Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1040: Jaisi Alstreim Inn

"Give us a private dining room." Davis frowned as he looked around, "I'm sure you have at least one available..."

"Esteemed guest..." The waiter who wore formal white robes seemed to possess a difficult expression on his face, "All of our hundreds of private dining rooms have been occupied, but we do have one room available... but..."

"But what?" Davis felt disappointed.

No place? Would he have to look for another famous inn that has delicious dishes?

"But it's..."

"But, it's reserved by me!" A person forcefully pushed the door and walked inside as his voice echoed as it overwhelmed the waiter's voice!

His handsome facial features and blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail instantly attracted many eyes because it was recognizable to all of them. He walked in with a pompous look on his face as he cast a glance at the people in front of him, but his eyes suddenly widened as his gaze locked with the two beauties who turned to look at him.

His eyes simultaneously brightened as he became dumbfounded! Nevertheless, he quickly noticed that the blindingly beautiful woman was a magical beast, and the other woman with the large bosoms was a seductively charming human.

He then noticed the man with the blonde hair in front of him as his eyes narrowed. Taking a few steps forwards, he passed by Davis in an elegant manner and turned to look around.

"You are... I don't recall seeing your face in this city. Are you some kind of lone wolf? Haha!~"

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The man patted his chest in assurance, "Don't worry! This brother will take you to-"

"Your help is not required..." Davis didn't even bother to cast a glance as he interrupted.

This bastard's intent was clear as the sky to him that he didn't even want to allow him to talk. Even the other people's expressions that seemed as if they were drooling in their own saliva made him want to punch their faces.

There was a limit to how shameless they can be in staring!

"I'll buy the room you reserved. How much does it cost?" Instead, he nonchalantly inquired.

That young man's lips twitched, but glancing at the beauties that made him feel strange inside, he forced a smile.

"Fellow cultivator, don't say that. Isn't big brother saying that he would treat you to a feast? Believe me when I say that it's a feast; it is completely not on me. This is the feast for the younger generation who are intent on... uh... I won't speak about that but it is sponsored by our family elders."

"In any case, your Mid-Level Law Manifestation Stage Cultivation is useful, making you eligible in our gathering, and you'll be meeting with a lot of people with significant status if you follow me..."

"Little brother, what do you say? Mhm?" The young man's tone was amicable, but his eyes flashed with a bit of warning.

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"Oh, the younger generation are gathering here?" Davis became amused before he looked at the waiter and asked, "Is that why all the hundreds of private rooms are reserved?"

The waiter became taken aback before he just nodded his head.

"I see..." Davis's eyes flashed while he wore a deep and amicable smile as he looked at the young man.

"Haha! Little brother understands! That's right! You'll get to meet the top beauties of our Alstreim Family!

The young man laughed heartily and placed a hand on Davis's shoulders.


"Ahhh!~" A cry of pain echoed as the young man flew behind, crashing on a table as the food dropped all over him, drenching his robe in numerous fluids and food waste, making him look like a person who had drowned in someone's spit.

The people who were sitting over that table did not even say anything but quietly moved away as far as ever could, and even the people close by stood up and walked away.

Nevertheless, the young man seemed to make movements as he stared at his palm that was scarred black with his red eyes!

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It was burnt!

Davis patted his shoulder with his sleeves before he snorted, "Using a bit of nightshade pervert powder on my robes in plain sight, did you think I wouldn't notice just because it's seamless and odorless?"

"What!?" The crowd's expression changed.

The nightshade pervert powder causes people to behave flirty and intimate towards their target of affection. It wasn't as powerful as an average aphrodisiac, but the person affected by it would itching to perform intimate actions such as sensually caressing, tapping the butt, so and so would still make people offended, causing them to be affixed with the name pervert; hence the name, nightshade pervert powder.

Basically, it changed one's libido to become high or extremely excited over momentary pleasure.

Davis could tell that this young man's plan was to have him sniff the nightshade powder, causing him to behave unruly towards the beauties who were apparently gathered here. As a result, he would be kicked out, perhaps even miserably beaten, and the young man would end up taking the two beauties that he brought with him.

'How naive...' Davis inwardly sneered.

For these characters, he didn't even need to use Heart Intent to see through their hearts.

"Bastard!!!" The young man instantly stood up and pointed at Davis, "You have no idea who-"

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"Hss!~" However, he let out a gasp of anguish as he felt his hand burn with a prickly pain that he couldn't help but retrieve it and kept it over his chest like a woman who couldn't bear the pain...

*Pfft!~* Some people in the crowd failed to suppress their laughter.

The young man's expression changed as his cheeks turned red, "Who!? Who is that!? Who all laughed!? I dare you to come out!"

He turned around and checked, and looking that no one step forward, his confidence rose as he turned to match gaze with Davis.

"Who dares to flout the rules of the Jaise Alstreim Inn!? Don't you know that it's forbidden to fight here!?"

A person suddenly descended from the top floors as he shouted, causing everyone's head to swivel towards him. He possessed a beard as well as long blonde hair tied up behind his back. He wore a white-colored robe that was patterned with yellow flames.

He didn't look at Davis but kept looking at the young man's burnt hand as he flawlessly landed on the surface.

"Junior, who dared to harm you in our Jaisi Alstreim Inn?"

"Senior!" The young man's expression became one of gloating before he pointed at Davis, "It's this bastard! He doesn't have any regard for the rules of your place, disrespecting the entire Jaise Alstreim Inn and blatantly attacked me when I even went as far as to invite him cordially!"

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"Don't worry. As the elder of this inn, I have the duty to kick out whoever doesn't obey the rules!" The elder waved his sleeves and spoke with assurance.

As they spoke, their eyes flashed in tacit understanding before the elder turned to look at the so-called bastard.

However, his eyes almost instantly widened into two saucers as his expression froze!

It wasn't the beauties that made him initially dumbfounded because he recognized Alchemist Davis as soon his gaze landed on him! It wasn't a nameless brat from the Alstreim Family as he initially thought to be due to familiar blonde hair but the renowned Alchemist Davis, whom he had a chance to glimpse at the Alchemy Exchange!

Unlike in the Alchemy Exchange, Alchemist Davis wasn't wearing his alchemist robe. It made him not give an actual glance at this person but now...

Did he just offend a bigshot by saying a few pompous words right now?

Sweat began to already overflow from his forehead as he felt a chill creep over his spine!

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