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Elixir Supplier novel is a popular light novel covering Slice of Life genres. Written by the Author Tangcu Yu. 1006 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In an inaccessible village, there were a few houses on the hillside.

People from far away were attracted here and the mountain road was crowded with luxury cars, because, in this town, there was a young man with incredible medical skills who could cure all kinds of illnesses!

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Well ..... It's an interesting series with a good plot. but it gets lost in nuances.
It seems to me that the author wanted to tell many stories but in the end I tried to cover a lot and did not stay in ANYTHING.
Interesting stories, and even his first partner, were clearly left out.
Her first partner had problems and was indecisive, but the author, put everything aside, made her disappear, her parents did too, she was mentioned several times and then was forgotten and thrown aside, leaving the way free for a new partner .
They were not mentioned again even when it was clearly important to the protagonist and his progress as such.
The system that was very mentioned and interesting at first, so that later it is increasingly ignored.
laws that the author put in place that were later ignored and set aside.
Even important enemies, who should have taken revenge, put him aside and then forget about his revenge.
The protagonist reaching the end, we do not know two things, the strength that he has or the abilities of him in full. It seems to me that again the author did not know what to do if he had to explain his power. he therefore he returned to the MYSTERIOUS PROTAGONIST (Horrible decision in my opinion.
If you decide to do it to surprise the audience it is fine, but not if you do it simply to end it without so many questions clearly it is Wrong.) Leaving it for one to interpret the power of the MC.
Some parts which were important even interesting were mishandled.
It seemed that the author did not know where to take the end of the series, even it seems that he did not want to continue with this project since the characters as friends and family did not give it an end.
In the last chapter he wanted to end everything at once and give him a nonsensical cliche phrase.
It seemed to me that it was an undeserved ending, where the stories did not close, where the why and who were not answered.
Which you can do. but not to leave a plot hole so big that it makes it impossible to want the end of the series.
If I have to recommend this series, I would say that it becomes interesting in certain aspects. Read it if you want a quiet reading for a rainy day. : v
I am writing this because I was angered by the author's decisions, as I feel they gave a very bad treatment to a series with so much potential, that it could leave a better taste in my mouth.
Nothing else, read it if you feel like an interlude between your series.
Thank you for reading.

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