Devil's Son-in-Law
Chapter 865: Destined Battle

Chapter 865: Destined Battle

The other match of the top 16 was Catherine vs Thessaloni, a trainer with no empire. Thessaloni was a dark horse in this championship. As a member of the Belphegor Royal Family, even Isabella didn’t know this person. It should be a reclusive trainer who later moved out alone when the Breeze Shadow Empire was destroyed.

Thessaloni’s strength was only 1 step away from the kingdom level. Obviously, he wanted to explore the threshold of kingdomization through this competition. It should be said that he was quite lucky to meet Catherine.

Catherine was neither as cruel as The Fallen One nor as ruthless as Raizen, but she had her own plans. This time, she almost killed Thessaloni with an overwhelming momentum as soon as she started. After demonstrating her great strength, Her Majesty Empress offered an olive branch with the bait of guiding and helping Thessaloni enter the kingdom-level. Thessaloni considered it again and again before he finally agreed to join the Dark Shadow Empire.

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This kind of aura to accept a follower and gain his respect in the face of battle could only be displayed by the main protagonist. Chen Rui could only express admiration.

Compared with the match that ended quickly with top beauty Catherine, everyone paid more attention to the battle between top powerhouse Raizen and The Fallen One.

Due to the advanced technology of the projection live broadcast, the audience could watch this suspenseful showdown in the arena.

Raizen – the Demon Realm’s number 1 powerhouse. Although this number 1 belonged to the category of ordinary powerhouses, Raizen had now clearly entered the lists of the super-powerhouse.

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The Fallen One – a mysterious person of unknown origin with cruel methods. In the preliminary round, he instantly killed 199 players in the same field. In the first 2 quarter finals, he killed the peak stage of the Demon Overlord powerhouse twice. He should be a super powerhouse as well.

According to the division of the Demon Realm, the one who surpassed Demon Overlord was Demon Supremo. Therefore, this match of Demon Supremo vs Demon Supremo would be the strongest collision since the start of the championship.

Will the Bloody Empire Lord, who has always had a ‘peerless within the same realm’ title, be able to defeat the mysterious ‘The Fallen One’?

In this martial battle championship, the majority of the audience were from the Bloody Empire. Including the empire generals and ministers, they invariably showed a surprised expression when looking at the laughing Raizen. In their memory, the top powerhouse ruler never seemed to laugh like this before.

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After laughing a few times, Raizen stared at The Fallen One with unprecedentedly bright eyes. His whole body surged with a powerful fighting spirit as if he was reborn.

“You are right, I’ve been looking forward to this battle for a long time.” Raizen’s blood boiled, “Today, let’s finish it.”

The Fallen One’s hands slowly flattened, and the flow of star river on his head became more and more turbulent, flashing with a dreamlike brilliance.

TL: Midnight Sun is back? What is he plotting this time?

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Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 865: Destined Battle
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