Demon's Diary

Chapter 461: The Final Fight Part 1

Seeing this, the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao couldn’t help but let out a cold snort, but she did not answer.

“That’s very good.” The taoist surnamed Shi thought for a while, then he nodded with a smile and agreed to the proposal.

“Since you all have no opinion, let’s find a place to rest tonight.” The nun in green robe announced with a faint smile.

After that, the nun no longer cared about others’ gazes, walked directly to Jia Lan’s side, and whispered some words.

Because it was too far away and the nun in green robe seemed to have initiated some kind of isolation enchantment, so Feng Zhan and others did not hear what they discussed.

The nun with a benevolent face, seemed to be teaching something, making the stunning woman nod slightly.

After Feng Zhan had a brief conversation with the Taoist named Shi, he immediately raised his sleeves and released the silver flying boat. He instructed the association’s members to carry the unconscious Wei Zhong and Xin Yuan to the flying boat, then he walked up with Liu Ming and Feng Cai.

There was a whistling sound!

The flying boat soared into the sky with a flash of silver light, blasting toward another small island near the Valley of Fire.

Other people also boarded their own flying spiritual weapons one after another and went away under the lead of the taoist surname Shi and the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao.

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After everyone left, the nun in green robe commanded the master of Sky Bird Sect to station directly near the Valley of Fire. She cast out a green feather fan. She waved and cast a green barrier around the disciples in Qingshui Nunnery to block the high temperature flame from the surrounding.

“We don’t have to leave here, just rest here.” After all this, the nun in green robe faintly informed, then she sat down cross-legged.


Jia Lan and the others replied in unison when they heard the words, then they sat on the ground and started to meditate.

After the silver flying boat that carried the people of the Changfeng Association left the Valley of Flame, it flew for half an hour and landed slowly at the foot of an inconspicuous mountain on a nearby island.

There was a naturally formed long trail in front of them. With the red stone gravel on both sides, it meandered and stretched forward, and at its end, there was a stone cave.

When everyone entered the cave, they found that it didn’t seem big on the outside, but it was spacious inside. There were about a few acres in size. There were cone-shaped red-brown stalactites on the surrounding; they were shiny and peculiar.

Deep in the cave, there were several independent caves. It was just like an abandoned cultivator cave house. It was more than enough to accommodate more than ten people from the Changfeng Association.

A look of satisfaction flashed past Feng Zhan’s eyes. He waved his hand and set a simple array with a few small flags near the entrance of the stone cave, then he instructed the others to rest in their respective cave.

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An hour later.

In a cave where the Changfeng Association was located, Wei Zhong in black clothes was lying flat on a black boulder with his brows furrowed. A trace of pain still flashed on his face from time to time. His divine consciousness was still trapped in the succubus technique, making him unconscious.

At the same time, in another cave in the most remote location, two men and one woman were in it.

The two young men were sitting cross-legged, seeming to be meditating.

The female was wearing a colorful dress with a graceful figure, and she had a pretty face. At this moment, she was sitting by the side of a black stone with a smile.

It was indeed Feng Cai, the daughter of Feng Zhang and Liu Ming and Xin Yuan!

Xin Yuan was not deeply influenced by succubus technique, so he woke up not long ago, but his face was still a little pale. He was watching the two talking in front of him with an ambiguous smile.

Feng Cai saw Liu Ming defeated powerful enemies consecutively today, and she seemed to be interested. Although she had previously learned that Liu Ming was a casual practitioner, and she also enquired Feng Zhan about his origin, she still took the initiative to come to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s cave to chat with them casually.

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“Brother Liu’s performance was amazing today! Those people of the Golden Jade League today all looked so embarrassed! Right, Brother Liu’s Sword Controlling Technique is surprisingly powerful, may I ask which sect did you belong to?” The woman in colorful clothes looked at Liu Ming and asked with a smile.

“Miss Feng, I’m just a casual cultivator. I just learned this Sword Controlling Technique under a coincidence. After being instructed by a master, I just learned some basic techniques. It is really not worth mentioning.” Facing the woman’s question, Liu Ming replied calmly.

“Just some basic techniques can have such amazing powers. You even forced the Golden Jade League’s Pei Ying to directly use the Blue Python Nine Turn Technique. I heard from my father that although this man only has the intermediate stage cultivation, he is still very powerful. In Condensation State, he has very few rivals. The master mentioned by Brother Liu must have a very high level of cultivation. I wonder if you can introduce me to this master?” The woman in colorful clothes still didn’t give. She even got closer to Liu Ming

“Eh-hem, the master always comes and goes without a trace. I only just saw him a few times. Right, Brother Xin, you are awake now. Do you still feel anything odd?” As Liu Ming said, he turned and asked about Xin Yuan’s condition.

“Fortunately, the illusion that I got wasn’t too severe. I should be fine now.” Xin Yuan was startled slightly, then he replied subconsciously.

“Thanks for your hard work today, Brother Xin!” Feng Cai turned around and smiled at Xin Yuan again.

“Thank you Miss Feng for your concern. Unfortunately, Xin Yuan isn’t as capable as the opponent. The succubus technique of the Sky Bird Sect is so powerful, and it is even more difficult to deal with when it is combined with the Buddhist technique. I’m really ashamed.” When Xin Yuan thought of the fight with Jia Lan, he replied with a solemn expression.

“Brother Xin doesn’t need to blame yourself too much. The Sky Bird Sect’s girl is indeed extraordinary. Even my Senior Fellow Apprentice Wei is still in a coma after the illusion, but Brother Xin is now sober instead, showing that your spiritual power is far better than him.” Feng Cai’s beautiful eyes turned, then she said with a touch of comfort in her tone.

Xin Yuan couldn’t help smiling wryly when he heard that, but for a moment he didn’t know how to answer.

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“Big Brother Liu, I heard that neither you nor Big Brother Xin are from the islands of the South Sea Region. Where did you two come from? Can you tell me?” Feng Cai blinked when she saw that Xin Yuan did not answer. Suddenly, she turned her eyes and asked Liu Ming.

“Xin Yuan and I come from a small place called Sea Region. Compared to this Middle Sky Continent, it is a very remote place.” Liu Ming replied nonchalantly.

“Sea Region… Why haven’t I heard of it? Is it the same as our South Sea Region?” Feng Cai was thoughtful as she heard about that.

Liu Ming finally showed a trace of resignation. He looked at Xin Yuan, who was looking at him with a weird smile, then he vaguely said some information about the Yunchuan Continent. There were some truth and lies among them, and he naturally wouldn’t mention the important matter.

It took about half an hour before Feng Cai finally bid farewell to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan left the cave.

Later that night, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged, restoring himself to the best possible state to prepare for the fight with Jia Lan tomorrow.

Because he was in an unfamiliar place, he naturally didn’t dare to really fully concentrate on meditation. Instead, he used his multitasking technique. He released his powerful mental power to pay attention to the surrounding conditions outside the cave as he adjusting his breath

Suddenly, his eyes moved slightly. He vaguely felt an inaudible movement in the cave next door, then a black shadow flashed out of it, leaving the cave silently.

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The person’s aura was vague, if Liu Ming didn’t use multitasking, he would really be discovered. The person who could do this was clearly Feng Zhan of the Crystallization Period.

Liu Ming’s heart moved, although he was a little surprised, after thinking about it, he just continued to meditate as if he didn’t know anything.

Early the next morning.

When Liu Ming and Xin Yuan walked out of the cave, they found that Feng Zhan was waiting outside the cave with his hands on his back. His expression was the same as usual.

At the same time, the disciples who came with them were also stepping out of the cave.

“Guest Liu, did you rest well last night? Today’s fight still has to rely on Mr. Liu.” When meeting Liu Ming, Feng Zhan smiled and greeted.

“I will try my best!” Liu Ming replied in a deep voice.

Seeing this, Feng Zhan showed satisfaction. He immediately released the silver flying boat with a flick of his sleeves, then he led everyone on board.

After that, the flying boat soared into the sky and flew toward the direction of the Valley of Fire.

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On the flying boat, Liu Ming’s eyes scanned on everyone, but he found that Wei Zhong, who was still unconscious, was strangely missing at this moment.

Moreover, the one who disappeared together was the woman named Feng Cai.

Although Liu Ming had doubts about this, it was none of his business, so naturally he would not ask more.

An hour later.

When Changfeng Association’s flying boat appeared in the sky over the Valley of Fire, everyone discovered that at this moment, except for the Qingshui Nunnery, Sky Bird Sect who were still participating in the gambling battle today, and the Shi surnamed Taoist of the Purple Night Temple, the beautiful women surnamed Xiao and the Golden Jade League also appeared here.

After Liu Ming and others got off the flying boat, the people from the three forces once again gathered in the valley.

The nun in green robe deliberately glanced at the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao, who was keeping quiet not far away. After she spoke a few polite words with the Taoist surnamed Shi, she let everyone except Liu Ming and Jia Lan settle down, emptying out the middle space for the final battle.

“Well, the last gambling fight can begin.” The nun in green robe coughed lightly and announced.

After the Taoist surnamed Shi once again released the formation flags to set up the final battle area, Liu Ming and Jia Lan walked into the center of the circle under the gaze of everyone in the valley.

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Jia Lan still didn’t recognize Liu Ming, but after seeing Liu Ming’s domineering strength yesterday, her face showed an unprecedented dignity. She immediately chanted as her gestures changed elusively, and her eyes were flickering in purple light. In an instant, waves of phantasms rushed toward Liu Ming in the ripples.

Then, as she flipped her slender hand, the golden Buddha bead was thrown into mid-air by her. It was spinning above her head.

Seeing this, Liu Ming closed his eyes as if he had prepared for it. While releasing his powerful mental power to serve as a barrier to protect his sea of ​​​​consciousness, he flicked his sleeve, and the Golden Fallen Sand surged out. As he made a gesture, it condensed into a golden long spear of tens of meters, and it blasted toward Jia Lan.

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