Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 1045: shop

"Congratulations, Brother Emery!" said the young girl who was waiting outside the entrance of the exam venue cheerfully. Standing beside her was a young man wearing the same badge as her, who breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of him.

Facing such a warm welcome, a smile involuntarily crept onto Emery's face.

Both Cedric and Karin had been waiting anxiously since they realized Emery didn't have the appropriate skills for the exam. Therefore, when they heard of the unexpected results from the other examinees, they couldn't help but be surprised and excited.

"To hear you could pass the exam without even using Tier 5 plants and making a Tier 1 pill, dammit. Who are you really?" said Cedric in a slightly sour tone, both irritated and happy for him.

He and Karin were evidently really interested to hear the details from the person himself. Hence Emery spent some time narrating what had transpired just now. Afterwards, he went to the second floor of the Apothecary Institute to get the skills he needed to pay the debt he owed.

Arriving at the second floor, a female staff member who had been stationed there immediately greeted him with a smile.

"Welcome and congratulations on your advancement, Artisan."

Thanks to the existence of his newly-acquired Artisan rank, not only could Emery finally get the skills he needed, he also got them completely free without forking a single spirit stone or contribution point.

[Universal Flora Knowledge – Rank 3]

[Analyze Flora – Rank 3]

After he obtained what he was aiming for to take the exam, Emery also received another surprise that he didn't expect.

"Now that you have become an Artisan, you may set up your own shop."

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"My own shop?" Emery subconsciously asked again as he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

Cedric and Karin, who accompanied him, were all smiling before explaining one of the main benefits of being an Artisan.

Artisan was considered as an official apothecary already, just not on a master level. Hence the Apothecary Institute guaranteed such individuals were capable to sell their own product to the public or lending their service to other parties, like being a harvester.

In the past, as an Apprentice, the institution would buy any item, ingredient, or finished products. But as an Artisan, one could sell their own into the public market under their own name.

"Eventually, when the products they make become popular, the Artisans who have their names will become famous too."

Emery never thought or cared about his name becoming famous. He also never worried about whether to sell to the market directly or through the institute. However, Cedric's next sentence completely changed his mind.

"The institute buys from you at a third of the market price, while selling directly under your own name, the institute only takes thirty percent of the price you sell. Do you get what I am trying to convey here, Emery?"

Emery nodded his head quickly. He had experienced firsthand the stark difference between selling and buying something in the Apothecary Institute, and now he finally understood the reason why.

He was also told that later when he reached Rank 7, a Master level, the institute would only take ten percent, and zero percent if he managed to reach Rank 9 – the Grandmaster level.

"So Artisan, will you set up your shop right now?" asked the female staff member again

"Alright I will."

Receiving affirmation, the staff quickly got his data and proceeded with the procedure. The process only took a few minutes and he received a notification from the symbol on his palm.

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[Congratulations, you have just set up your own Apothecary shop]

[You may choose the name of your shop]

"What is this now?" Emery asked

Apparently, not all apothecaries like to be bothered directly in person, especially when they are famous. hence they preferred to have their identity remain anonymous to outsiders and only known by the Apothecary Institute. To facilitate these people, the institute allowed one to have an alias as a brand name.

"You can always put your own name or fill that in later, Artisan." replied the staff with a polite smile.

Emery, however, already had a name in mind. It was an alias he once used in the past. Not long after, information came into his mind, confirming the registration of his shop.

[Merlin Apothecary]

[Rank 5 - Artisan]

[Rating - E]

[Items on sell - 0]

When established, every shop started with an E rating. If the shop – in this case, Emery – managed to sell enough products or perform enough apothecary services, the rating would increase and he would receive some benefits from the institute, such as rare ingredients, advanced manuals or even special access to the magus alliance.

Everything that was presented before Emery's eyes appeared very interesting. They only made him want to stay longer in the Apothecary Institute, exploring this potentially rabbit hole. Unfortunately, Emery couldn't afford to do so since he had many other things to do.

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Before he left however, Karin tried to convince Emery to put some items in the shop to at least check if his item would be picked up at a high price. Since there was nothing harmful about the idea, he didn't refuse.

"You can come back here anytime just to collect the money," Karin said with a small smile.

Cedric, however, said, "Actually, since you're a privileged class acolyte, you don't have to do so, Emery. You can use the delivery service through your privilege bracelet for all these things, so you don't need to come back and forth from Hyperion to here."

Just as Cedric finished speaking, he suddenly let out a scream. Karin had 'accidentally' stepped on his feet.

Ignoring the look Cedric threw at her, the girl turned to Emery and beamed a bright smile while saying, "You really should come by here more often, brother Emery."

The thought of adding his own items to his own shop really intrigued Emery. If the shop could really bring him more spirit stones, then it could certainly speed up his advancement and provide his friends with better artifacts, spells and such for their upcoming struggle.

Hence, much to Karin's delight, Emery decided to spend one more day at the Apothecary Institute, making more items to put in his shop.

[Spirit Pool Potion - Tier 3 originality level 2] x 30

[Health Regeneration Pill - Tier 4 originality level 1] x 30

[Reviving Pill - Tier 1 originality 5] x 100

The ingredients needed for the first two items cost around 500 spirit stones each, while the reviving pill only cost him 10 spirit stones each. It took all the spirit stones he got from hunting with Magus Heorgar to purchase them all.

[Merlin Apothecary]

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[Items on sell - 100]

Emery kept ten of each item with him and put the rest he had made in his Merlin Apothecary shop. After that, he visited his two Artisan friends, expressed his gratitude for their help, and left the Golden City to return to Hyperion.

Earth's Greatest Magus Chapter 1045: shop
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