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Chapter 251: Fierce battle (1)

Chapter 251: Fierce battle (1)

Several events took place simultaneously and very fast at that.

After regaining consciousness, Samael did not stop thinking while suffering from severe trauma. She grasped the situation by inferring from the new information obtained through the Mammon family, what she knew already, and what Abrasax said on the day she was attacked by other directors at the Dungeon Market.

The battle among the five directors of the Dungeon Market was the beginning of the whole situation.

The King of Pride made a bond with the King of Envy. Although there was a war going on in the northern area, it was only a deception after all. The majority of the King of Envy’s forces were still unaware that their king was killed in action.

The special auction house of the Dungeon Market, which was Samael’s own dungeon, was already captured by the King of Pride. Even though the King of Pride did not absorb Samael’s entire forces, it was largely irrelevant to him in the current situation. The territory Samael was in charge of was that of the King of Gluttony. The territories of the King of Envy and the Queen of Fury, who must be engaged in a fierce battle at the moment, were taken care of by Bifronz and Abrasax, respectively.

The army of the King of Gluttony began invading the territory of the Queen of Fury. The Queen of Fury attacked the east, as she always did, but the Dungeon Market directors attacked all over the territory of the Queen of Fury, seizing the moment.

Although the information Gardimundi obtained through her family’s secret channel was very fragmentary, Samael, one of the five directors of the Dungeon Market, again inferred the situation this time.

According to Samael’s analysis, the Dungeon Market pulled the sword properly this time. It was impossible to capture all the dungeons in the territory of the Queen of Fury in just one day, even if the masters under the command of the King of Prie were not wary of it. Therefore, the most rational strategy that the King of Pride could take in the current situation was to choose his target and concentrate on it. It was evident that the King of Pride must have deployed most of his forces to some of the key points, including the Temple of the eight clans.

The demon world was vast. It was not possible to find out all the situations in detail even if the King of Pride dispatched scouts to the battle zones. The only information that he could get in real-time was, at best, a military movement at the major crossroads. But it was almost impossible to find out in real-time what was happening in the remote area.

On the surface, the King of Pride and the King of Envy were still at war. Moreover, it took less than three days for all this to happen. During this period, the King of Pride privatized the Dungeon Market for the first time, so it was natural that the Queen of Fury was put on the defensive.

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Besides, the House of Mammon was located at the southern end. It took at least a few days for them to properly understand what was happening in the north. Without Sitri and Samael, nobody might have known what was going on.

Samael knew she had to stop the domino that started with the fall of the Dungeon Market. Above all, she had to stop the Queen of Fury from collapsing helplessly.

‘The King of Greed.’

Samael burst into laughter before she knew it. As one of the five directors of the Dungeon Market, she was confident that she could observe what was going on in the entire demon world, but she didn’t realize there was someone who established himself as the king of the unclaimed land in the south. Besides, he had the 12 Spirits of Mammon under his command. It was shocking that Sitri was none other than the Queen of Sloth. She could not hold back the urge to laugh when she recalled her reporting at the Dungeon Market directors’ meeting that the Queen of Sloth was still in seclusion when she was Sitri.

‘I can stop it. I can protect it.’

The power of the King of Pride was terrifying. He overpowered the north and took over the Dungeon Market.

But Yong-ho’s forces were as powerful as them. They were never inferior to the king’s forces.

Samael closed her eyes. Recalling the faces of Karot and other subordinate spirits, she clenched her teeth.

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The Temple of the eight clans was burning.

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Based on the information Gusion obtained through his powerful sensation, the enemies numbered more than one hundred. Moreover, about twenty to thirty of them had an unusually powerful energy. According to the Dungeon Market’s criteria for determining its items, they were five-star spirits.

There was one fundamental reason why the Temple of the eight clans was forced to collapse helplessly. There was one entity that created the decisive power difference between the two sides.

Gusion stopped gathering further information then ordered his men around him.

Ophelia, who was more quick-witted than anybody else, took action first. The previous masters of the House of Mammon led the arena spirits and started attacking the Dungeon Market spirits scattered throughout the Temple of the eight clans. Gardimundi, who was in charge of guiding them here from the door of space, flew desperately to search for her father Biryubakcha.

When there was no one left behind, with Ophelia and Eligos leaving to join Yong-ho’s forces, Gusion stepped forward slowly. The guy who was standing without moving several hundred meters away from Gusion also began to walk toward him.

The surroundings were noisy. However, the two walking toward each other were silent. Gusion didn’t say anything while his opponent Orobas trembled with joy.

It didn’t take long for both to stop walking on. They now faced each other about ten meters away from each other.

Orobas swallowed, looking at him. He looked at Gusion several times, who was standing close enough to talk to him, then suddenly burst into a big laughter.

He was not sneering at Gusion. He made a hearty and delightful laugh.

“Oh my God. This is that same guy. Yea, he is right. I saw this man, the strongest Red Demon I had seen in a video I accidentally obtained as a child,” Gusion murmured.

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He was the same as the one in the video. In particular, the horns of the bull that grew above his head were exactly the same.

“You must be Gusion with Herculean power. The strongest one of Mammon’s 12 Spirits, and my long-time target,” Orobas said.

Why did he appear here now? How could he still be alive like this?

His desire to fight Gusion overwhelmed Orobas at the moment. He wanted to get those details out of his mind and fight him first. He wanted to prove his power. It would not be too late for him to hear the specific answers to such questions after defeating Gusion first.

Orobas added mana to the six horns that he already released. By doing so, he brought out an enormous power that could not even be compared to when he slaughtered the representatives of the eight clans.

There was no more silence between them. The atmosphere screamed as if it was shocked, and the small and light things around it shook violently. It was as if the whole world was thrilled with Orobas’s power. Orobas was now indulged in pleasure.

He said with a smile on his face, “I’m the ‘strongest power’ Orobas. As you can see, I’m the strongest Red Demon ever. I want to prove it by defeating you today.”

He spoke as arrogantly as possible. His narcissistic eyes were already seeing a glorious victory.

“Oh, you’re the strongest?”

Gusion didn’t say much. Instead of supporting his power with colorful words, he immediately opened up the six horns on his head. He didn’t need to say anything when he was about to fight.

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“I’m going to kill you!”

Gusion hit the ground and disappeared from Orobas’s vision.

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Aamon broke through the air. The green flames rising along the trajectory arose once again, engulfing the surrounding area.

The King of Lust stepped back. He saw the green flames with an incredulous expression. His hands holding the Godly Energy of Lust kept trembling.

Obviously, it was the magic spear of the red lotus that the King of Greed Mammon used to hold.

Obviously, it was the Sin of Greed.

Had he returned? Had he closed the celestial door, passed the one thousand years, and finally appeared like this?

“The King of Greed!”

The King of Lust shouted once again. And Yong-ho penetrated through the green flames.

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Aamon’s sharp spear was shot toward the heart of the King of Lust.

But it missed its target. Just before it hit its target, Yong-ho twisted his arm. Aamon was shot in the air far from the original spot that he targeted while the King of Lust stood fixated on the ground as if nailed down and looked at Yong-ho.


“You are not Mammon,” said the King of Lust. At the same time, Yong-ho stepped back, withdrawing Aamon. Although he tried to smash the king right away, he could not control his body for some reason.

“You are not Mammon. It’s greed, but not Mammon. You are not him,” the King of Lust said again. He gradually stopped his hands from trembling.

Aamon shouted in Yong-ho’s head.

[It is the power of Lust that seduces even the enemy.]

[Withdraw your subordinate spirits. Only the Queen of Fury and you must confront him!]

Now, the king’s hands didn’t tremble anymore. Furious anger was on his face when he was startled by the man standing before him.

Yong-ho hit the ground. Once again, he activated the green flames and blocked the space between him and the King of Lust. Although he activated the flames to attack the king, he could not bring himself to kill the king. He was haunted by that thought.

‘Catalina, back off! Join Kaiwan and fight at the frontline!’

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