Emperor of Solo Play
Emperor of Solo Play

Emperor of Solo Play

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Emperor of Solo Play novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author D-Dart. 192 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Year 2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, changed the world. An Jaehyun was one of the many who wished to change his life through the game. After dedicating his life to the game, he was met with a betrayal. A betrayal by his comrades. As a result, he lost everything. But a chance was given to him. A chance to redo everything again! “I won’t play with others ever again. Whatever the outcome, I’ll show that I can do it alone.” Others rolled a dice to split the spoils of victory. An Jaehyun ate it all by himself. It was the start of An Jaehyun’s solo game life.

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  • Idonhevname 2

    I like this.

  • NovelLover001 6

    First time I wanted to read this about 1 or 2 years ago someone's comment made drop this novel and comment was like this: concept of changing defensive action of skeleton to attacking is brain dead

  • HaRiSri 6

    hmm I guess it, *you reap what you sow*, he shouldn't have evaded taxes and... Why would he waste all of his hard earned money to by luxaries, he should have invested them in something. He got swept up in consumerism

  • Cobalt_ 1

    This deserves a manwha, especially considering its a vr style novel

  • XLIV 1

    Ending was weird tbh, I never expected mc to actually join his enemy and it was kinda trash ending cuz it all boils to down mc being too broke to do anything. He also started having a weird relationship with his enemy? Idk, maybe author wanted to put in a bit of romance or something but instead decided to end it.

    • NamelessShadow 6

      That's how I felt When I finished the novel I felt disappointed

  • Bardya 1

    Very good novel

  • oeie 1

    I read alot of vr novels, can say this one is at the bottom of the list

  • Sinnark 1

    I really liked the novel until the end of the story. At least it disgusts me and irritates me how the main character ends up working for the person who annoyed his previous life. The worst thing is that precisely because he didn't want to work for anyone in his past life he ended up like this, but now that he has achieved his goal of being the best solo player, he bows his head.

  • CasualCacophony 1

    I read this one a while ago, but never bothered to post. The MC is far from being intelligent and the ways the author tries to imply that he is is baffling. OH MY GOD! He told the skellies to dodge instead of blocking! GENIUS! The game itself is generic, and the things that are not generic about it, you can immediately tell how hard the author was trying to come up with something new, unsuccessfully in my opinion. The items are completely boring and generic, even more so than items from real life MMOs, which is probably some sort of achievement in lack of creativity. The characters are for the most part generic, dull, and one-dimensional. It also falls on the same pitfall of every other VRMMORPG novel I've read so far, which is the author having no idea whatsoever of how streaming and content creation works. I say this even in the context of "It's the author's world", because it's very nonsensical. Sadly, it's still average to above average when it comes to VRMMORPG novels.

  • dreospax 6

    Because him returning to his past with all the knowledge about the game would allow him to win the game and take note that in this type of setting the in game money can be converted to irl currency so it's like crypto mining or something like that. It's basically a sitting duck waiting for him. If he were to do something else, he'll have to go back to zero and it'll be harder for him since he's only good at the game.