Destroying My Own Novel
Chapter 561: I'm back, again. (The End)

Mykel was dumbfounded and shocked by what he was seeing because those were demons. He immediately looked at his surroundings and saw the gargoyles observing their surroundings. He then slowly walked away before bad things happened and went straight to his apartment.

"What's going on?!" Mykel asked as he turned on the TV.

Breaking news appeared and the newscaster warned everyone to stay home. The newscaster said that the UK, the US, and Russia were attacked by unknown creatures. Thousands of lives had been lost by those creatures, and there was so much footage of gargoyles, imps, and ghouls killing and destroying everything around them.

"This is..." Mykel was speechless when he watched the news.

He looked at his phone and saw the alert message that ordered all the citizens to stay home. He grabbed his stuff and knew there was no place that could be called safe when those things were around. He started to hear gunshots on the streets, and when he was about to leave the apartment, he saw a gargoyle rip a man's body and threw it inside the apartment.

People started to scream in fear and panic as they watched the man's half-body on the ground. He ignored the dead body in front of him and went straight to the ally using the back door. He listened to the screams from all over the place, and he looked around, hoping the army would come to deal with the demons.

He realized he couldn't go anywhere because normal guns wouldn't be able to stop those gargoyles. He saw people running away in front of him, and then a gargoyle landed right in front of him in front of the alleyway. The gargoyle looked at him for a moment, but then it flew away and ignored his existence.

At that moment he realized, what was happening and slowly walked out of the alleyway. He watched people being torn apart and eaten alive while others ran for their lives. He then decided to confirm it one last time and approached the gargoyle who was eating intestines in the middle of the road. People were only focusing on their own lives and didn't bother to look at him who approached the gargoyle.

Mykel grabbed a bottle of water that rolled over his foot and grabbed it. He threw it at the gargoyle and hit it right in the head. The gargoyle glared at him and screeched at him with its mouth covered in blood with an intestine hanging down its mouth.

"Come here," Mykel said as he stood in the middle of the road.

The gargoyle kept screeching at him, but it didn't dare to move toward Mykel. It immediately flew away and hunted some more humans that were trying to run away. Mykel then took a deep breath and exhaled deeply because of how nervous he was from doing something stupid like that.

Mykel stared at the sky and looked at the gargoyles raining down endlessly. He never thought how terrifying it looked from the perspective of a powerless human being. He realized it now and what was happening at that moment.

A week had passed since that day, and the city he was living in, it became empty. Not a single living being could be seen except Mykel because he was ignored and protected by the demons. The people had been evacuated, and whenever they tried to get into the city, the demons prevented them from entering.

Mykel was sitting at the counter of the bar as he watched the TV with the electricity that was provided by the generator. He watched people from over the world discuss the situation they were in and how to prevent it. Millions of lives had gone in just a week and they were panicking. But suddenly breaking news appeared and it was the moment where it all began, the first sighting of the Awakened.

Videos went viral of people fighting demons with bare hands, knives, or swords. A few countries had a few Awakeners and started to fight back against the demons with the help of the army.

"God has answered our prayer! People are chosen to send these evil creatures from the face of Earth!" The reporter said as he looked at his co-hosts. "It's time for us to fight back and support them with everything we got!" he continued and he looked angry, excited, and relieved at the same time.

Mykel was enjoying his cigarette and a glass of vodka, but then the lights went off. The electricity had gone and the sound of the generator had stopped. When he wanted to check the generator, he felt a presence behind the counter and staring at him with a sharp gaze that gave him a chill down his spine. He couldn't move a muscle, not even his eyes dared to look behind the counter.

"It has been a while, father," Elena's voice could be heard from behind the counter. "How long has it been? A hundred years?" Elena asked.

"Elena?" Mykel asked as he glanced behind the counter with his heart pounding because he couldn't believe it. "It's been six months for me," Mykel answered.

Mykel had so many questions about how a character from his novel managed to come to reality. He was so confused, but at the same time, he was glad and terrified to hear her voice, not to mention that she was right in front of her.

"I'm glad that you're well, father..." Elena said as she poured something in the dark that Mykel couldn't see.

"I wanted to say the same, but I can feel it in your voice that you're not," Mykel replied as he fixed his sitting and lit his lighter.

The moment the flame lightened up the pub, he was surprised to see Elena's attire was torn into pieces that barely covered her body. She was trembling as she tried to take a sip of her whiskey and her eyes were empty.

"I'm fine, for now..." Elena answered and stared Mykel in the eye with a cold expression. "You must have so many questions, but the answer to the most important question is that we found a loophole..." Elena continued as she put her hands on the counter.

"A loophole?" Mykel furrowed his eyebrows.

"The story that you created and the Gods that you created inside, they came from real mythologies, right? We used that and entered this world through those mythologies that people believed in..." Elena answered and she looked in pain. "We fulfilled the requirement and that was to bring all the Gods of all the mythologies back to life. That includes Mara, and we turned them into reality," Elena continued.

Mykel was speechless and never thought it was possible. In the first place, he still believed that it was all just a dream, but now that Elena was in front of him and the things that happened, he believed it wasn't.

"And what happened to you? Who did that to you?" Mykel asked as he kept the lighter on.

"We were fighting a few Gods... Gods that weren't in the story. The Eastern Gods, and lastly..." Elena coughed as she clenched her fists. "There's this powerful God. The God that the majority of the people in father's world that they believe in. A being that created Lucifer, all the angels..." Elena answered.

"Where's Lucifer?" Mykel asked.

"Fighting the angels..." Elena answered. "Father, we all might disappear, and this might be my only chance to be able to see you," Elena continued.

Mykel didn't say a word as he stood up and then walked behind the counter. He pulled Elena toward him and gently stroked her hair as he thought about what he had just heard. While they were silently enjoying each other's company, Mykel felt a presence, a lot of them just came down outside the pub.

Mykel held Elena's hand and brought her outside, and when he looked at the street, he saw familiar faces.

"Boss..." Gunnar said with a big smile, but his eyes were filled with sorrow.

Jeanne and the others were with him and they were standing in the middle of the street, in the same condition as Elena. They looked like they were in a big war against someone or something.

"Elena, do you still have it?" Mykel asked.

"Yes, father..." Elena answered.

"Give it to me," Mykel said.

[You are now the Owner of the System]

[Welcome back, Mykel Alester]

[All the possessions you had have been saved]

[Would you like to take them all back?]

[Yes] [No]

"Yes," Mykel answered as he stared at each one of them with a serious expression.


[All the skills you had have been recovered]

Mykel felt the familiar power run through his body and it felt like he had just come back to life. He looked at his right hand and he clenched it as hard as he could. The shockwave from clenching his fist was enough to send a strong shockwave that flattened the whole city.

"Mykel?" Jeanne asked and she was so relieved when he got all his power back.

"What's this?" Aurea asked as she looked at the flattened land with nothing remaining. "Does this mean that you're back?" Aurea looked at Mykel who was busy checking his status screen.

Mykel closed his status screen and looked at Aura, "I'm back. I'm back to the game."

Jeanne and the others surrounded him and they all were smiling with tears in their eyes.

"We can do this later," Mykel said as he looked at the sky. "Right now, this so-called God. Why don't we pay him a visit?" Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised with a smirk.

"Do you think we can win?" Aurea asked.

"Have I ever lost?" Mykel scoffed.

Chapter 561: I'm back, again. (The End)
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