Destroying My Own Novel
Chapter 446: Quintekinesis.

"Boss!" Gunnar shouted as he approached Mykel with the rest of the team. They came all the way to District 1 from District 6 after they heard that Lyneth was about to give birth.

The nurses shushed him, and they were complaining because their armors were so dirty with dirt and dried blood that they dirtied the floor. They were forced to leave since it would be bad if any unknown bacteria and viruses were coming with them.

It didn't take long until all of them came back with just a shirt and jeans, and they all washed themselves with Rozan and Gerrard's magic. They all waited patiently in the waiting room with Mykel, Aurea, and Jeanne. Although Mykel only informed his team through a message as their Constellation, the words had spread and the media were waiting for them outside.

"So Miss Lyneth just got inside? How long do you think it will take to deliver a baby?" Rozan asked.

"The doctor said it depends, but since it's Miss Lyneth's first time, it would take half a day," Jeanne answered as she looked at Lillith who had been staring at Aurea. "It's going to be a while, so why don't we get something to eat first?" Jeanne asked as she stood up.

They all nodded in agreement since they were coming to the hospital hurriedly and they hadn't eaten anything yet. Everyone left except for Mykel since Lyneth said she wanted him to be there when she delivered the baby.

It hadn't been long since Jeanne and the others left, and the nurse came and asked Mykel to enter the delivery room.

Mykel entered the room and saw Lyneth covered in sweat, and she was happy to see Mykel there. He then stood right next to Lyneth and held her hand. When he wanted to remove the pain, Lyneth shook her head because she wanted to know how giving birth would feel like.

Lyneth was straining her stomach as she tried her best to push the baby out. Her scream and groan sounded so painful, but she endured them as the doctor guided her calmly. The doctor was a bit confused and surprised that the baby seemed to be trying to push herself out.

It only took them an hour until the baby was out. Both Mykel and Lyneth were listening to Elena's cries that were so loud. The nurse was cleaning the blood on Elena's body after she carefully cut the cord. She then wrapped Elena in a warm towel and slowly gave her to Lyneth.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Special Bond]

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows and checked the [Special Bond] skill that he got.

[Special Bond (Active): An ability to feel, hear, and see who has a special bond with the User. The User can also use the [Bond Summoning] skill which allows the User to summon one or many targets who have a special bond with the User]

"Oh..." Lyneth was speechless as she held Elena in her arms with tears coming out. She never thought she would have a child, but after she endured it for nine months, she finally saw the baby she carried and cared for.

Mykel watched Lyneth put her index finger on Elena's left hand, and Elena immediately held it so tightly. Lyneth couldn't hold her tears and burst into tears as she sniffled and smiled happily.

Mykel used his [Admin] skill and searched for Elena Alester's name on the [Character List]. He found it and immediately checked her status screen to see what kind of power she possessed.

[Name: Elena Alester]

[Gender: Female]

[Race: Semi-Celestial]

[Hair: Bald (Black)]

[Height: 56 cm (22 in)]

[Weight: 4 kg (8,8lbs)]

[Size(s): 13 - 13 - 13]

[Age: 0]

[Status: Single]

[Interest: Mykel Alester, Lyneth Leonis]

[Networth: 0]

[Skill]: [Quintekinesis], [Special Bond]]

[Quintekinesis: An ability to manipulate Life-Force of oneself and her surroundings. The ability is more focused on the individual to take control over oneself and be immune from external factors. Quintekinesis can also be used to manipulate oneself's age, life, and even appearance. Quintekinesis is an ability that can control oneself's life and only themselves that can determine their own life]

"(So in short, she's invincible. Not only powerful in protecting herself, but she also can use it to harm others)" Lucifer said and he sounded astonished. "(The mystery is finally has been solved, and we both know how she got that power in the first place. Also, that Special Bond skill is really unique)" Lucifer continued.

"(Those amount of life energy and force that she consumed was like food to her. She got so much life energy from different places and people. Even with that one skill, she's already the strongest)" Mykel replied as he looked at Elena who stopped crying and stared at Lyneth and Mykel. "(And yes, the Special Bond skill might be the result of that as well)" Mykel continued.

"(I'm not going to say anything anymore and will let you enjoy your time)" Lucifer said.

"Do you want to hold her?" Lyneth asked as she looked at Mykel with teary eyes.

"You can hold her for as long as you want. I can wait," Mykel smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks.

Lyneth hummed with understanding and started kissing Elena's cheeks and forehead. The doctor and the nurses were so confused why Elena didn't cry anymore, and she looked so healthy that she might not need any treatment.

"Have you thought of giving her a name, Miss Lyneth? Mister Mykel?" The doctor asked as she removed her gloves.

"Yes, Elena Alester," Lyneth answered as she kept staring at Elena.

"Congratulation that you have a very healthy daughter, Miss Lyneth, Mister Mykel. I believe your gene is the reason why she's so healthy, Mister Mykel. Knowing you're the strongest Awakener," The doctor said with a smile.

Mykel only smiled as he kept watching Lyneth and Elena's interaction.

The nurse took Elena since they wanted to clean her up before Lyneth could hold her in her bed later. Mykel then healed her wounds and it surprised the doctor when she saw it with her own two eyes. It was nice since she didn't need to stitch the torn skin.

Lyneth walked back to her room with Mykel, and even though she had fully healed, she still could feel the phantom pain. It was a bit traumatizing, but she got over it after Mykel helped her clear her mind.

As soon as Lyneth hit the bed, she fell asleep because she was exhausted since she had delivered Elena for two hours straight. He let her sleep, and the nurse came in with Elena in a baby trolley. The nurse quietly put the trolley next to Lyneth's bed and then left.

Mykel and Elena stared at each other, and Elena suddenly smiled and chuckled.

"(I can finally see you, father)" Elena said. "(Please carry me, I want to see mother)" Elena wiggled since her whole body was wrapped in cloth so she couldn't move her body.

Mykel carefully picked Elena up and held her in his arms. He showed Lyneth's sleeping face to Elena, and she couldn't stop staring at how beautiful her mother was. He then put Elena next to Lyneth since she wanted to admire her mother's face.

"(Father, this blanket is so uncomfortable)" Elena said as she furrowed her eyebrows and looked annoyed.

Mykel didn't say anything and immediately unwrapped the blanket from Elena's body. Suddenly, Elena's body started to grow bigger, and her hair started to grow. She had become a year old, and she started to move around. She then jumped off the bed while at the same time making herself older.

"This is more comfortable," Elena said in a bit deep voice that made her sound tomboyish, and she became twenty years old with nothing to cover her body.

"You should wear something. I'll take your mother's clothes," Mykel walked away and went to the wardrobe to take Lyneth's clothes.

Mykel helped Elena wear a white t-shirt and sweatpants, and her body was a bit smaller than Lyneth so Mykel had to roll the sleeves. She had short dark brown hair that wasn't long enough to cover her slender nape. She looked exactly like Lyneth and Mykel combined, and she even copied Mykel's hairstyle a bit.

"I hope mother isn't mad that I change my appearance like this. She still wants to spoil me as a baby so please don't tell her," Elena said as she stared at Mykel with her bright greenish-blue eyes.

Mykel still couldn't believe the baby that had just been born that day had grown up and become mature. It was the first time Mykel was speechless and didn't know what to say.

"Father?" Elena asked as she tilted her head. "Did you hate it that I grew up like this? I can turn back into a baby if you want," Elena frowned.

"No, I'm just surprised. I know you can manipulate your own life, but it's just so sudden that I became speechless," Mykel answered as he sat down.

"So that means it's okay if I stay like this as long as it's just the two of us?" Elena hurriedly sat next to Mykel with a smile on her face.

Mykel nodded his head and smiled back at her.

Elena giggled and leaned her head on Mykel's left shoulder. They both didn't say anything and just enjoyed the silence. She then suddenly lifted her head to look at Mykel.

"Are you going to leave tomorrow?" Elena asked.

"Yes, I have to leave," Mykel nodded his head.

"Please be careful, father," Elena said as she hugged Mykel so tightly.

"Of course. I'll be fine," Mykel replied as he hugged her back and kissed her head.

Chapter 446: Quintekinesis.
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