Dual Cultivation (WN)

Chapter 65: Who Did It?

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A few moments later, when Zhang Xiu Ying finally calmed down, Su Yang returned to doing business with Wang Shuren.

"I have already deducted the Burning Lotus Auction House's 10% share along with the 250 Spirit Stone you spent on the storage ring, leaving you with a total of 724 Spirit Stones," said Wang Shuren as she handed Su Yang the silver ring in her hands.

Upon accepting the storage ring, Su Yang took a peek inside the silver ring, and within his mind appeared a clear and realistic scenery of a square room with hundreds of shining azure-colored rocks piled in a corner.

Using his spiritual sense only available to cultivators, Su Yang accurately counted all of the Spirit Stones in an instant.

"Very well… Now, onto our agreement, I shall part to you a technique that will allow you to become an Alchemy Master. Give me your forehead."

Wang Shuren leaned forward while Su Yang copied. The instant their foreheads touched, a faint golden light glowed between their forehead that emitted a profound feeling.

"T-This is—"

Upon seeing the technique in her head, Wang Shuren nearly shouted out loud from shock.

"This is an Immortal-grade technique!" Though, she still screamed inside her heart.

When she heard that Su Yang was going to give her a technique, she was expecting anything but a peerless technique at the divine Immortal-grade! Yet, inside her head right now, there was exactly an Immortal-grade technique!

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Furthermore, not only the Immortal-grade technique, but he also gave her the complete recipe for the Profound Advancement Pill along with a few other recipes.

After Su Yang finished transferring the technique to her, Wang Shuren stared at the empty space in front of her with a dumbfounded expression, looking like a frozen statue.

A few moments later, when she finally returned to her senses, Wang Shuren stood up and walked beside Su Yang just to bend her knees to kowtow to him.

"Disciple Wang greets Master!" she said loudly.

Her actions bewildered Zhang Xiu Ying, who has never witnessed a Sect Elder kowtow before, much less a Sect Elder at her own Sect.

"When did I become your Master?" Su Yang asked with his brows raised.

The act of passing down a technique to another individual is also considered an act of acceptance between masters and disciples, hence why Wang Shuren decided to accept Su Yang as her Master when he parted her a technique that she considered as peerless and priceless.

"Get up, I did not give that to you so you can become my disciple." Su Yang quickly reminded her, who was clearly still affected by the shock of seeing an Immortal-grade technique. Hell, even the pill recipes alone were almost enough to send her into a coma, let alone an Immortal-grade technique that would create great chaos within the world if they found out.

Wang Shuren smiled bitterly when Su Yang rejected her. Because of his extensive knowledge regarding Alchemy, she really desired to become his disciple. But alas, if he does not want to accept her, then there was really nothing she could do.

"Don't forget about our agreement, Wang Shuren, and most importantly— do not disappoint me!"

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"Yes… uh…" Wang Shuren suddenly realized that she has yet to hear his name after all this time. "What's Esteemed Guest's name, again?" she asked in an embarrassed manner.

"Su Yang," he replied.

"Su Yang…" Both Wang Shuren and Zhang Xiu Ying simultaneously mumbled his name.

"My business here is done, if you need to find me, come to the Profound Blossom Sect. However, if it's not urgent, I will make you learn that I do not like to be bothered by small things."

"I understand," said Wang Shuren.

After she said that, Su Yang turned to face Zhang Xiu Ying, who was looking at him like he was a dazzling hero. He then retrieved a large handful of Spirit Stones from his storage ring and approached her.

"Esteemed Guest?!" Zhang Xiu Ying cried out when he suddenly shoved a handful of Spirit Stones into her embrace.

Su Yang smiled and moved his lips to beside her ears and whispered: "While this is as far as our relationship can go, there will always be a bond between us. And although your 'services' were laughable, you deserve praises for the way you carried yourself. Take these Spirit Stones and cultivate yourself properly, and if you ever need anything, as long as I am in this world, you can seek me for assistance."

The dried up tears in Zhang Xiu Ying's eyes began to form once again. "Thank you…" she said while trying her best not to hiccup from her tears.

Su Yang then embraced her gently and kissed her forehead, shocking Wang Shuren, who have been wondering their relationship since the beginning.

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"This slick woman! No wonder why I sensed a mature aura from her body— something that wasn't there prior to today!" Wang Shuren silently cursed Zhang Xiu Ying for her actions, yet she felt some jealousy towards her since Zhang Xiu Ying was able to do what she couldn't despite having a lower status and a less captivating appearance overall.

If anything, Zhang Xiu Ying was actually closer to Su Yang than herself, who had received an Immortal-grade technique from him!

After Su Yang was finished with the Burning Lotus Auction House, he continued to travel back to the Profound Blossom Sect.




Meanwhile, at the center of the Thunder Valley, the Thunder Core, a female with long silver hair hovered many meters above the ground without the assistance of a flying sword or anything of that sorts. Her silver eyes were staring intensively at the small hole in the ground right below her, looking surprised by the view of the empty hole.

This small hole was where the Extreme Yin Flower used to be— before Su Yang plucked it.

"Who did it? Who in this lower world could possibly have the knowledge and ability to harvest the Extreme Yin Flower that I'd planted?" she pondered to herself, feeling more surprised by the find than anything else.
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