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Asuramaruu 3
Chapter ss30 7 days ago

This Romance is very good, it has no love triangle, it has development of secondary characters and more development of main characters throughout the work. I really appreciate the feeling of having laughed a lot with this story, as well as feeling other emotions like euphoria, joy and anger to the point of exploding my keyboard with a celestial flying. (Fortunately my anger was reciprocated by the characters, I love you author) I highly recommend this work, combining action & difficulty of Elden Ring and sweet love that will warm your heart. note 11/10.

Beyondthesky 2
Chapter ss30 8 days ago

This is one of the story that i could is gold. It is good, and have slowburn romance. No triangle love. No second ml, no second fl. The romance is good, even there is comedy here and there. Is it good? Yes, because i laugh so much most of the time. The plot itself is gold, you can even make your brain work while reading it💕 overall good reading to pass time and fangirlin main couple💕

LostFromLight 9
Chapter ss30 13 days ago

This novel is absolutely god-teir. Out of the hundreds of novels I have read this is just perfection to me. I give it all the gummy bears in the world. If this ever gets a sequel or more side stories I will be complete. It is a shame it had to end so soon. To me everything is a solid 11/10. Don't listen to negative comments and stuff about this, most of those people didn't even read the whole thing. Dayumn. If I ever find something like this absolute masterpiece then I will be able to die even more peacefully. I have read hundreds of novels, but this is going to be my forever number 1. I hope one day this novel can get more attention and rise higher in the ranks. Please read this novel, you will NOT regret it. It is DEFINETLY worth your time.

Uniqueakash3152 7
Chapter ss8 19 days ago

If you're here for the romance then you should definitely try this it's good the romance develops with time and there won't be harem so don't worry about it A warning try to stick around 30-35 chapters cause the translation before this is kinda confusing but it's definitely gets better after 35 chapters so stick till then The main things here is the romance and a lot of hilarious moment you'll love them As for rating I would give around 4. 6/5

AncestorDuck 5
Chapter n/a 22 days ago

I couldn't narrow the original review to under 2000 words. So I'll make it easy with bullet points. Great chemistry Top tier slow romance Two reincarnated allows for good pacing (both dialogue and tactics) Fun supporting cast More about the journey than the destination (lots of fluff and sub-quests) Clearly defined roles for ML & FL

EclipsePawn 3
Chapter ss30 23 days ago

The story is great and the romance is fun too! Something that irks me about this novel though is the plot armor which is quite annoying in my opinion. I felt that it could have a sequel of sorts, but the ending feels a bit empty or a little half-baked.

NoobSama 5
Chapter n/a 29 days ago

One of the perfect novel I'm ever read and best Romance novel ever. . . The world build is so great and the interaction and the change over time in this novel also great which also go align with the plot. I love the start is so funny and fun. The middle which wholesome and lovely. The end that so great and mindblow. And the extra that give you feel fufil and perfect and end everything in good note as it name "Endmaker" really perfect for this novel.

Sumer 17
Chapter 263 29 days ago

I read around 300 and then dropped I will tell the main reason why- 1. Plot armor/dues ex Machina It's like this, starting from an advantageous position- son/daughter of Counts, non heirs, one father is a swords master, the other is magic tower master. Jude himself knows EVERYTHING and is good at EVERYTHING, Cordelia is a battle maniac with animal instincts and what not, they know the attack patterns of every enemy, crossing a mountain they CASUALLY comes across and prevents one of the 5 major disasters, Cordelia and Jude's beauty is emphasized 5x per ch, it's also a dues ex Machina- they can summon fairies bcs they are pretty. Then they scam everyone off of everything, scamming x50, collect legendary level swords like they are nothing, destroy ancient ruins like they are nothing, blast everything, scam everyone, giggle and leave. They JUST happen to reach a place in time, help arrives JUST in time, everything JUST happens, bcs luck. Walking they come across a Holy Knight's tomb, an ancient temple ruins, the key sword that opens 7 legendary swords, just happen to contract Spirit Kings, Gods, everyone is a face con. . . Tho I loved the romance, the excess of this shit made it too cumbersome to read, it felt every problem will resolve in the same way without any tension :/

  • LostFromLight 9

    You dropped this?!?! I am surprised by this

    • Sumer 17

      Ah, hello~ yeah I did 😞 don't worry, you guys read ahead -->

Zandiel 1
Chapter n/a one month ago

I read this on a different website before coming here and I must say this has got to be the best web novel I have read O don't want to spoil anything though so I'll just leave off saying that I'm glad it's not a shitty harem Isekai.

Ruthenium 3
Chapter ep4 one month ago

Ending was a bit rushed but overall it was nice. Story itself wasn't really unique. Still i never got bored. If you wanna have a good time, read this. If you wanna get lost in an another world with deep plot and characters, this book is not for you.