Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal

Chapter 877: A Bitter Bloody Battle

From the void, the soul power of Poison Fire King and Iron Blood King penetrated the spatial wall and landed on Ye Chen’s body.

“Peak of the third layer? Wasn’t he supposed to be just in the early stages of the third layer?” Poison Fire King softly exclaimed. Although the peak third layer and initial level was the same realm, the difference between the two phases was not small. At the peak of the third layer, the energy within the body would have combined with the flesh, allowing the body to carry a lot more energy. Moreover, it was the full circle of the realm, which meant that the body could use this energy much better, increasing his battle power by a lot.

“Poison Fire King, are you scared?” Blood Hand King sneered.

Poison Fire King almost jumped as if someone had stepped on his tail, “Blood Hand King, what are trying to say? No matter how powerful he is, he is not a Life and Death King. I was just a bit surprised. And let me offer you an advice—don’t be too careless. He has a supreme grade sword that even beat Giant Wolf King. Although we both are much stronger than Giant Wolf King, there is still a chance of one of us getting injured.”

Poison Fire King had always been prudent in handling affairs, and he treated his life with extreme regard. If the reward had not been so big this time, he would never have accepted this task.

“Rest assured, I will not be careless against anybody, or Yin Sky King would not have chosen me.” Blood Hand King was an assassin before becoming a King. For assassins, it was imperative to have a calm heart, even if the target was an ordinary man. They always went for a swift kill.

Poison Fire King curled his lips. He also knew that Blood Hand King was a frightening character, not because of his strength, but because of his heart that never rippled. This kind of a person didn’t act easily, but when he did, he struck like thunder.

“Alright, let’s move! Make sure to use your ace.” Poison Fire King licked his lips, revealing a sinister expression. Blood Hand King’s eyes remained calm without any ripples. However, the disregard seemed even more terrifying.

The two operated their Zhen Yuan, and their auras soared.



Space split opened, and Poison Fire King and Blood Hand King appeared, their auras already pushed to the limits. Poison Fire King’s mouth slightly swelled, a red purple glow flickering within. Meanwhile, Blood Hand King’s both palms turned blood-red like jade.

“Bewitching Mirror Shattering!” They were quick, but Ye Chen was even quicker.

The moment two had decided to act, before they had even opened the space, Ye Chen was already ready with the Sky Scorpio Sword, waiting to greet them with Bewitching Mirror Shattering. With a slash of his sword, huge spatial ripples and sword Qi containing space profound compressed the space, locking it fully!


Sealed within the ‘mirror’, Poison Fire King and Blood Hand King were a bit stupefied. How did Ye Chen know that someone was coming for his life? And how did he know that they would come from this direction?


Even an idiot could tell that it was no coincidence.

The only explanation was that Ye Chen had a soul power comparable to that of Kings. By relying on this soul power, he had already sensed their arrival, and was waiting for them. There was no other explanation for them to be attacked as soon as they appeared.

“Damn it!”

Thinking all this within a thousandth of a second, Poison Fire King and Blood Hand moved, struggling to escape the restrictions of the space. However, they underestimated the might of Bewitching Mirror Shattering. Coupled with them being caught off-guard, they wasted a lot of time. By the time they reacted, the ‘mirror’ shattered.

It shattered into millions of pieces, each of which was like a blade.

Rip Rip Rip!

How did being cut by millions of blades felt like? The two were feeling exactly that right now.

The two’s Protective Zhen Yuan was pierced, and countless scars appeared on their armors. Every region of their bodies not covered by the armor was slashed, turning their whole bodies into a bloody mess. Their masks were completely ripped, and their faces were covered in blood. Within an instant, the two had suffered a frightening blow.

“Kid, I will chop your body into a thousand parts!” Poison Fire King roared. Even the spatial power couldn’t isolate his sound, and the entire mountain range began trembling, seeming as if it would crumble in its entirety.

“Still not enough!”

Bewitching Mirror Shattering rendered the two incapable of not only using their aces, but even moving freely. However, Ye Chen knew that this was still far from enough. Both had the Undying Body, and they would heal this much of an injury in no time. Once the two healed, he would be greatly disadvantaged while fighting one against two.

Thinking all this, his forehead parted, and his erect silver eye opened. Without a noise or movement, a silver beam shot out. Disregarding spatial power and physical defense, it directly invaded Poison Fire King’s Sea of Soul. The latter’s muffled groan didn’t make Ye Chen pause for a second as he shot forth and thrust with the Sky Scorpio Sword at Blood Hand King.

Autumn Water Sword Arts, second style—Congealing Water.

In terms of pure destructive power, Congealing Power was far above Bewitching Mirror Shattering. This was because this move contained the metal profound, water profound, as well as Death dao. Facing the sword, a sense of deathly crisis surrounded Blood Hand King.

As a previous assassin, Blood Hand King’s mental endurance as well as reactions were fairly better than Poison Hand King’s. At the moment of peril, he folded his hands before his head.


Sky Scorpio Sword pierced his hands, stopping an inch short of coming out of the other side.


Light speckles covered the sky like rain as Blood Hand King’s two hands changed into crystalline purple and shattered. In addition, a life-extinguishing power invaded his body through his arms.

“It’s the Death Dao!”

Despite losing both hands, Blood Hand King’s face showed no suffering as if the hands didn’t belong to him. However, the Death dao in Ye Chen’s sword surprised him. This Death dao was far above what he’d comprehended when he entered Life and Death King. If Ye Chen could comprehend an equivalent Life Dao, he would enter Life and Death Realm and become a True King.

“Just the Death Dao is not enough.” A Death Qi erupted in Blood Hand King’s body that was much stronger than Ye Chen’s, and swept it away.


When Blood Hand King had raised his arms to defend his head, Ye Chen already knew that he’d lost the best opportunity. If the sword had struck his vitals, Ye Chen had confidence that Congealing Water containing Death Dao would have fatally wounded him, or even directly killed him. Failing his strike, he swiftly retreated and released his Sword Domain. The compressed space around the two made the might of Sword Domain even more frightening.


Thousands of cyan-colored swords assembled and shot at Poison Fire King and Blood Hand King. Ten thousand swords flew across in neat arrangement; the aura they exuded could not be described in words.

Blood Hand King, whose hands had regrown and wounds closed, emotionlessly stared Ye Chen. However, in the depths of his eyes was a trace of fear. As an assassin, he was most afraid of the people who were calm regardless of what happened. These people could bring out their strength to the very limits, or even surpass it.

And Ye Chen undoubtedly belonged to this kind. From the moment they met, it was one attack after another like links of a chain, and each of these attacks was more dangerous than the previous one. If they had been even a little careless, the consequences would have been unimaginable. In such a short time, Ye Chen’s mind had already crafted such a well-rounded plan.

Clang Clang Clank Clank!

The Protective Zhen Yuan of Life and Death Kings was extremely sturdy, so all the swords were bounced off while setting off huge sparks, each of which was big enough to incinerate a huge rock.

“A mistake…I should have gone for the other guy.” Blood Hand King’s composure and reactions amazed Ye Chen. The other guy seemed a lot inferior in this respect, only comparable to normal Life and Death Kings.

Of course, Ye Chen couldn’t be blamed for such an error. He hadn’t researched his attackers before. If he could, he would have certainly chosen the other guy.


Ye Chen shot another silver light bream, trying a soul attack against Blood Hand King. Under the suppression of Sword Domain, no matter how fast the latter’s reactions were, his body couldn’t keep up, and the silver light directly entered his Sea of Souls. Consequently, his face turned a bit pale and dazed.

The soul membrane of Life and Death Kings was extremely strong, but Ye Chen’s innate skill couldn’t be looked down upon either. Blood Hand King’s soul membrane heavily shook under the assault of the silver light, dizzying the soul.


Once he decided, Ye Chen could not change his number one target. With his soul power, it would be extremely challenging for him to use Soul Light three times. If not for his cultivation base reaching the peak of the third layer, which caused his soul power to increase slightly, and his immortal sword reaching fifth step and resonating with the destruction sword intent, even two uses of Soul Light would have emptied his soul power. And if that happened, the situation would have turned extremely dire.

Right now, only one-tenth of his soul power was remaining, which was almost at the critical level.

With his body acting as a sword, Ye Chen shot straight at Blood Hand King. Meanwhile, the Sword Domain increased his speed even more, allowing him to arrive ten meters away from Blood Hand King in an instant.


Congealing Water!

“Kid, die for me.”

At that moment, Poison Fire King had already sobered up. He operated his Zhen Yuan, deflecting the cyan swords while his mouth opened at the same time, glimmering with a purple glow.

Fused profound martial skill—Poison Fire Explosion!

“I have to kill him.”

Ye Chen’s face turned stern, and he completely disregarded the frightening attack of Poison Fire King, piercing through Blood Hand King’s forehead. A huge power containing death Qi erupted, exploding inside the latter’s brain.


Blood Hand King’s body exploded apart, losing all vitality.

But in the next moment, Poison Hand King’s attack landed on Ye Chen’s body, creating a frightening explosion. Those red purple flames were not only extremely hot, but also extremely poisonous.


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