Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 717: Heaven Fate Ship

Jiang Yi didn’t lead the 105 men directly to White Tiger Island as the Black Wind Legion had only given him two weeks. Jiang Yi didn’t want to have any mishaps during the journey there. He led everyone to White Sprout Island and spent tens of thousands of celestial stones to ride on the merchant association’s merchant ship, making it much safer.

The merchant association was called Red Sun Merchant Association and was rather famous throughout the Gods Bestow Tribe. This merchant association had extended their business throughout the Gods Bestow Tribe. Their backer wasn’t only the elder that held authority in the Lu Clan; they were also on good terms with the various other clans. During the journey of their merchant ship in the Gods Bestow Tribe, they generally wouldn’t be intercepted by the mountain bandit groups. Those that dared to intercept them would normally suffer a miserable fate.

In stricter terms, the merchant ship wasn’t actually a ship—it simply looked like a ship. In fact, these merchant ships were actually a special artifact called the Heaven Fate Ship!

Similarly, the Heaven Fate Ship was also a masterpiece of the Tang Clan from the East Imperial Continent. The Heaven Fate Ship could fly in the sky or dive in the water or ground. The entire ship was molded with metallic materials and had a powerful barrier on the outside. When the large-sized Heaven Fate Ship activated the barrier, it would be able to withstand ten attacks from a high-stage Heaven Monarch. If a middle-stage Heaven Monarch wasn’t powerful enough, it wasn’t even impossible for a few hundred individuals to destroy the barrier in ten days or half a month. By that time, the merchant association’s experts would already have provided the reinforcements.

“This is the Heaven Fate Ship?”

At the southeast seaside of White Sprout Island, Jiang Yi could see the giant golden ships floating in mid-air as he was silently astonished. These Heaven Fate Ships looked the same as a normal ship, but it was actually able to suspend in the air silently. The ships were a few hundred meters in length and a few meters in width. It was like a golden castle that was able to move and looked majestic and awe-inspiring.

The barrier on the ship wasn’t opened up, and there were teams of guards wearing deep blue battle armor on the decks. There was a total of three to four hundred men that all looked down with blade-like eyes.

“Three to four hundred Heaven Monarchs. There is twenty middle-stage Heaven Monarchs! This merchant association is indeed powerful!”

Jiang Yi casually sensed the aura presences and was surprised. This was only the appearance strength as he believed that must be at least one high-stage Heaven Monarch overseeing the Heaven Fate Ship. This was just a single Heaven Fate Ship. How many merchant ships did this merchant association have? How many more experts could they have in their headquarters?

There were plenty of martial artists and members from the smaller merchant groups waiting to board the ship. Many small merchant groups couldn’t afford the Heaven Fate Ship. Even if they could buy one but didn’t have the powerful guards to form a deterrence, they would still be intercepted. They might as well ride on the merchant ships of these large merchant associations which made it much safer for them.

“Everyone, you can board the ship!”

When a few hundred people gathered over from far away, a middle-stage Heaven Monarch supervisor yelled out from the ship. Jiang Yi’s men had already made all the arrangements and with a wave of his hand. Jiang Yi said, “Let’s go!”

Swish! Swish!

Over a hundred individuals soared to the sky and boarded the deck. The middle-stage Heaven Monarch supervisor then bowed with cupped hands and said, “Everyone, please go to the hold no.3 of the ship.”

The twenty over Heaven Monarchs that followed Qian Wanguan on many trips skillfully led Jiang Yi and the others to a hold of the ship.

It might be called the hold of a ship, but it was actually no different from a palace hall. The interior was grand and luxurious, and there were plenty of small rooms, but they were relatively small. Everyone could enter the rooms to cultivate or to rest. Jiang Yi picked one of the rooms and waved his hand, indicating for everyone to rest well and prepare themselves mentally. He instructed them to call him when they arrived at White Tiger Island.

Swish! Swish!

There were constantly more people boarding the ship, and they had entered the different holds of the ship. One hour later, the Heaven Fate Ship was boarded with at least a few thousand individuals. The ship shook slightly and lit up with a golden barrier and slowly steered towards the northeast direction.


The ship flew faster and faster before finally turning into a stream of golden light and drawing across the horizon. As it pierced through the sky, it let out a sharp sound that echoed in the surrounding.

“This Heaven Fate Ship is rather good and has a speed that is comparable to a low-stage Heaven Monarch. I will find a chance to get one in the future.”

Jiang Yi’s divine senses extended out and could actually extend out of the barrier easily, but it couldn’t reach into the other holds of the ship. The guards on the deck detected Jiang Yi’s divine senses and didn’t pay much attention as they scanned the surroundings and put up their guard.

Two days were required to travel from White Sprout Island to White Tiger Island. After Jiang Yi scouted around with his divine senses for a moment, he sat cross-legged and cultivated his essence force. There might be a vicious battle at White Tiger Island, and he had to cherish every minute and second to cultivate.

All the Heaven Monarchs on the outside would either enter the room to cultivate or gather in the main hall to have quiet discussions. Everyone had grave expressions, but since they had followed Jiang Yi, they had no choice but to go all the way.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Half a day later, the Heaven Fate Ship had traveled over one million miles, and there were small islands that appeared ahead. Before the Heaven Fate Ship could approach, those clusters of islands shot out with countless martial artists and enveloped the entire Heaven Fate Ship with their powerful aura presences, alarming everyone.

“Mountain bandits?”

Jiang Yi’s eyes opened up as he scouted with his divine senses immediately. When he noticed that the thousands of people that flew over from the islands were mostly Vajra Realm martial artists, he revealed a mocking expression.

Buzz! Buzz!

A merchant guard on the deck all released their aura presences at this moment while a middle-stage Heaven Monarch burst out with a yell, “Get lost!”

Swish! Swish!

When the mountain bandits that flew up from below felt the powerful aura presences, they quickly fled with fear and vanished back into the clusters of islands without a trace.

“There is indeed a lot of mountain bandits in this place.”

Jiang Yi sighed and continued to cultivate. Two hours later, he was alerted by powerful aura presences again. His expression turned grave when he scanned with his divine senses, because this time, the martial artists that flew up from the islands were much stronger. There was actually over ten middle-stage Heaven Monarchs and more than a thousand low-stage Heaven Monarchs.

“I am the Red Sun Merchant Association’s Hong Ying. Are you Leader Feng’s men?”

An aged voice echoed from one of the holds of the Heaven Fate Ship. One of the middle-stage Heaven Monarch bandits to wave his hand, which caused tens of thousands of people to pause the air. He bowed with cupped hands to the Heaven Fate Ship and said, “So it is Lord Hong Ying. We have been disrespectful. Brothers, withdraw!”

When all the bandits flew back down, many people on the Heaven Fate Ship let out sighs of relief while Jiang Yi revealed a trace of mockery.

He was certain that the mountain bandit group definitely knew that this Heaven Fate Ship belonged to the Red Sun Merchant Association. They purposely made up this show to let all the people on the ship that paid their celestial stones to see: ‘Look how dangerous the Gods Bestow Tribe is? If you don’t ride on our merchant association’s Heaven Fate Ship, you will definitely die…’

For the rest of the day, the Heaven Fate Ship would constantly encounter mountain bandits. The smaller groups would be deterred by the release of aura presences from the experts on the ship while the larger groups would let the ship pass after Lord Hong Ying reported his affiliation.

Halfway through the journey, the Heaven Fate Ship stopped on a giant island where many got off the Heaven Fate Ship, and many boarded the ship. Jiang Yi cultivated for two days and finally arrived by a dock that was at the southern shores of White Tiger Island.

“Everyone, please take care!”

After being sent off by the Red Sun Merchant Association’s supervisor, Jiang Yi and his men got off the Heaven Fate Ship and flew straight into White Tiger Island. They still have to fly for half a day before reaching a giant mountain range in the south of the White Tiger Island, the Black Wind Mountain Range.


When the Red Sun Merchant Association’s supervisor saw that Jiang Yi and his men had left, he summoned a subordinate and instructed with a soft voice, “Send a message to Gui Ying. The Sky Thunder City’s Chief Jiang is leading 105 Heaven Monarchs and will arrive in half a day. There is only one middle-stage heaven Monarch. Also, tell him that it is time for him to pay up for the information that was given half a year ago…”

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