Fatal Shot

Chapter 444: Can’t Win? Take Drugs!

This meant that even if Feng Luo were a Sniper, he could still use the Force Net skill attached to the Legendary Grade Desert Crown that was put in the auction.

The effects of the Force Skill also depended heavily on Compatibility. Feng Luo’s Force had low Compatibility with the Manipulator-centric Force Net skill. Although he could use it, whether the effect of the skill was good, that was another thing.

The fact that Force Skills did not have profession restrictions, the implications were very clear to Feng Luo even if one did not explain anything.

If the skill he advanced, Master Martial Arts, was a skill exclusive for Light Armor Warriors, then it was clear that it would only realize its maximum potential when the user was wearing a piece of light armor. At the moment, Feng Luo was wearing a combat uniform. Even if he were to switch his profession, the effects would still be lowered.

It was not like switching professions had zero cooldown time, as switching professions needed one second each time.

Since Force Skills did not have profession restrictions, even though he was still using the gunner profession chip, the damage reduction still helped Feng Luo by only losing around 4,000 HP.

The 4,000 damage was actually lower than it seemed, after Feng Luo landed on the ground, two green numbers, “+500,” had already appeared above his head. The sharp pain that he felt in his chest as he was hit had lessened and it was no longer as bad as before.

The Caucasian woman was right. From a certain sense, if the battle was long enough, Feng Luo’s Recovery Type Force was an annoying skill.

When he had sufficient Force, as long as he did not receive continuous damage over a short period of time or receive incredibly huge damage instantly, he could be regarded as an undying existence.

Though Feng Luo was fine, Phoenix was faced with a crisis.

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After Feng Luo was sent flying, the Tyrant T-100 immediately changed its target to Phoenix, who had just recovered from her “Heavy Injury” status and was still staggering as she stood up.


The Tyrant T-100 kicked Phoenix, it’s leg was wrapped in metallic combat boots that caused the air to vibrate as it was swung towards Phoenix.

In an emergency situation like this, it was clear that Phoenix had no time to dodge.

Although she was still under the effect of the advanced rare healing potion, the short time frame was not enough in helping her recover enough HP to withstand an attack.

Were they going to lose one member?

At that dangerous moment, Phoenix suddenly shouted, “Jelly!”

Immediately after her shout, a white light flashed in front of her and a bubble appeared beside her.

To be more precise, it was more like jelly. A seemingly transparent Jelly that had a mouth and a pair of eyes.


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The Tyrant T-100’s kick landed on the Jelly, and a damage value of over 5,000 appeared. The damage value did not appear above Phoenix’s head, instead, it appeared above the head of the Jelly.

“Pet!” At that crucial moment, Phoenix chose to use her pet to tank the fatal kick of the Tyrant.

In a hazardous mission, apart from Feng Luo using 24K, it was rare to see anyone else use a pet.


The number of advanced-level pets in War was too few, normal pets were not really useful in actual battles.

Secondly, after pets died, the 10% decrease in intimacy punishment was quite severe. As such, most players would only allow their pets to participate in battles in safer situations.

However, Phoenix’s pet seemed special, as it could actually withstand a strike from the Tyrant. More than that, after the Tyrant’s kick, its body only seemed to have sunken slightly, pushing Phoenix with the help of the momentum generated from the kick to land beside Feng Luo.

Jelly, the name of the pet, was also quite cute.


As Phoenix and her pet landed in front of Feng Luo, a familiar gunshot rang from behind Feng Luo.

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Onishi was holding the Eye of the Thunder. A sniper bullet with a blue glow struck the head of the Tyrant.

Feng Luo did not notice how Onishi changed his weapon, it seemed a little too fast.

However, now was not the time to worry about such trivial issues.

Though the bullet struck the head of the Tyrant, the bullet was most likely a Shield-breaking Energy Bullet, but it had failed to penetrate the hard skull of the Tyrant T-100.

The Tyrant’s head only angled backward due to the impact of the bullet, recovering after. The distorted shape of the 7.62mm round was stuck between its flesh.

After that, the Tyrant’s forehead moved and pushed the bullet out of his head and onto the ground, with the bullet wound healing quickly.

The Tyrant’s cold yet seemingly irritable eyes seemed to have redirected his anger towards Onishi.

If the Tyrant were above ground, it was highly likely that it would use its frightening jumping ability to leap towards Onishi and slammed him into the ground.

Being that they were in an underground tunnel, the Tyrant’s over three-meter tall body did not have space to jump, and the Tyrant could only stride forward immediately and charge towards Feng Luo and the others.

Considering the Tyrant’s powerful attack and more than 50,000 HP, as well as its amazing recovery ability, the current situation indicates that the Tyrant could easily ignore Feng Luo and the other two’s normal attacks.

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Perhaps it was more accurate to say that before Feng Luo, Phoenix, and Onishi’s damage output could kill the Tyrant, it would be able to kill all three of them first. As such, the Tyrant did not even try to block any attacks when he moved.

“Use this!” As the Tyrant charged forward, Feng Luo’s right hand had already entered his tactical bag, grabbed a light purple helix syringe and injected the contents into his neck.

His left hand threw two magazines to Onishi, who was holding the Eye of the Thunder. He threw away the emptied syringe before charging forward while holding Ghost Weep which was shrouded in dark energy.

Ghost Weep’s extra skill needed to consume ten Force per second. Since he had it activated, he should attack quickly. As he had been using it constantly, Feng Luo’s Force gauge was almost empty.

“B-grade sniper bullets!”

Onishi’s dexterous hands caught the two perfect grade magazines in the air. After he saw the stats of the bullets, he was shocked. He quickly recovered and snapped the magazines into his rifle.

Both Feng Luo and Onishi used the Eye of the Thunder as their sniper rifles. As such, the magazine was interchangeable. This also meant that Onishi could use Feng Luo’s B-grade special sniper ammunition from Feng Luo’s passcode chest.

Before Feng Luo collided with the Tyrant…


A B-grade Frost Bullet shrouded in chilling energy struck the upper arm of the Tyrant that was swinging violently towards Feng Luo.

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Even though it was a Tyrant, its bodily mechanism was still subject to the laws of physics.

The Frost Bullet fired from the Eye of the Thunder hit the Tyrant’s arm, the air quickly cooled and frost quickly spread across the Tyrant’s body. The swinging arm that was headed towards Feng Luo also slowed down due to the freezing process.

The brief delay allowed Feng Luo to move past the Tyrant’s frontal strike. Ghost Weep slashed across a previously cut spot on the Tyrant’s body from a reverse horizontal position.


The dark red clawed palm of the Tyrant that was four to five times a normal human’s was cut off directly from the wrist. Fresh dark red blood gushed out from the Tyrant’s artery.

Ghost Weep’s rare attribute was triggered, the point of attack’s defense being damaged over 70%, even if the defense is the A-grade, there was a 100% chance to break the equipment directly.

Feng Luo’s right leg was raised high into the air. Along with his Master Martial Arts and his SUV combat boots’ stats bonus, he kicked the knee joint of the Tyrant.


The crisp sound of bones breaking.

Feng Luo’s kick was several times stronger than the previous one and actually broke the Tyrant’s leg.

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