Eternal Thief
Chapter 824: A Devil & A Hunter (1)

In scrutiny, Alina looked at silent Ace and said spitefully, "What are you silent? She's with you, right? Let me meet her! Or you can drop me back, and I'll return with Grandpa back to my home. You're no longer the same person I used to know!"

Ace's expression changed ever so slightly as he won't allow it, especially after hearing about Blood Ancestor. If she returned, she would meet certain doom eventually, and that's why he wanted to keep her with him.

But what she was demanding was something Ace desperately wanted to avoid. However, looking at Alina's resolute expression, he knew she wouldn't listen to him until she got what she wanted, and he had no way of knowing what she was even thinking.

Ace sighed ruefully, "I know you are angry, but trust me, I only want what's best for you. But you're making things difficult for me."

"Then let me meet her, and I'll decide whether to follow you or not!" Alina sternly stated.

"Sigh… just when did you turn into such a headstrong girl. I really missed that little girl who listened to me." Ace smiled wryly.

"And I missed my Big Brother, who wasn't a womanizer!" Alina snorted.

Ace shook his head before forwarding his hand. He knew this was unavoidable. He sternly said, "Alright, I'll let you meet her, but remember you will be suppressed in that place, and she is not."

Alina grabbed Ace's hand and didn't seem to care about it at all, "Oh, did this mean she will try to kill me?"

Ace was speechless and just decided to send her in, and he would send her out if things turned worse.

"Don't resist."

The next moment, Alina experienced a strong pulling force giving her a surprise, and then a peculiar glint flashed past her eyes before, and she vanished in a blink.

Ace then quickly looked inside with trepidation and contacted Eva, who was cultivating in the house.

Alina appeared outside a house, and curiosity shone in her eyes as she looked into this storage space that could store living things. Even she knew just how fabled such treasures were, yet Ace had one, and it was so massive.

She even spotted hills at the edges, and upon looking carefully, she was astounded, 'Storage rings?!' She couldn't begin to imagine just how many storage rings were there, and then she thought about the Sky Stealer, and things started to make sense.

'My cultivation is suppressed…' She thought grimly as she felt a mysterious power completely suppressing her Qi, and she knew Ace wasn't lying.

However, the chinless in her didn't decrease at all as she looked at the humble house in front of her, and she had some idea who this place belonged to it.

'His wife…' She bit her lips just thinking about it and ground her teeth, 'That treacherous devil!'

"Hmph!" She snorted in indignation and moved toward the door.

However, she was just about to try to open it when she felt an abyssal aura suddenly surfaced out of nowhere before it vanished without a trace. But the aftermath, if left on Alina, was not small. She had never felt this kind of aura, even from the Blood Ancestor. It was simply too unfathomable and out of this world.

"Tsk, tsk, an unexpected guest, huh?" A euphonious, devilish voice sounded at this moment, making Alina snap out of her stupor.

'It was her!' She instantly realized to whom that aura belonged, 'Did she do it on purpose to show her dominance?' Her heart went cold.

At this moment, the door opened, and a tall devilish beauty clad in a purple dress that fully showcased her godly figure appeared.

Even Alina, who had confidence in her beauty, was dazzled by Eva's appearance, especially the crimson crown around her forehead that gave her the aura of supremacy and unique charm with those mysterious runes on the sides of her neck that made her look extremely mysterious.

Lastly, that pair of bewitching jet-black eyeballs and crimson ruby irises seemed to measure her as well, with a hint of surprise and vigilance.

'She is beautiful… humph!' Eva thought while looking at fairy-like Alina, and she finally understood why Ace said in the past that Alina would be as beautiful as her when she grew up, and he wasn't wrong at all.

Furthermore, she had no idea that Ace had already reached her since she was still cultivating and was under the impression that he was still far away from rescuing her.

Yet, now Ace abruptly approached her and told her she wanted to meet her, and he had told her the truth about them. This naturally surprised her, but she didn't have time to reprimand him for not telling her sooner because Alina was already there.

Nevertheless, Eva also always wanted to meet Alina since she knew if Ace had a heart for another woman, then it was Alina, and she was the main reason she agreed to let him have more than one wife.

Now, finally seeing Alina, she somewhat understands why Ace didn't want to give up on her, and she took it in a completely wrong way as well.

'That big philanderer!' She thought with indignation and vowed to have a 'good chat' with Ace after this.

However, her expression didn't change as she smiled at Alina with a hint of goading and greeted her, "You must be Alina, the lost sister? I'm Eva, Ace's Wife! Please come into MY humble home."

Alina dazzled expression went rigid the moment she heard 'wife,' and her eyes almost spitfire. She tackled, "Nice to meet you. I'm Alina, the first woman in his life and always will be."

Eva's lips twitched as this was probably the only scorn in her heart that she was the second, not the first.

At this moment, Ace's somewhat sheepish voice rang when he sensed the lightning bolts between the two women, "Umm… Ladies…"

However, he was cut short by the two rageful women in unison, "Shut up!"

Chapter 824: A Devil & A Hunter (1)
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