scholar-robed cultivators were from the Haoran Academy.

“Madam Zhen’s tactics are indeed effective. In this way, we can easily advance into the depths of the Gufeng Mountain Range without much effort. As long as those space fissures are sealed, the purpose of this battle will be achieved.” Deep in the alliance army, the thin old man of the Demon Mystic Sect saw the situation around him and laughed.

There were several other Mystic Comprehending States around the thin old man, including Nature Work Sect’s Madam Zhen, Taiqing Sect’s Grand Elder Xuan Yu, Haoran Academy’s white-haired old man, and the others.

These people were the actual top controllers of the alliance army. The Mystic Comprehending State from other factions had been dispatched to various parts of the army.

“This is all thanks to the array master of Taiqing Sect. She improved the warships’ defense enchantment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have dared to use this tactic rashly.” Madam Zhen said with a slight smile.

“Could it be that array master surnamed Qian again? No wonder the protective light curtain on the warship is so tough.” Elder Hao Shou of the Haoran Academy asked Grand Elder Xuan Yu.

“You guys have overpraised.” Grand Elder Xuan Yu said with a smile, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit proud.

“Although the current situation is quite smooth, we must not put our guard down. These Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao will take action soon.” Madam Zhen warned.

When the others heard this, their expressions changed. Grand Elder Xuan Yu was about to say something.

At this moment, a roaring sound suddenly came from the front of the alliance army, then 2 huge gray lights shot out from the depths of the mountains.

“Mystic Comprehending State! They finally make their move.” Madam Zhen said with a serious face.

Chapter 1530: War Broke Out
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