Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 983: Brother Ki loves to imitate

“Why did you buy a mansion in LA? Are you buying it because of some female celebrity here?” Kirilenko asked.

Feng Yu rolled his eyes. Do you think everyone is like you? Feng Yu is not interested in those women. Many people dream of being together with those celebrities, but not Feng Yu.

“I have some investments here, and I need a place to stay. But it’s hard to hire helpers here.” Feng Yu needs people to maintain the garden, pool, and cook. But the Chinese Chef here does not suit Feng Yu’s taste. Their cooking taste like restaurant food.

Since this is a house, Feng Yu prefers to eat home-cook food.

“If you are not happy, just change the staff. You can also spend some money to bring people from China over. The helpers at my house are all from Moscow.”

Feng Yu’s eyes brighten up. Why didn’t I think of this?

“Oh, you still have not told me what you are investing in LA. Movies?” Hollywood is in LA, and Kirilenko’s first guess is movies or movie-related businesses.

“Invest in movies? I might consider it in the future, but not now. I had bought a basketball team.” Feng Yu was also thinking of investing in movies like Cameron’s films in the future, as his films are worth investing in.

But Cameron’s next blockbuster should be in 2005. The technologies now are not so advanced to make that film.

“You bought LA Lakers?!” Kirilenko jumps up.

Feng Yu forgot that Kirilenko loves to watch basketball too.

“Err… I bought the LA Clippers.”

“Clippers? Is there such a team in the NBA?” Kirilenko asked puzzledly.

Feng Yu: “……” Damn! Is the Clipper such an unknown team? Paul Allen should be laughing his ass off when he heard I had reached a deal with Sterling.

“Yes. This team is based in LA like Lakers, and I am going to change the name of this team to LA Wind and Rain. In the future, it will replace the Lakers as the most popular basketball team in LA!”

Kirilenko blinked. “After buying a basketball team, we can change its name?! Hahaha. I also want to buy a team and name it, Kirilenko Team!”

Feng Yu almost threw the teacup he was holding at Kirilenko. I am trying to promote my brand, and you want to buy an NBA team to promote yourself?! Unless you buyout NBA, if not, the association will never agree to that name.

“Brother Ki, the team I bought, does not have any results in the past, and that’s why I can change the name easily. This is to promote my brand and has commercial value. I don’t think it is possible to name any team after your name.”

Kirilenko replied with a disappointed look. “It cannot be done? Then I will also buy a team. Yes. I will buy a team from a big city. What do you think of the New York Knicks? Do you think the owner of Chicago Bulls is willing to sell his team?”

Feng Yu saw Kirilenko being so serious. “Are you serious about this?”

“Of course! I will bring our Russian players over and dominate their basketball leagues!” Kirilenko said proudly.

Feng Yu: “……” Damn! What has Kirilenko been thinking every day? The former Soviet Union’s basketball is strong, and now, Russia had inherited their legacy.

But what Kirilenko said might still be possible. Feng Yu can bring players from China over to the US for training and let them experience the intense competition here. This will increase their skills and might be useful in the future.

Brother Ki is a genius!

“Forget about the Bulls. I heard that Jordan is going to retire soon, and the Bulls will not be Champions again. New York Knicks is a good team and has good players. They have lots of fans and is from a prosperous city. But last year, an American company just bought the majority of the team’s shares, and they should not be selling the team.”

“They will not sell the shares? I remember there is another team near to New York, and it is just across a river. I think the name is the Nets or something. What do you think about that team? I will buy it and move them to New York Brooklyn area.”

Feng Yu’s jaw dropped. In his previous life, the Nets were bought over by a Russian tycoon and was moved to Brooklyn. This event was brought forward by so many years?

“But you need your indoor arena if you are moving the team to Brooklyn.”

“Tsk… then the team will remain where they are until I build a new indoor arena. My team will be the Champions of the Eastern division, and your team will be the Western division, and we will see whose team is better in the finals!” Kirilenko said excitedly.

“Huh?! Alright…”

“Oh, you bought that team is to promote Wind and Rain brand?” Kirilenko asked curiously.

“It is because of a bet with Paul Allen. Although we have not to say what we are betting, if I win him, he cannot be arrogant in front of me in the future!”

This time, it is Kirilenko that frowns. “You bought the team because of a bet, and not because you love basketball?”

Kirilenko’s tone sounds like he is very disappointed.

“I like basketball, and there are no conflicts. Allen also owns a baseball team, a football team, etc. Don’t mind the details.”

Yes. The main reason is that Feng Yu does not watch baseball and football, and the influence of those two sports is not a high as basketball worldwide.

“Ok. I will let my men go and buy that team. Ah… yesterday you said you are in San Francisco. Are there any good investments there?”

Feng Yu smiled and shook his head. Kirilenko seems to be desperate to make money. You are already the top billionaire in Russia now!

“Yes. I had invested a little. The initial investment is only 10 million USD, and I estimate I will increase my investments next year. The total investment should be around 100 million USD. It is an internet search engine. That means when you type in a keyword, it will show you the related web sites, and make it easier for you to find the things you want on the internet.” Feng Yu briefly explained, and he has no intention of asking Kirilenko to join the business.

Kirilenko heard that the invested amount is so little and did not ask to participate.

“This thing that you mention… can it make money?”

“Yes. In the future, we can use online advertising to make money.”

“Oh… Then I will create one in Russia. What is this thing called again? An Internet search engine?”

Feng Yu almost cursed out. Damn! Why is Kirilenko keep thinking of creating imitations in Russia? But Russia is one of the four countries in the world to own core search engine technologies. The other three countries are the US, China, and South Korea.

This might also be good, and they will have a chance to cooperate in the future.

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