Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal

Chapter 838: Once For All

The reason that he let Mo Xiaotang leave the school and enter the Zhang Tian Martial School was because he wanted to try his best to avoid Ye Chen. Although the top three martial schools were against Zhang Tian Martial School, they were not that friendly with each other either. In fact, the conflicts and competition between the three martial schools had never ended. If Extreme heaven Martial School wanted to save themselves, then they would have to learn to swallow their pride down and not be reckless.

As for now, the three martial schools had decided to join forces, so Ye Chen would not be able to make that big of a splash in this whole situation.


Lu Youmin was almost completely mad as he fought against the evil elder with no holdbacks. Each sword attack was a deadly yet self-harming attack.

“Huh! You are looking for death!”

The earth bear shadow behind the elder’s back was huge like a mountain as circles of yellow mud spread out, making the air thin.


This single punch seemed to contain the power of a massive mountain.


Lu Youming’s self-harming attacks had only left a vague sword mark on his opponent’s chest, yet he had started puking out blood before being blown away.

“You don’t even know your power! You could not be my rightful opponent even at you peak. And now, you are barely hanging onto your mind, so you definitely don’t stand a chance here.” The evil elder sneered.

“The Secret Realm is about to be opened. Now, it is time to work for the sake of the rest of the life.” Half step king warriors were really sensitive to the vibration of Yuan qi. Although it was still eight hundred miles away, Ye Chen managed to sense the battle that took place inside Mud Dragon Mountain almost immediately. He stood up and his body moved slightly before disappearing completely into the distance.

Eight hundred something miles was only couple of breaths worth of time for Ye Chen. From afar, he could see the Muddy Dragon Mountain and the three groups of people that were scrambling in there. These three groups of people should probably be Bald Eagle Valley, Earth Bear Family and Extreme Heaven Martial School. And that evil elder with the shadow of an earth bear should be the half step demi demon king warrior of the Earth Bear Martial School.

Lu Youming was blown out with blood pouring out from his mouth, and everyone from the Zhang Tian Martial School was freaking out. But when they saw Ye Chen approaching, all of them yelled out in joy.

“Master Ye is here!”

“With him here, they will not dare to fight for the mine anymore!”

“Yeah! It would naturally be impossible if Zhang Tian Martial School wanted to take over the spirit fountain alone, but as long as we could get one-fourth, it would be able to last us for more than ten years.”

Naturally, everyone did not think that Ye Chen could fight off three martial school worth of people with his power alone. But, with him being here plus Master Lu, it meant that they had the leverage to negotiate, and were no longer just fish meat ready to be cooked. After all, Ye Chen’s power was not something that normal half step king warrior could compare with.

“You are that new half step king warrior from the Zhang Tian Martial School, aren’t you? You seem quite young, huh!” The evil elder was one of the two half step demi beasts of the Earth Bear Family, called the Savage Bear King. Ling Huyi leaving the Zhang Tian Martial School with severe wounds would naturally be something that the Earth Bear Family would pick up. However, he thought that Ling Huyi was wounded by the joint forces of Lu Youmin and Ye Chen.

“I will give you a choice…You either bring your people and get out of here, or you will have to handle the consequences. As for him, he will die.”

Ye Chen did not take out his sword, but pointed out his finger instead at the leader of the Earth Bear Group. It was indeed him who had killed a master of the Zhang Tian Martial School.


Just like that, a finger-sized hole appeared on that man’s forehead and he fell onto the ground.


None of the three martial schools knew how to react to this, since Ye Chen seemed so reckless that he killed a top warrior of the Earth Bear Family just like that, not being respectful at all.

“You b*stard! You are looking for death!”

The Savage Bear King was furious. That shadow on his back shook drastically, and the thick muddy yellow bear attacked Ye Chen while his own body bended and threw out a punch. If this punch landed, even a mountain size solid object would be shattered.

Ye Chen closed his fist and left out only his middle and index finger. As he smiled cruelly, his fingertip sliced out.


The surreal space looked like it could be sliced into halves at any moment as the black curved sword light sliced through the incoming fist power and the other’s body.


The armor protecting the other cracked open as an unstoppable sword qi poured into his body, attacking him from the inside. All of a sudden, all of his internal organs were under attack.

With one causal attack, the bear beast was blown backward and made to puke out blood.

“What! The Savage Bear King was wounded with only one attack!” A lot of people had their mouths wide open after seeing what had just happened.

Although the bear king did not reach Life and Death challenge at all, as a demi beast with earth bear bloodline, he was way more powerful than any human half step king warrior. Ye Chen could wound him with one finger attack without any weapons. How could that not be shocking?

“Earthy Cage!”

Savage Bear King had been beaten, so another half step demi beast king stood out and formed a spell with both of his hands. All of a sudden, endless mud yuan qi gathered toward Ye Chen, forming a cube and trapping him within.

“Spirit Bear King has joined in! He should be able to hold him in for a while.”

“His follow up attacks would be more powerful after all.”

With everyone discussing away, the Spirit Bear King let out a smile as he moved his right hand upwards and yelled with a loud voice, “Mountain Scramble Print!”

Within the shocking mud yuan qi vibration, a muddy yellow mountain fell from above like a falling star, crashing into that yellow cube. With this attack, even a man made of iron would be wounded severely.

Unfortunately, it all depended on who it was targeting.

A pitch black sword mark appeared on the surface of the cube and a huge amount of sword light appeared from it. The massive mountain and the Spirit Bear King both were in the attacking radius as the sword light flashed once.

Pooh! Pooh!

The massive mountain cracked open first before turning into nothingness. Then, the Spirit Bear King followed Savage Bear King’s fate and was wounded badly as well.

“How could he be this powerful?” Spirit Bear King could not believe what had just happened.

“Master Ye is so powerful! Even the Savage Bear King and the Spirit Bear King are not his rightful opponents! Not even one attack!”

“So awesome! The more powerful master Ye was, the more hope our Zhang Tian Martial School would have. I don’t think the three powerful martial institutions would dare to threaten us ever again.” Everyone was grateful for what had happened.

“This is not good! perhaps Yi’er was telling the truth, and this guy is even more powerful than Tiger Warrior.” Ling Huhou frowned.

Tiger warrior was one of the eight top beast warriors, and his cultivation had already reached peak level of the First chamber of Life and Death challenge. If the Tiger warrior appeared, then even the top six half step king warriors might not be able to beat him together, which was indeed the kind of power a top half step king warrior possessed.

“Leader, you and spirit bear king are both good at trapping opponents, so it might not be impossible to beat him. We are not normal half step king warriors after all.” The Great Master of Extreme Heaven Martial School said with an evil expression.

“Yeah…” Ling Huhou nodded slightly, confident in his own trapping skills. Even the Spirit Bear King could not compete with him on that. With the two of them combined, at least they could trap Ye Chen for a couple of breaths worth of time, which would be enough.

“You, all of you, bring it on! I might as well take care of you altogether, making you all lie in bed for a year and half or so.” In the air, Ye Chen held his evil shattering sword while looking at the six half step king warriors from the three martial schools. This time, he planned to deliver even worse and more wounds than Ling Huyi. Then, even if they had precious valuable items, they would not be able to recover in a short period of time.

“That is reckless! Do you think you can fight us six altogether with your power alone?” The two half step beast kings from the Bald Eagle Valley stood out, all having hooked noses, thin lips, and pinpoint pupils. They were indeed the Flying Eagle King and the Grey Eagle King.

Then, Ling Huhou and the Great Master from Extreme Heaven Martial School both stood out as well. Adding the Savage Bear King and the Spirit Bear King, the six of them surrounded Ye Chen within while the rest of them all backed out for ten miles to avoid whatever might happen.

“This guy is very tricky! Let’s take him down together and see what else Zhang Tian Martial School has got.” Spirit Bear King wiped the blood off his mouth and gestured Ling Huhou with his eyes.

Ling Huhou did not dare to look away from Ye Chen.

“Let’s go!”

Ling Huhou was always decisive, so he attacked at Ye Chen immediately. Both of his hands formed a spell at high speed and a black ball of energy appeared in front of Ye Chen, pulling his body.


He could sense that the suction power could affect his speed, and he could not avoid it even if he increased his speed to the maximum.

Indeed only half step king warriors who learned special tricks would be powerful enough to do that. Even if their actual power might not be as great, it would be somehow enhanced with the additional tricks.

“Earth Cage!”

Spirit Bear King’s reaction was not slow at all. The second Ling Huhou attacked, he started forming a spell as well. All of a sudden, the cube restricted Ye Chen’s power again.

“Let’s take him out together.”

Seeing Ye Chen being trapped by two moves, the rest of them seemed excited by what was happening. The Grey Eagle King and Flying Eagle King flapped their wings and countless wind blades appeared out of nowhere. They twisted drastically, rubbing against the space and generating sparks. Savage Bear King and Extreme Heaven Great Master threw out their attacks as well, one with fists and the other with kicks; one from the right and the other from the left. As for Ling Huhou, countless black flowy light beams appeared out of nowhere. The qi flow and the core black power shot out, generating a loud sound.

With the six half step king warriors fighting together and two of them trapping Ye Chen where he was standing, the level of power they displayed could kill any normal half step king warrior in a heartbeat. In their opinion, Ye Chen did not stand a chance.

“Master Ye!”

Everyone on Zhang Tian School’s side was frightened. Lu Youmin yelled and tried to help Ye Chen out, but the Grey Eagle King was prepared for him as a pair of wings appeared, turning into countless wind blades and stopping him from moving forward.

Inside the yellow cube, Ye Chen’s expression did not change at all as his soul power spread out, sensing six attacks coming his way clearly.


The evil shattering sword was waved slightly, moving effortlessly and smoothly. All of a sudden, the core black energy and the muddy yellow cube started twisting. In front of the power of space, nothing could avoid being distorted and annihilated.

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