Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 630: Refining Destitute Dragon Grass

There were three islands, and two of them were large while one of them was smaller. The three islands were less than a hundred miles away from each other, forming a double-pronged attack formation. Jiang Yi and Feng Luan circled and flew around the three islands and finally decided to reside in that smallest island.

The three islands were filled with verdant coconut forests and series of mountain peaks. There were plenty of natural caves, and it was very suitable for living. The islands had quite a number of small wild beasts; hence, there wasn’t a need to munch on rations or energy elixirs every day.

Energy elixirs were very precious and were abnormally troublesome to refine. Feng Luan, Jiang Yi, and the group might have hundreds of them, but they weren’t on Phoenix Cry Continent anymore. Every time they consumed one elixir, it would be one less from their stock; thus, they didn’t dare to eat more. Furthermore, they weren’t immortals, and if they didn’t eat any human food, they would have that urge.

The duo had chosen the smaller island because there were more caves in here, and it was filled with stone peaks. If one didn’t scan thoroughly with their divine senses, it was hard to realize that there was anyone hidden inside.

Of course…

With the Golden Flood Dragon Demon Thearch around, they didn’t have to be concerned about this. It was needless to say that this demon thearch was the nearby tyrant of this place, and they had ordered the demon thearch to send sea demons on patrol. If there was any commotion, the demon thearch would know immediately and report to Jiang Yi for him to flee in advance.

Once the duo knew that they were safe, they had a great mood as they descended to the island and flew between the mountain peaks hand in hand as though they were a pair of immortal couples. The two of them extended out their divine senses and searched for a suitable cave to reside in.

“Young Master, that is not bad!”

Feng Luan pointed with her delicate finger while Jiang Yi scanned his divine senses over. His eyes lit up as he nodded. “Over there then!”

The two of them flew over like a divine rainbow while they detoured around a giant stone peak and stopped by a cliff. There was a giant cave in this middle of this cliff, and the entrance was blocked by a large vine tree. When the duo scouted with their divine senses, they could sense that the cave was very spacious; and it extended more than three kilometers inside, like a giant palace.


The duo flew in, which alerted and frightened two groups of monkeys, causing them to scatter. The two of them took a sweep with their eyes while Jiang Yi’s Thearch Palace flashed and let Qing Yu out. He got Feng Luan to stay on guard while he sat cross-legged and released his Divine Perception, checking out the nearby situation.

One hour later—after Jiang Yi finished scouting, he also found out that the demon thearch was obediently recuperating. There were plenty of demon kings in the nearby sea region, which numbered at least a hundred. Jiang Yi didn’t have the intention to subdue all these demon kings since he already had the demon thearch. With the demon thearch around, all the demon kings would have to listen to him.

Of course, it was impossible even if he wanted to subdue all demon kings as he didn’t have any spirit beast talisman. All these demon kings had yet to assimilate the human form and could not release their soul seals. Even if they could release their soul seals, near-hundred soul seals would cause his soul spirit sea to go into chaos.

“It is a pity…”

He opened his eyes and suddenly recalled something. He slapped his leg and said, “That’s right, I have an artifact that I forgot to use. If I can refine this artifact, I might be able to subdue all these demon kings. They are a group of free subordinates.”


His Fire Spirit Pearl flashed while a pitch-black pagoda appeared in his hands. Feng Luan and Qing Yu, who were cleaning up the cave, were immediately drawn over. Qing Yu blinked her eyes and said, “Young Master, what is this artifact? It has a very strong aura presence and should be a transcending saint artifact.”

“Hehe, this is called the Multitude Beast Pagoda!”

Jiang Yi grinned. Because of this Multitude Beast Pagoda, he nearly perished back at Stellarsky City. Back then, Dugu Qiu unleashed the Multitude Beast Pagoda and let out a hundred peak-grade demon king. Had it not been for his Massacre Intent which reached the fifth rank, he would definitely be crushed by the 100 peak-grade demon kings.

After he obtained this Multitude Beast Pagoda, he couldn’t refine it because Dugu Qiu had yet to perish back then. Afterward, he put it into the Fire Spirit Pearl and forgot about it. Seeing that there were near 100 demon kings in the nearby vicinity, he suddenly thought about it.

Dugu Qiu was already dead, and the soul-spirit imprint on the Multitude Beast Pagoda had vanished, which meant that it could be refined easily. Jiang Yi might not know about the function of the Multitude Beast Tower, but since it was named like this, it must definitely be able to subdue demonic beasts. Qing Yu also mentioned that this Multitude Beast Tower had a powerful aura presence and should be a transcending saint artifact.

“En, with the demon thearch around, I do not have to subdue these demon kings for now.”

Jiang Yi thought about it and threw the Multitude Beast Pagoda back into the Fire Spirit Pearl. He looked around and was silently impressed by Feng Luan and Qing Yu’s dexterity.

One hour later, the two of them had turned this cave into a true palace hall. They used saint artifacts to excavate plenty of rooms and laid the ground with carpet. They even laid out plenty of furniture, making it feel like home. A pity that there was no way to set up a restriction, or this place would truly be a small palace hall.

“Restriction… that’s right!”

Jiang Yi suddenly recalled that Yun Fei could set up restrictions, right? He immediately scanned the Thearch Palace with his divine senses and noticed that Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei were already out of seclusion. Jiang Xiaonu, Qian Wanguan, and Xiao Fei were still in seclusion.


The Thearch Palace flashed had teleported Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei out while they were behaving intimately. Jiang Yi conveniently threw the Yazi Beast out as well and beckoned his hand while saying, “Yazi Beast, you stay within the island or go spin around the nearby sea region. Don’t go too far and don’t provoke the demon thearch under the sea.”

“Demon emperor…”

The Yazi Beast’s massive body shuddered. It was actually delighted and was preparing to have a feast in the sea, but when it heard the words ‘demon thearch’, it didn’t dare to move anymore. The bronze bell-like giant eyes were filled with fear.

“Haha, look at your cowardly attitude. I have already subdued that demon thearch. You can go wherever you want. Just don’t go too far from the island.”

Jiang Yi grinned and laughed while Feng Luan and Qing Yun scoffed, too. When Yun Fei saw the loving eyes of the two individuals, she took a look at Jiang Yi before exchanging eye contact with Zhan Wushuang before they both smiled.

Yun Fei was already married to Zhan Wushuang for some time and could naturally see that Feng Luan and Qing Yu had been pampered by Jiang Yi. Those thoughts of love in their brows and the affection in their eyes were something that a lass would never possess. However… Yun Fei didn’t know that Feng Luan and Qing Yun had a relationship and were simply lesbians.

“Demon emperor!”

Zhan Wushuang raised a thumb at Jiang Yi. This exit from seclusion this time had given him a huge rise in strength. The cultivation speed in the Thearch Palace was too fast, and he was already at the ninth stage of the Soul Travel Realm. He just needed to comprehend dao patterns to reach the peak-stage of Soul Travel Realm and break through to the Vajra Realm. As the only successor of the Battle God Race, he naturally wasn’t a useless person.

Jiang Yi conversed with Zhan Wushuang for a little before he turned to look at Yun Fei, “Yun Fei, how is your comprehension of the restrictions? We might need to stay here for a period of time. If you could set up some concealment restrictions, this place would be much safer.”

He didn’t tell Yun Fei and Zhan Wushuang that they were being pursued by the Nine Thearchs’ Clans as it might disrupt their mental state and affect their cultivation. Since this current situation didn’t involve them either.

Yun Fei revealed a confident expression and let out a slight smile. “Leave it to me. I can easily put up a few illusion formations. Even a Heaven Monarch expert would not be able to discover this place without putting in some attention. It is all thanks to you, Marshal. Since you provided me the route map previously, I have been able to benefit greatly from it.”

“Yun Fei is incredible!”

Jiang Yi raised his thumb and was silently pleased that he had given Yun Fei the restriction arts that the Witch God had researched on. Yun Fei was exceptionally talented and had been studying this since she was young. She already had the fundamentals and had great interest, making it the best choice to let her comprehend it.


Right at this moment, the Yazi Beast suddenly flew over fearfully from the distant seaside. A figure also broke out from the sea, and it was that Golden Flood Dragon Demon Thearch.

Jiang Yi scanned with his divine senses and noticed that the Golden Flood Dragon’s injuries were slightly recovered. He lightly nodded and transmitted a message to the demon thearch: “You don’t have to come over. Go back to the sea and ask your subordinates to pay attention to the nearby vicinity. If there are any human experts or powerful demon thearchs approaching, immediately inform me.”

“Yes, Master!”

The demon thearch dove back into the sea and gathered the patrolling demon kings. Jiang Yi released his Divine Perception, observed the demon thearch, and realized he was truly obedient. Jiang Yi then opened his eyes and smiled. “Everyone, don’t worry. We should be very safe during this period of time. Everyone, stay here in peace; and after I refine the Destitute Dragon Grass and reach the Heaven Monarch Realm, I will bring all of you to explore the East Imperial Continent.”

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