Divine Emperor of Death
Chapter 1875: Sophie's Move

Sophie took away Dalila Leehan amidst the gazes of the crowd that numbered in the millions, making Davis flabbergasted.

"Did you put her up to this?"

Nora became startled as she heard Davis's inquisitive voice in her head. She hurriedly shook her head, "No, I definitely did not, but I'm happy to see this happen. You're too insensitive to my friend, son."

Nora pouted with an aggrieved expression before she flew away, causing Davis to look at her with an amused gaze. It was not like he was not aware but chose to stay away, but it looks like Sophie decided something else for him. However, even that wasn't on his mind now as he thought Sophie's actions were rather bold, making him feel joyful yet also worried.

Was this a change caused by her Darkness Soul?

Sophie had become so bolder and more outgoing than when he courted her that he could say that she was totally a different person. However, contrary to his assumptions, her change was brought by him almost dying, so it could be said that it was his fault that she changed to become ruthless, even to her own self.

While gliding in mid-air, Sophie dragged Dalila Leehan away while holding her hand. The latter finally came to her senses and instantly moved her lips.

"Sophie Alstreim… why are you doing this? We are not even friends, much less acquaintances..."

Sophie didn't say anything. She first returned to her place, the Alstreim Family's seating area, before she landed, heading towards Niera, whom she stood beside all this long. They both smiled, seemingly to be in on this matter.

Dalila Leehan was dumbfounded to be in the Alstreim Family's area.

Everyone smiled at her. However, she couldn't tell what their smiles indicated in her confusion.

Was it scorn? Or something else she didn't dare to believe?

Suddenly, Sophie let go of her hands, turning to look towards her.

"Dalila Leehan. I'll have you know that I respected you and wanted to become like you before I met Davis."


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Sophie merely smiled at Dalila Leehan's confusion before continuing.

"And you know, he once said to me that my skills are on par with Dalila Leehan, and that caused me to feel immensely satisfied because that was a huge compliment to me."


Dalila Leehan looked dazed, not knowing what to say to this sudden revelation. She wanted to say something but had her tongue-tied, her heart weighed by some indescribable heaviness that felt rather good yet complex.

"But that was then..." Sophie suddenly shook her head, "I no longer look up to you as I have surpassed you, but not in alchemy skills as I've let that go and concentrated on blacksmithing. However, I know you can prove yourself to be of something more, something greater with the knowledge we possess. After all, you were the woman I idolized once."

She patted Dalila Leehan's shoulder as though giving her some encouragement, but it was utterly surprising for the latter to hear all of this. Her black eyes were wide with tears on the verge of falling again.

At this moment, Nora appeared beside Dalila Leehan before she looked towards Sophie, deeply thanked her, and even cast Niera a glance, feeling moved. She then took Dalila Leehan away to a corner, appearing to chastise her with a stern gaze as they exchanged soul transmissions.

Sophie and Niera smilingly looked at them before the former spoke.

"Is this fine?"

"It's fine." Niera turned to look at Sophie and heavily nodded, "I always wanted to gift something to my elder sister. This is fine too, as it would make her happy, and perhaps, Davis too. However, you do understand that we're delaying our marriage with him more by doing this, right?"

"Of course. Did you see that? He allowed me to be so impertinent and take her away like that when he didn't even decide on that kind of action. My heart was beating so fast, but I felt like I was fully one of his wives at that time. Hehe~"

Sophie cheerfully giggled, causing Niera to shake her head in a rueful manner.

However, Sophie's smile suddenly froze as she saw Davis entering the Alstreim Family's seating area, matching gazes with Evelynn before he turned to look at her.


Her heart skipped a beat as she saw him approaching.

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"Sophie, Sophie, Sophie…"

Davis called her three times, causing her lips to tremble as she saw him arrive in front of her, his aura towering her small, frail body. His wide smile didn't help as it seemed like he was going to open his mouth and devour her literally.

"Hehe~ Perhaps I went too far… Eeck~"

Sophie lowered her gaze as she giggled, trying to play it cool, but then he captured her nape, causing her to flinch as she raised her head to see him.

"No, you were dazzling out there."

Sophie became stunned as a sudden kiss fell on her lips while her veil lifted. Having her nape held on with force as he pressed his lips on hers, she melted and began to kiss back as she held his shoulders. Their lips sought each other out, not caring that was an astonished Niera beside them, watching with wide eyes as they shamelessly shared their saliva.

Nevertheless, the kiss just lasted for three seconds before Davis left Sophie's lips, although she kept looking into his sapphire eyes as though wanting more.

Davis also wanted more of her, but there was already someone waiting for him. He looked at Niera and reached out his hand, lightly shaking her silky blonde hair.

"You must've put Sophie up to this, huh..."

Niera couldn't help but smirk.

"We both wanted it, but yes, I was the one who urged her."

"Sigh, I didn't know when this became like this, but I guess that's the consequences of my actions."

Davis smilingly shook his head before he patted both their shoulders and left, walking past them, leaving them wondering what he was talking about.


However, Niera shortly uttered, causing Sophie to flinch in sudden embarrassment. She looked towards the other side, staring at the wall as her lips quivered.

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"Y-Yes? Nothing happened."

"You don't need to act like you didn't kiss, you know? I'm not angry." Niera rolled her eyes.

"You are not?"

Sophie looked surprised as she turned around and looked at Niera, "But, he..."

"It doesn't matter. What do you take me for? I'll kiss him for three minutes in front of you next time."


Sophie blinked before she giggled, "You're jealous."

"Whose fault is that?"

"Alright, alright. I owe you a favor again. Please don't hate me."

Sophie sounded as though she was pleading, causing Niera to giggle as they teased each other.

On the other hand, Davis didn't approach Dalila Leehan but entered the resting quarters.

In truth, the resting quarters had four sections: the resting hall after entering, four small resting rooms in the back, and five bathrooms, one of them public, connected to the main resting hall while the others were connected to the small resting rooms. However, all of them were big enough to host a number of people, mainly allowing them to rest and even enjoy delicacies as there was even a cooking room with relevant formations to the left.

The entire texture of the walls was luxuriously coated with the pattern of fire, specifically catering to the Alstreim Family's Fire Element.

Only the hegemons possessed this kind of treatment in the New Era Battle Arena, while the others did not possess any room or whatsoever, although the millions of people could go out and stay in their flying palaces and abodes as they please.

Nevertheless, after walking straight and looking at a room that had a trace of yin energy, Davis's expression became changed as his lips curled into a lewd smile. He opened the door and saw a pale-white beauty looking at him with glazed black eyes as she lay on the bed, having her palm on her cheek in a sexy manner.

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She wore a scintillating blue-white robe that greatly accentuated her slightly pale countenance. Ever since she acquired the Ice Phoenix Blood, she appeared like a snow fairy, capable of attracting even the sternest men that they would feel that they want to protect her with their life if they let their guard down.

"Little minx. I'm going to thoroughly make love with you today."

Divine Emperor of Death Chapter 1875: Sophie's Move
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