Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 629: Who is Kneeling?


Jiang Yi was slightly astonished. Feng Luan was flying over and used a single hand to catch his falling body. When listening to the Golden Flood Dragon’s declaration, the two of them looked at each other and instinctively felt strange.

All strong beings had dignity and an unyielding character. They would rather die than become a slave.

Since this Golden Flood Dragon was able to cultivate into a demon thearch and become the overlord of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, how could it not have any backbone? It was actually surrendering to humans? And to two humans who were weaker than him?

“Hmph, still trying to feign at before your imminent death? Die.”

Jiang Yi absolutely wouldn’t believe it. He had encountered the Merman Demon Thearch and the Lion Chi Demon Thearch who would choose to die than to surrender. This Golden Flood Dragon must be feigning his surrender, and Jiang Yi would naturally not be tricked. He immediately controlled his soul skill to continue his ruthless attack and smashed this Golden Flood Dragon’s soul spirit into pieces.

“Surrender, surrender, this Emperor truly surrenders. I am willing to become your spirit beast as long as you don’t kill me.” The Golden Flood Dragon roared with a voice that was pleading and in despair. That agonized expression didn’t look like it could be a pretense.

Jiang Yi and Feng Luan looked at each other and were a little tempted. A demon thearch spirit beast was a powerful subordinate, especially in this Blood Night Fearsome Sea. If they could have a demon thearch sea demon, it would help them to easily hide and avoid any pursuit.

This demon thearch didn’t know any soul spirit offense or defense, and Jiang Yi was rather confident. Now that Feng Luan came over, he could withdraw into the Thearch Palace any time and use escape with Heaven Evasion. Thus, his eyes flashed which diminished the power of his soul sword attack. Jiang Yi then shouted out, “You want to surrender? How are you going to surrender?”

When the Golden Flood Dragon felt the soul spirit attack weakened a little, he caught his breath and quickly replied, “My Lord, don’t attack me. I can offer my soul seal and become your soul beast.”

“Soul Seal?”

Jiang Yi and Feng Luan were bewildered. The soul seal art was an ability that was exclusive to the human race. This demonic beast might be able to assimilate the human form, but how could he learn the soul seal art?

Therefore, Jiang Yi assumed that this Golden Flood Dragon was cheating him again and had infuriated him. He used his full strength to control the soul sword attack and yelled out furious at the same time, “You are a sea demon. How can you know the soul seal art? Still trying to swindle me? Die!”

Feeling Jiang Yi’s soul sword’s attack turned stronger, the Golden Flood Dragon tumbled incessantly with pain. He used all his strength to roar out, “Spare, spare my life, my Lord! My… my soul seal art was imparted to me by my previous Master. Before he passed away, he returned my soul seal back to me…”


Jiang Yi and Feng Luan stared at each other blankly, and they suddenly realized something. This Golden Flood Dragon had once been tamed by an expert, and it had learned the soul seal art. No wonder it would take the initiative to surrender when it realized that it was no match for them. No wonder this demon thearch didn’t have any backbone.

Demonic beasts were like humans. As long as they submitted once, there would be a second and third time. Just like the women in the brothel—as long as they sold their bodies once, there would be a second time.

Jiang Yi stopped his soul spirit attack, but his 36 soul swords still stayed in the demon thearch’s soul spirit sea. He spoke in a serious tone, “Okay then! Offer your soul seal, and don’t you dare to have any tricks. You should know that your soul spirit is about to collapse. As long as I attack another two more rounds, your soul spirit will definitely crumble, and your mind will be extinguished.”


The demon thearch quickly nodded like a chick pecking its food while he closed his eyes to rest for a while. Jiang Yi’s divine senses had been locked onto this demon thearch, and if he dared to do anything strange, Jiang Yi would immediately kill him.


Moments later, the demon thearch flashed and turned into a human form. His head lit up with golden light while a golden soul seal flew out and towards Jiang Yi.

“It’s a soul seal!” Feng Luan had this delighted expression as she spoke with surprise.

Jiang Yi used a single hand to catch the soul seal which slowly vanished into his palm and into his soul spirit. When Jiang Yi made a trace of soul spirit connection with the Golden Flood Dragon, he instantly revealed a cheerful expression. Jiang Yi then controlled the 36 soul swords back into this soul spirit sea. After taking a closer look and seeing that the soul swords didn’t suffer any damage, Jiang Yi grinned.

After taking in this demon thearch as his spirit beast, his combat strength was going to increase greatly.

“Alright, you can go back into the sea to recuperate first. Once your injuries are almost fully recovered, get back on the island.”

Jiang Yi beckoned his hand while the Golden Flood Dragon bowed with cupped hands and flew into the sea as per instructed. Jiang Yi and Feng Luan looked at each other and revealed a pleasant expression that looked as though they survived a calamity. It was truly too risky just now. If Jiang Yi didn’t have the Fire Cloud Armor, he was probably food for the demon thearch by now.

Giggle. “Young Master, your soul swords are too incredible. No demon thearch would be able to resist it unless they had some soul spirit offense or defense methods.”

Feng Luan looked at Jiang Yi with admiration and informed with concern, “However, when you release the soul sword, you have to be more careful. Don’t let it be ruined as it might affect your soul spirit.”

“En! I will be careful.”

Jiang Yi nodded. Putting aside soul spirit attacks—if a formidable martial artist had some special ability, they might be able to destroy his soul sword. This soul sword was after all split out from the main soul spirit. If it was to affect the main soul spirit, it would be a disaster; and it was best to not use it unless necessary.

He paused for a moment and looked at a distant island and said, “Let’s go. Fly me to that island.”

Feng Luan carried Jiang Yi and flew towards the island. She then suddenly recalled something and asked with doubt, “Young Master, why don’t you learn how to fly?”


Jiang Yi blinked his eyes in a daze and immediately realized something. He slapped his thighs and laughed embarrassedly. “I forgot that flying only requires me to release my essence force outward, right?”

“That’s right.”

Feng Luan nodded and explained, “When a martial artist is at the Vajra Realm, one would have sufficient essence force to emit essence force from both feet like a gushing spring. After forming a stream of air and reactive force, one would be able to fly easily. I felt curious why doesn’t Young Master fly by himself, and I assume that he is just lazy to fly because he can instant-shift…”


Jiang Yi laughed embarrassedly. No one taught him this in Stellarsky Continent. When he was at the Vajra Realm, he had the Yazi Beast and his instant-shifting ability; and so he never thought of flying. Right now, after hearing Feng Luan explain, he got interested and followed Feng Luan’s instruction and learned to fly.


Jiang Yi was very clever, and he caught the gist of it a short moment after he learned it. He then asked Feng Luan to let go of him while his legs flashed with brilliance. His body shuddered while he flew forward.

However… after flying for a certain distance—because of his lack of control, he lost his center of balance and dropped like a cannonball, splashing a huge wave.

“Hahaha!” Feng Luan laughed heartily, displaying a lovely scene where her delicate body shivered.


Jiang Yi broke out of the water and controlled his body to fly again. He stared at Feng Luan viciously and said, “Little hussy, you dare laugh at your Young Master? See if you beg for mercy tonight when I whip you.”


When Feng Luan saw Jiang Yi swaying around as he wanted to come over and catch her. Her body then flashed and flew towards the island, leaving behind a giggle like a string of bells. She even teased and said, “Young Master, Feng’er and Qing Yu knows many chamber arts. Qing Yu’s ‘Jade Mussel Containing the Pearl’ and ‘Jade Whirlpool Phoenix Siphon’ are excellent. It might be uncertain who will be the one begging for mercy 1.”


Jiang Yi’s body shuddered while he increased the surge of his essence force to chase after Feng Luan. His eyes released a glow while he asked in a soft voice, “Then what does Feng’er knows?”

Feng Luan turned around and smiled. The tips of her eyebrows had these thoughts of love that flowed out from her limpid eyes, which was so captivating that it slowly eroded the bones. She then shyly transmitted a message. “Feng’er knows a move or two as well. Like ‘Welcoming the Dragon’ and ‘Fairy Maiden Blowing the Flute’ 1. Young Master shall wait to kneel tonight…”



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