Doomed to be Cannon Fodder (Web Novel)
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder (Web Novel)

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder (Web Novel)

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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Whistling Night Rain. 294 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


She’s somehow ended up transmigrating into the book as the supporting female lead, who was beaten to death! Deeply in love with the male lead, she’s fated to be beaten to a bloody pulp before even holding hands with him?!

First things first, she needs to survive and latch onto the big thigh of a patron. But the supporting male lead is a true gentleman and feels nothing for her stunning, alluring body. That’s alright! She’ll latch onto the old madame or the male lead then!

But why does the supporting male lead look at her with increasingly odd eyes? And what of that Wulin Alliance Head with the personality disorder? You’re just a random bystander, what are you getting involved for??

Finally, the male lead could bear it no longer and dragged her back to the Prince Li Manor…

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: 1 comment on Chapter 3: An Old Warbird, Must Not Attract Trouble
  • aliunicorn 4

    For those who like a romance full of twists and turns, this story is perfect. But at several moments I was very embarrassed to read it or very angry, it was a mixture of feelings and it is very full of content, the ending is very rushed, there were some interesting characters that could have had a better written ending and not a quick description of what happened to them.

  • Rio_Red_Blue 5

    It has all the requirements to become a K-Dorama. And be successful.

  • litotincan 1

    One of the first translated novels I came across, and the humour and concept got me hooked on the novel. I do recommend you give it a try

  • Bumble 1

    It's a nice one until it reached the war area, the decreased level are way too high. To the point it becames ridiculous actually, is it rushed? I don't think so, it's just perhaps the idea wasn't executed very well. Well it has been light and humorous since the beginning so kinda expected it at first but never ever think it will be down to the comedy one. Still nice and enjoyable to read. And the plot twist thing, i hope the author would give one or two kinda build before just drop it like a bomb, it didn't light it but end up destroy it for me.

  • Han_ 3

    Can't believe the tags of clever protagonist and dense protagonist are paired together.

    • Saitama_Supremacy 5

      Lmao true, but it's possible though. It can happen when one has no experience in romance, one is just too focused on one thing that they don't really care about romance, or they have very low self-esteem. There are still many reasons as to why that can happen, but those are the most common reasons why ppl are dense af while being clever at the same time.