Divine Emperor of Death
Chapter 3630: What They Could See

The First Haven World was abuzz with conversations ever since the second trial started. It was on the same day, exactly six hours later after the first trial, the Stairway of Regression ended.

No one knew what was happening or what the rules entailed, but they could see the projection and the nine hundred and sixteen Candidates waking up and groggily moving around in an attempt to explore their surroundings and gain more information.

"Oh-oh… they're separated…"

Davis sounded as he shook his head. This was not good.

They were already suppressed to the Level One Immortal King Stage. He guessed if they were ambushed, it would be bad. He had no way of telling them since the connection he had with Shirley was cut.

Besides, he didn't know what kind of suppression the ninth step actually imposed on them. Furthermore, Evelynn was only a Level Eight Immortal King, so he was more worried about her.

He focused his mind on the three of them and saw them wake up at nearly the same time. They all wore plain white robes like t were a farmer's daughter or something similar, the material of the robe looking quite plain.

He also saw that their spatial rings were missing on top of their wedding rings.

Their wedding rings were embedded with a defensive mechanism so he could understand why it would be taken away.

However, slowly, he saw every Candidate end up somewhere unknown. This meant their starting locations were different.

There was no map, so he couldn't tell where everyone was or the distance between his three wives.

"It seems like personal belongings aren't allowed. Almost everyone is starting butt naked, although they have a white robe to compensate for it, and they seem to have…"

Mingzhi looked closely at the three talismans everyone seemed to take out to take a look.

"… some kind of talismans. Don't tell me this is some battle royale type of competition. If it comes down to the last man standing, then no two of my sisters would definitely die…"


Davis turned to look at Mingzhi cozily seated on a reclining full-length chair that was no different than a pool chair. She reached out her hand, took a glass full of unknown red-colored juice, and sipped through a bamboo straw.

It was not only her but also Natalya and a few others sipping similar beverages.

They all sat on the newly built terrace and enjoyed watching the projection in the skies. For some reason, there was a damn swimming pool by the side, and aligned by its side were the benches that allowed one to see up without having to strain themselves.

It was like a vacation out here, making Davis not know what to say, but with them having cultivated hard so far, he didn't feel the need to say anything. It was just the first day.

Looking down, he saw he was also seated on the pool bench, making himself comfortable.

"It wouldn't be like that— what are those crystal creatures?"

Davis had just refuted Mingzhi when he sat up in shock as he saw Evelynn's screen.

Mingzhi and the others also sat up, their eyes filled with shock as they had never seen such creatures.

"Good… Evelynn is hiding from them…"

Davis nodded in approval.

He knew the current Evelynn shouldn't be able to match these creatures whose prowess was at the Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Stage.

At the same time, Shirley also encountered a gorge full of crystal mountains but chose to leave just like Evelynn, causing Natalya to sigh in relief.

"How profound is this formation for us to be able to sense prowess from the entities inside?"

"That projection formation is the result of Heart Laws, Illusion Laws, Space Laws, and Karma Laws on a massive scale."

At this moment, a voice echoed from behind them.

They turned to look back and saw it was none other than Myria.

She had exited seclusion to view what was going on in the Candidacy.

"No way… the World Master is capable of fusing all of them?" Fiora's lips parted.

"Not fusion." Myria shook her head, "Formations don't need fusion to be able to incorporate countless laws into them. They just need compatible runes that fit and don't collapse."

Simultaneously, Mingzhi stood up and moved her pool bench towards Davis. She summoned a new one between her and Natalya and then gestured to invite Myria.


Myria saw that Mingzhi wanted to monopolize Davis. She didn't say anything and nodded, accepting the gesture.

"The Space Laws is present for the formation to extend out and encompass the entire First Haven World and probably the horizons beyond. As for Illusion Laws and Heart Laws, they combine to make you able to see what is going on around the inheritor you want to view. The fact you can see who you want to see is the work of Karma Laws. Without a connection, you wouldn't be able to focus on them for a longer time. In other words, all private moments would be cut out for others. What an intricate formation…"

Myria reclined on this strange chair and felt comfortable, although she didn't forget to explain. She gave a lecture while she was at it and sighed at its ingenuity.

She couldn't help but respect the World Master for her top-tier formation arts she had seen time and time again. She guessed only a few would be able to match her in the true immortal world when it came to formations or no one considering she was the creator of a universe.

Most importantly, she didn't have confidence she could reach the World Master's level in formation arts.

However, Mingzhi and the others respected Myria, who could see through the intricacies of how the formation worked. They weren't able to tell that at all and just imagined that the World Master could do whatever she wanted since it was her universe.

It was just as Myria said. When they tried to focus on others, it blurred them after a minute or two.

Since they didn't have a karmic connection with other inheritors, not even an acquaintance-level entry, then their time of viewing was limited. They were intrigued, trying to see what they could see and what they couldn't see.

"Oh my… that little kid is hiding from Isabella…"

Mingzhi giggled.

She took a little peek at Yi Feng and the others whom Davis pointed out but then chanced upon Yi Feng hiding from Isabella, who climbed up.

Then— what she did after encountering him dumbfounded them.

"She was so majestic and honorable, but look at her now. She's so corrupted because of you~"


Mingzhi reached out her hand and pinched Davis who laughed out loud after they saw Isabella hoodwinking Yi Feng to be her subordinate. It made Davis feel quite nostalgic, somewhat wanting to go back to the time where he fooled around with Isabella.

Those were fun times for him, which made him want her more and more, eventually making him fall for her.

As for Mingzhi, she remembered how honorable Isabella was.

She was one of the women who came to test her when she was bent on obtaining Davis and even placed a sword on her neck to know her intentions. Thinking back, she was grateful for it as Isabella already approved of her at that time.


Myria and Natalya didn't know where to look as they felt corrupted by him as well.

They were a far cry from what they used to be, but Mingzhi seemed to be the same in their eyes. She was jovial at first and still jovial now. The way she casually spoke and insulted him without offending him never changed, making them somewhat envious of her.

It made the two of them appear closer than ever.

"Yay! Swimming pool!~"

At this moment, the kids came out and jumped into the pool without paying attention to the Candidacy.

However, once they were in, Eterna and Celestia sank to the bottom of the pool and looked up. They could still see the projection without a problem, and their eyes glittered under the various emotions that shifted through them as they saw their mothers experience another world.

Would they be safe?


Eterna saw her mother Shirley encounter another woman who was called Dewzai.

She also watched the events of the Grand Immortal Mountain Peak, so she knew what was going on. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but surface and continue to watch with the utmost attention, praying that her mother would survive any ordeal she could possibly face.

"It's obviously me who's going to come on top since you know what kind of existence I am."

Eterna heard her mother's voice in her ears as if it was happening right beside her.

"If you insist on battling, then you leave me no choice." Dewzai raised her hand, looking at her hand sway in a strange motion as she looked at her nails.

"Insist? It is you who is full of killing intent for me. I have no doubt that my people are watching right now, and perhaps many others. Do you think it is better to let them all know what happened?"

"You dare!?"

Dewzai's undulations surged as she narrowed her eyes at Shirley. However, Shirley remained confident despite the enormous pressure that was blazing at her face. Due to her utterly suppressed state, she found it extremely difficult to go against these undulations.

"Shut up. I already told you I won't say anything, but it is you who is making things worse like a fool by bringing it up."

However, she had just come here after overcoming her fears to the greatest extent possible, allowing her to speak without stuttering and even with daringness.


Dewzai clenched her fists. Her voluptuous bosoms heaved, her expression full of anger underneath her white veil before she waved her hand.

"Fine, I'll forget about it. However, if I find out you or one of your sisters-" She spoke no more, appearing to have made her intent clear before she looked towards the distance.

"Let's go."


Shirley grinned at Dewzai before she began to follow her and walked side by side. She couldn't believe she got her way with a powerhouse, willing to make full use of her. Only, she didn't know how long she could conceal the fact that her prowess had been sealed.

Once it was exposed, she had no doubt that Dewzai would make a move to kill.

"Could it be that she peed on the eighth step like the others…?"

In the end, Mingzhi figured out what Dewzai tried to hide.

Davis nodded, "That explains why there was a moment of awkwardness when Dewzai tried to make the jump toward the ninth step…"



Natalya and the others had no words to say. There were many who embarrassed themselves on the steps, but for a person with Emperor-Tier Bloodline to embarrass themselves would cause quite the commotion.

They could see why Dewzai would be mad at them, but to think her anger had caused them to discover what had happened. It was quite ironic, causing them to laugh lightly.

Chapter 3630: What They Could See
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