Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1282: The Deep One's Last Resort!


However, the peaceful atmosphere was quickly broken by a gigantic tremor that expanded from the Caves where the Deep One was sealed in crystal form, all the way to the surface…

"W-What's going on now?!" Eleanor cried.

"The entire island is trembling?!" Asked Yuki. "Wait! Don't tell me there's another damn Deep One lurking around?!"

"But that should had been the last…!" Anastasia said. "Wait… there's something…"

"Don't tell me…" Sapphire finally remembered what she had been thinking about before.

Before she was distracted with the whole issue with the throne and the Queen, she had been wondering a single thing that put her into a state of slight confusion.

Where was the Blue Orb Fragment that Anastasia had?

It wasn't in her chest anymore. In fact, it disappeared right after the Deep One unleashed that rain of spears made of chaos and covered the entire hall with black smoke.

She finally realized it. That move was a distraction. He made it to create confusion and cover the scenery, he escaped with the Blue Orb Fragment in time, leaving Anastasia as bait.

One of the reasons she was easily freed from his control was because he no longer needed her, and the blue orb fragment incrusted in her chest was nowhere to be seen either!


A gigantic and powerful dark presence surged from the caves. All the black crystals started to melt into a slime-like substance, melding into a single form, which quickly rushed out of the gates into the castle!

Hundreds of tentacles, eyes, and aberrant jaws greeted the entire party, unleashing an overwhelming power that they were not ready to fight at all, even less when the Deep One possessed a powerful anti-damage barrier that could only be broken through the power of Divine Dragons!



His body quickly started spreading everywhere, the entire party didn't thought it twice, as they started running away for their lives!

"This damn bastard managed to escape with the blue orb by separating herself from Anastasia!" Tisha groaned angrily.

"So he has now two Blue Orbs?" Pekora asked. "Wait, then does that means the one Drake was fighting this whole time didn't possessed it?!"

"No, the blue orb was sealed with his other half!" Sapphire said. "Because his resurrection ritual was interrupted midway through, the Deep One's body and soul were sliced in two. The half that freed itself midway through the ritual and the other half that still remained sealed…"

"So Drake still weakened him a lot!" Yuki said. "Ugh, but there's no damn way we stand a chance against this fucker by ourselves! Run! Faster, it's getting closer!"

"Everyone!" Benladra suddenly grew two big dragon wings out of her back, shining with white, golden, and silver colored scales, so enormous they were like tens times her body size.

She spread out her aura and grabbed everyone with that, flapping her wings and overcharging her body with divine power and light attribute mana, as she flew outside of the crumbling castle at supersonic speed!



She broke through the castle's ceiling, as she saw the enormous Deep One surging from the castle emerge, breaking through the castle and completely destroying it in the process.


Drake, Benladann, and Miranda quickly realized the other half had awakened, as they saw Benladra rushing towards them as fast as possible.

"Benladra!" Drake roared, rushing with his two wives and catching their daughter and everyone with her.


The Deep One immediately decided to escape, however, as he didn't even confronted Drake or anybody else, flying into the skies in the shape of a giant sea snake and then hitting the seas outside the island.

"He escaped?!" Benladann asked.

"Oh? That kid and that woman… So you saved them! Nice!" Miranda celebrated.

"Yeah but that's not the issue right now, he escaped!" Rose cried.

"Daddy, we need to catch him! If he manages to get away he'll kill everyone in the sea like he once did!" Benladra cried.

"Nn! Need to stop him!" Kate nodded.

"Yeah, I am well aware!" Drake roared. "Stay in the skies and support me, everyone, I'll be diving into the seas!"

Drake didn't wasted any second either, as his entire body underwent a transformation, gaining giant fins, gills, a longer tail with a flipper, and a more serpentine appearance, while his scales turned from silver to metallic blue.


[You've transformed into the [Divine Sea Dragon King Form]!]

[While underwater or in close proximity of a large Water Body, All Stats will increase by a further +150%, Swimming Speed will increase by +1000%, and all Water-Attribute Magic will increase in Power by +300%.]

[You're generating a powerful [Aura of the King of the Seas] around you! All Sea Life below your power level shall obey your orders!]

As Drake held Ariel in one hand, he flew into the seas and dived into the cold waters.


Right there, he saw the enormous mass of the Deep One's miasmic body swimming away as fast as possible. The coward bastard wasn't even thinking about fighting him now!

"You're not going anywhere!" Drake roared, Ariel shone brightly with a golden light below the oceans, as the seas themselves shaped around the Deep One, attempting to drag him back to Drake!

"RAAAAARGH! Y-YOU DAMN BASTARD!" The Deep One roared, resisting the ocean currents as he kept swimming further away.

Drake, naturally, swam like a torpedo towards him, reaching closer and closer while pointing the trident at his body!


The Deep One panicked!

However, a smile suddenly surged all across his monstrous body.


A gigantic, thunderous shockwave below the seas reached Drake, forcefully pushing him away with tremendous quantities of divine and magical power!

"What the…?!" Drake groaned, looking at the enormous shadow that slowly grew closer to the Deep One.

It resembled a gigantic, titanic whale-like sea snake with a much more refined, overwhelming divine aura. It didn't took too long for him to recognize who this entity was…

"Hahaha… HAHAHAHA! You've taken too long, lizard!" Laughed the Deep One, quickly fusing with his new vessel.

"You bastard… So this was your plan all along!" Drake roared. "I'll make sure to free her soul from you!"


It was nobody else than Ran, the Mother of all Sea Dragons and the Queen of the Seas!

Chapter 1282: The Deep One's Last Resort!
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