Emperor of Solo Play
Emperor of Solo Play

Emperor of Solo Play

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Emperor of Solo Play novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author D-Dart. 192 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Year 2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, changed the world. An Jaehyun was one of the many who wished to change his life through the game. After dedicating his life to the game, he was met with a betrayal. A betrayal by his comrades. As a result, he lost everything. But a chance was given to him. A chance to redo everything again! “I won’t play with others ever again. Whatever the outcome, I’ll show that I can do it alone.” Others rolled a dice to split the spoils of victory. An Jaehyun ate it all by himself. It was the start of An Jaehyun’s solo game life.

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  • SilverMantix

    It's good

    28 days ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser64424

    Most read, a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥. Solo gaming to the peak

    28 days ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser64904

    Bro does this have romance or harem shit? (Sometimes they don't put it in the tag so I'm genuinely asking)

    1 months ago 0 Likes
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  • Leviestia

    Is this good or nah?

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • lnwUser55698

    This is solo leveling light novel ?

    2 months ago 0 Likes
    • ThatNeptune

      Nope, Solo leveling is another one but this one is quite good even if it's not as much as SL.

      2 months ago 0 Likes
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  • NamelessShadow

    I don't understand this novel why didn't he get revenge

    4 months ago 0 Likes
  • HalfX

    First vrmmorpg I've ever read, and it was pretty good.. Too bad it was only 190 chapters.

    7 months ago 0 Likes
  • yased

    The money in this novel is like leaves of deciduous trees in the fall . Mc much effort and in the end the one who destroyed your life and caused your death becomes your boss ....The end is stupid 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

    8 months ago 2 Likes
    • Myeyehurtsfromreadingtoomuch

      With the way things are going for them both, mc probably gonna "do" his boss so it's actually acceptable for me.

      1 months ago 1 Likes
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Latest Release: Chapter 191: Epilogue

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I just finished it, it's alright but the ending was rather stupid which ruined it for me. I was hoping for a more meaningful ending than this.

The MC was rather dumb IMO. I don't blame him for his initial decision, but after his "second chance" was just too stubborn for his own good.


Is a good novel, we see the growth of his skills and the battles discribed are awsome. It never extrapolates to the real world and all the battles hapen in-game. worth a shot,
Spoiler Alert In my opinion he doesn't need to take his revenge because he did not have a reason for that. He wanted his guild to become the best, but, the girl just bought it, he could have been the ace under the new guild the only thing that would have changed is his guild leader, but, his stubbornes made him go all out because he couldn't accept it and lost eventually leading to death and resurrection. In his second life, the same girl wanted to recruit him since the begining this novel reaches almost lvl 300 and the girl takes notice of him at lvl 10 not only did she help him during the lvls 150+ in the end of the novel they eventually formed an aliance. I don't think this ending is bad the only dissapointing thing is that the final boss fight was not described.


This is one of the first story that hook me up to reading novels... This is good thought others are unsatisfied with the ending. If you like hardworking smart ass MC that doesn't rely on the Power of friendship then this is for you


story was good.it has few flows but in general was a fine novel. ending was on rush and story quickly ends. characters don't make rational chooses and it has bad influence on story.


It's good overall, although the end was rushed it wasn't bad. the only sad part is that there isn't romance and we don't see he meeting anyone in real life, so if it had 5 +- it would be a better ending, still it's worth reading


This is a story of a miser with overgrown pride, lack of common sense and glorified bad eating habit. No, it's not awesome, the MC is pitifully stupid for throwing real life for the sake of virtual reality, in which doesn't even help his real life condition.
What bother me most is there are so many restructured sentences with same meaning, it seems that writer just chasing the quota in writing this piece.


Story Is somehow good, but there Is a lot of weird things aswell. After all, i enjoyed this novel. Would have prefered better ending And more chapters. But overall good gaming novel from my undemanding pov