Chapter 1228: Leader

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The evidence was a seal stone!

Seal stones could record a certain image in time. This seal stone was condensed by one of the elders on the Fire Beacon Continent. The image inside did not contain Jiang Yi; neither did it capture Ao Lu or Jiang Yi killing the Battle Thearch.

However… two blurry figures in the image were flying in the sky at top speed. The figures were speeding along. It was obvious that they were peak-stage formidable martial artists. One of them had obvious green hair, and the other was dressed in black armor. They looked as cold as ice.

Many Demigods of great family clans joined in the war between humans and demons. On seeing this image, one person stood up and shouted, “It’s Ao Lu and the Black Deity!”

“They really are the two powerful demonic beasts!”

“The image in this seal stone was recorded on the Fire Beacon Continent. Did Ao Lu and the Black Deity really appear on the Fire Beacon Continent all of a sudden? The timing and location are just right. There is no mistaking it: Ao Lu had something to do with the Battle Thearch’s death. Ao Lu and Jiang Yi must have joined forces to do this.”

“That’s right. Didn’t the Sword Thearch say that the enemies they chased down used Heaven Evasion? Could they have killed someone somewhere and then appeared somewhere else? Jiang Yi must have been there using Heaven Evasion. There’s no mistake…”

“Bastard traitor Jiang, the Mystic Thearch must have been muddle-headed to let a beast like you inherit the Mystic Divine Palace!”

In the heat of the moment, many people in the Wu Castle began shouting in rage, cursing Jiang Yi. Many great family clans were overcome with what they thought was righteous anger. The fact that Jiang Yi had inherited the Mystic Divine Palace already made a lot of them angry. After it was said that he stood on the demons’ side during the battle, more people began to hate him. No one even thought about whether the image caught in the seal stone was real. Many were quick to conclude that Jiang Yi and Ao Lu were the true masterminds.

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It was easy for them to reach this conclusion!

Yet, many people did not know what else they could do because Jiang Yi had the Mystic Divine Palace with him. He also had the Mystic Divine Saber and Mystic Divine Armor. All of these combined made him as good as invincible. If even the Battle Thearch and North Thearch could not kill him, who else would be able to?

What’s more, he had Jiang Xiaonu and that little fox on his side as well. If Jiang Yi worked together with the great demon army to attack the East Imperial Continent, the little fox would definitely charm all the Heaven Monarchs. Jiang Xiaonu, Ao Lu, and Jiang Yi would then combine their powers to kill the North Thearch, Sword Thearch, and Beast Thearch. If that happened, who would be able to subdue him?

If the great demon army really decided to attack the East Imperial Continent and cause a huge chaotic fight to annihilate all humans, the human race might lose more than half of its numbers. Many great family clans present knew that they could either try to subdue Jiang Yi or prepare to perish.

Did they really want to fall into the hands of a traitor? Would they really want to be at the beck and call of Jiang Yi and the demons from now on?

To the great family clans, the thought of this was unbearable. What’s more, if the formidable martial artists of the great family clans died this time, the rest of the human race would have to live under the rule of demons for a long time to come. After Jiang Yi died, they might even be reverted to the Great Demon Dominion, just like in ancient times. Then, the human race would truly be miserable.

The scene was chaotic. Many people kept cursing Jiang Yi and Ao Lu while many others tried to discuss strategies to defeat them. In the heat of the moment, some people even talked about forming an alliance army to kill all the demons of the Endless Deep Sea and perish with Jiang Yi.

Tang Shenji was present as well. His expression was a mask of worry as he sat there, listening to the noisy and angry crowd. He watched as they lost control of themselves. Suddenly, he let out two loud coughs. Immediately, everyone quieted down.

He got to his feet and looked around the castle. Raising his hand, he said, “Everyone, calm down! Before the Battle Thearch died, he had not even figured out whether Jiang Yi and Ao Lu were really the ones behind this. What we should do now, therefore, is send people to look for Jiang Yi and ask him to explain matters. Only after doing so should we talk about taking revenge. If Jiang Yi is not responsible for this, he said at Endless Deep Sea the last time that he would stand on the humans’ side if it came down to a war between humans and demons…”

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The Tang Clan always conducted business by putting humans in the center of everything they did. He already thought well of Jiang Yi from a long time ago. He also wanted badly to form good relations with him. He was almost always right about people. This time, he refused to believe that Jiang Yi was as bad as everyone said he was. Why would someone like the Mystic Thearch leave all of his things to someone with such bad character?


Tang Shenji’s words caused many people to feel indignant. A Clan Head of one of the ancient clans got to his feet as well and said in a cool tone, “Clan Head Tang, what else do you want to figure out? Can the seal stone be fake? Could Ao Lu and the Black Deity be fake? Who else apart from Jiang Yi can use Heaven Evasion? You want Jiang Yi to come here and explain matters for himself? Hahahaha, after the battle the last time, have you heard anything about Jiang Yi? He has been residing in the Endless Deep Sea, obviously working in cahoots with the demons there. Do you still hope that he will help humans? That’s a big joke.”

Before Tang Shenji could say anything, the Beast Thearch blew up in a rage. He shouted, “What else are we to figure out? Tang Shenji, are you muddle-headed? What else is there to know? You’ve helped Jiang Yi time and time again. Are you connected to him in some way? Will you only believe that he’s the murderer when you see him leading a demon army into the East Imperial Continent? What are we gathering for this time? Aren’t we here to brainstorm together a way to fight our enemies? If we are not of one mind, we can call off this meeting right now. We can all go back to our homes and wait to die!”

Many people cried out in agreement on hearing what the Beast Thearch had to say. They did not gather here to drink tea but to find a solution to the oncoming problem. They wanted everyone to think of ways to defend the human race against their biggest enemies. If they did not act together at a time like this, they would surely be helpless when Ao Lu and Jiang Yi finally arrived to attack the human race.

Zi Fengtian spoke on behalf of the Zi Clan. He got to his feet as well and waved his hands at everybody, shouting, “The Beast Thearch is right. We need to form an alliance. We have to gather our powers and work together to fight our enemy. Since we have more people present today, we will put this to a vote now. I join the alliance on behalf of the Zi Clan!”

“I join the alliance on behalf of the Shi Clan!”

“I join the alliance on behalf of the Xuan Clan!”

“I join the alliance on behalf of the Phoenix Sect!”

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Many people began to speak up on behalf of their sects, but the Beast Thearch, Sword Thearch, North Thearch, and the others did not say a thing. The North Thearch especially sat down in the host’s seat, remaining silent the entire time. Many Clan Heads of the various great family clans saw the North Thearch keeping quiet and dared not speak as well. Tang Shenji waited for several seconds before turning to the North Thearch. “Wu Shang, what are your views?”

“I have no views!”

The North Thearch replied, “You can discuss. I will listen to the majority.”


Tang Shenji and many other Great Family Clan Heads exchanged astonished looks. The North Thearch did not sound like himself. From the looks of it, he did not have the guts to make the call anymore and did not want to become the leader of the alliance. However, he was the only nine-star formidable martial artist left. If he did not lead the alliance, who would?

The Beast Thearch shouted out in anger again. His eyes widened as he screamed, “Wu Shang, that’s disloyal on your part. At a time like this, you don’t want to lead us. Who will dare to take this place, then? You cannot sit back and do nothing about it. What’s more… your clan has a feud with Jiang Yi. If you won’t do it for everyone, at least do it for the Wu Clan.”


The North Thearch stood up and scanned the castle before saying in a low voice, “I cannot become the leader of this alliance. Old Zhan was the leader, and what became of him? At a time like this, we are not all on the same page. I don’t want to bother about this anymore. You can think of who can be your leader. I will listen to the majority. At most… the Wu Clan will go back into hiding. I am really quite tired.”

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Everybody blew up in rage. The North Thearch was saying that he was afraid. He was afraid that he would end up like the Battle Thearch if he became the leader of the alliance!

The hunter would shoot the bird that sticks out. Jiang Yi would definitely kill the leader of the alliance first. The North Thearch was afraid that he would be the first to die; who else would step up? Who else would earn the respect of everyone? What’s more… the North Thearch was speaking of going back into hiding? From the looks of it, the Wu Clan already had a good place to settle down. Yet, other clans did not have such a place. If they went to battle and lost, their clans would likely perish.

Everyone was sent into a flurry. They began to panic, not knowing what to do. Tang Shenji was panicking as well. At a time like that, the North Thearch was hiding his head. There was probably no hope of forming a human alliance.

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