Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 497: Swordsman

There are only two challengers left and both of them were the winners of the previous ritual.

Before all this, the two of them asked for a two versus two fight.

Julian really wished to participate and the two were most likely the last ones. He quickly turned to look at Emery and Klea.

"Which one of you wishes to partner with me? If no one wants, I am ready to go solo against them."

Chumo held Julian's shoulder and shook his head before explaining that those two were the famous swordmasters from the Han dynasty. The largest and the most influential kingdom in Asia. Each of those two masters governed their own school and they had a few thousand disciples who became part of the dynasty backbones.

The woman's real name was not known, but people called her Flying Snow, while the man was known as Broken Sword. Both have served as masters since the second Qin dynasty 200 years ago. They were master cultivators who have lived in this world for more than 200 years.

"They are not someone you can take lightly. Their sword skills are known as the best throughout the land. They are dangerous individually, but together, they are known to be undefeatable."

Chumo was really against sending Julian away by himself. He reminded the Roman about what happened in the last fight.

"They are… at the peak of rank 6. You may be rank 7, Julian, but with the restriction we all have right now, your strength is at most the same as them. Going against them alone would be unwise."

"Hey, Julian," Emery interrupted. "Actually, I am very much interested in trying their sword skills. Do you want to go together?"

Hearing Emery's words, the roman quickly became excited.

"Finally! Alright, lets go emmm-"

But Julian suddenly lost his words, his mind became blank for a few seconds, the next thing he knew Klea was already dragging Emery towards the platform.

She apparently cast a spell on the roman that blurred his mind for a few seconds and within that span of time, Klea and Emery were already in the middle of the arena and his chance was taken away by Klea. Julian didn't even dare to complain, as when he saw the egyptian queen, she only give him a glance

The unspoken message was clear, "Don't mess with me, this is my time to have fun,"

Although Klea walked up with Emery, she stood at the back, while Emery approached the two masters by himself. It was clear that Klea was letting Emery to fight the two master by himself

If Emery was unable to face those alone, Klea would join and finish the fight. This way, Emery would have his sword practice, but he wouldn't risk losing the fight.

The two masters gave a gesture of respect with their hand and Emery followed suit.

"My respect to the two elders."

The two swordsmen took off the veil covering their face and Emery saw a handsome man and a beautiful woman who barely looked in their forties.

Most other people would dismiss the fact they have lived over 200 years as mere rumors, but Emery had knowledge of the Magus Academy, and it is definitely possible to live for hundreds of years. But, on the other hand, the only way they could look that young was reaching rank 6 since while they were much younger.

But then, this raised the question, how long have they been stuck at rank 6 for and why?

The woman named Flying Snow looked towards Emery with empty eyes and said.

"Young man, we decided to come together knowing we can't defeat you unless we fight as one. But, please let the girl join the fight. Otherwise, it would be disrespectful to the ritual."

Emery shook his head and answered.

"Elders, I harbored no intention of disrespect. This girl possesses no knowledge of the sword and I merely wish our fight would give me some pointers."

The woman looked at the man for a sign of agreement, and after thinking for a bit, he nodded. The man pulled out his sword from his back and stood in a fighting stance.

The woman followed suit, and she pulled out a light longsword shaped similarly to a long, stiff whip. On closer look, the sabre the man wielded was broken, making it turn into a short sword instead

Emery calmly cast his spell and a small dark circle appeared in the air in front of him and he took out his knight sword from his [Spatial Storage].

The spell made it look like Emery pulled his blade out of nowhere, making everyone look at him in surprise.

He took his sword stance, stared at them and said. "I am ready."

The man named Broken Sword started first, he dashed fiercely, throwing dust all around the arena. His charge was fierce, but his steps were light as a feather and with the speed to match.

Within two steps, his sabre was already inches in front of Emery. He quickly parried with his sword.


Broken Sword fought just like flowing water, he moved in accordance with his enemies. As Emery parried his strike, he had already prepared another counter slash attack, forcing Emery into a defensive position.

The speed and strength he displayed was surprisingly on par with Emery's restricted 53 points of battle power.

Despite the fact they were merely rank 6 cultivators, that short exchange of blows, along with the technique used in his movements, was enough to alert Emery of his top-notch skills.

They were not opponents to be trifled with.

Emery parried the man's slash again, but this time, he put all his strength into the strike, driving him backwards a few steps. The man smiled at Emery and praised.

He look toward the female and it seems both were in an agreement

"Young man, you are very strong for a warrior of your age. We will now show you our sword technique."

Broken sword creates circular movement with the sword and the gesture created an odd glow mixed with a specter dancing on the jagged tip of his sword.

On the other hand, standing next to the broken sword the woman, Flying Snow raised her sword as well. She also created a circular flow and her sword start glowing the same, but her stance seemed to be on the direct opposite of the man.

The two charge forward to him with speeds, it's time to see which is better, the magus academy sword skill or the two masters.

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Earth's Greatest Magus Chapter 497: Swordsman
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