Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 852 Black Fox Thearch

“Enemy assault!”

 “A formidable enemy is invading. Send the message to the Thearch and the Clan Head now!”

 “It’s Tuoba Qin!”

 “Tuoba Qin, stop right now, or you will be considered as invading and will be killed without negotiation!”

 After everyone flew ten miles into the Black Fox Race’s territory, near one hundred Heaven Monarchs flew out from a giant mountain range. When they saw Tuoba Qin leading ten elders and a few obvious outsiders, they yelled out instantly.

 What kind of temperament did Black Deity have?

 If a lion king ventured into a group of lambs, would it be fearful of whatever the lambs said? He didn’t make a move but simply burst out with his aura presence and yelled out coldly, “All of you, get lost!”


 Black Deity’s overflowing giant demonic aura presence, which felt as though it walked out from a flood of desolation, had frightened all the Black Fox Race’s Heaven Monarchs. Many of them originally wanted to attack but didn’t dare to move now. It was unknown if it was due to the fright or because of youthful vigor, one weaker and younger-looking Black Fox Heaven Monarch actually dared to send a black ray of light at Black Deity. That stream of light possessed this extremely dense and strange aura presence. Jiang Yi was very sensitive towards this aura presence as it was the Heaven Fox Race’s unique Charming Demonic Art.


 A group of lambs actually dared to attack a lion king. Black Deity naturally didn’t give any face as he snorted while his giant dragon’s tail ripped across the sky, smashing down with an unstoppable aura presence. That black ray of light which the Heaven Monarch released had been instantly dissipated, and when the dragon’s tail smashed onto the group of Black Fox Heaven Monarchs, sixty Heaven Monarchs had perished in an instance. Many Heaven Monarchs were turned into meat pulp as their corpses were nowhere to be found.

 Boom! Boom!

 A deep ravine was smashed out in the giant mountain range, causing the mountains to tremble. A loud rumble was echoed in all directions. The entire mountain range was shaking non-stop and had alerted countless three-tailed and four-tailed foxes that were hidden inside. At the same time, even more Black Fox Heaven Monarchs flew over from the distant.

 Chi! Chi!

 The giant dragon tail which felt as though it was forged with molten iron was withdrawn before turning to afterimages while it swept around. The rest of the Black Fox Heaven Monarchs who were trying to escape were all smashed to death, leaving no survivors behind.

 “Lord Black Deity has unparalleled combat strength. Tuoba Qin worships you!”

 Tuoba Qin and the group of elders were shocked by the scene. Tuoba Qin could also eliminate these Heaven Monarchs herself, but she didn’t believe she could do it as effortlessly and as casually as Black Deity. Black Deity’s strength was at least one whole level stronger than her.

 Black Deity didn’t have any expression as he continued to fly forward with Jiang Yi while his aura presence flowed out violently. He looked at the countless Black Fox Heaven Monarchs and roared with a cold voice, “Those who obstruct me shall die. Get your Black Fox Race’s Thearch out here. Otherwise, this Sovereign shall eliminate your entire race!”

 Bang, Bang, Bang!

 The sky-shaking giant roar had jolted the countless Black Fox Heaven Monarchs and caused their demonic energy to go haywire. They were like fumigated flies which were all crashing down heavily onto the mountain peak below.


 Black Deity’s speed was extremely fast. There were plenty of Black Fox Heaven Monarchs who wanted to give way and open up a path, but Black Deity approached in the blink of the eye. Before they could react, a dragon’s tail was drawing across the sky. It was like a divine whip from a god that smashed down without stopping. All those struck by the tail would explode into a blood mist while a path of blood was forcefully cleared out ahead.


 Qianqian followed behind closely while Tuoba Qin and the others were right behind. The ten elders were silently contented, but they didn’t make any moves. Black Deity had already warned them earlier… if they dared to play any petty tricks, it would just result in the opposite. The consequences were unimaginable if they were to infuriate Black Deity.

 Swish! Swish! Swish!

 As they charged through, more Black Fox Heaven Monarchs would fly over. There were a few Clan Heads who flew over and were enraged after seeing how Black Deity was massacring their people. They didn’t have any hesitations as they immediately fought back, but Black Deity’s speed was too fast, and his attacks were too ferocious. Before they could even attack, they had been crushed and turned into mince.

 Qianqian didn’t try to persuade and allowed Black Deity to conduct a massacre. Previously when Ao Lu returned, all the demon races had come over to congratulate, but only Tuoba Qin and the Blue Fox Race’s Thearch of Heaven Fox Continent and gone over. It didn’t matter what reasons these three thearchs from the Black Fox Race had as it was disrespect as long as they didn’t pay homage. It was a good chance to teach them a lesson.

 It was natural that Jiang Yi didn’t say anything as the Demon Empress had appeared in the Black Fox Race’s territory for no good reason, and she was possibly abducted by the Black Fox Race. Furthermore, they had three Demon Sovereigns, and if they didn’t make those three Thearchs cower with their martial prowess, the situation might get worse.

 However. Xiao Fei—who was in Jiang Yi’s embrace—was a little afraid as she had shrunk further and didn’t even dare to look as her body was shuddering.

 “Big Brother, Empress Mother is in the east and shouldn’t be far away. Her aura presence is very concentrated!”

 After flying for another one hour and killing countless Black Fox Heaven Monarchs, Xiao Fei called out again. Black Deity took an indifferent glance at her and flew towards the east. There was a large and extending mountain range over there. When Jiang Yi extended his divine senses over, he couldn’t even sense the end.

 “Who is it?”

 “Halt, this is a forbidden area. Those who trespass this place shall be killed without mercy!”

 “Enemy attack…”

 Before they even got near to the mountain range, more than two thousand Black Fox Heaven Monarchs flew out; and they looked like a concentrated black cluster. Jiang Yi could sense close to one hundred peak-stage Heaven Monarchs in that cluster.

 “Kid, Qianqian, follow me! Tuoba Qin, you all protect them properly!”

 Black Deity’s anger was released from all the killings as he let go of Jiang Yi and flew towards the mountain range like a rainbow. Tuoba Qin and the others quickly flew over and surrounded Jiang Yi and Qianqian while flying towards the direction that Black Deity went.

 Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

 Over 2000 Heaven Monarchs attacked at the same time as over 2000 black streams of light whizzed over. Black Deity had ignored all the attacks and still smashed with his dragon tail. However, this time, the tail was at least two times bigger than before. Those black streams of light were all smashed and destroyed by that steel and divine whip-like dragon tail.


 Tuoba Qin had also made her move, but she didn’t attack as she constantly struck out with white streams of light and enveloped the surroundings. Those white streams of light revolved everyone like white snakes, which isolated and deflected the streams of light on the outside. When many streams of light struck on the surface, they were like mud going into the sea as there was no reaction.

 Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

 Black Deity had truly started his massacre as there were no hesitations when he made the move, and he wasn’t trying to open up a path of blood either. He had ventured into the domain of more than 2000 Black Fox Heaven Monarchs and sweeping his dragon tail around with lightning speed. Every time he smashed, close to a hundred individuals would perish. Immeasurable ravines were produced after every attack, and many stretches of the mountain range had been severed. Smoke and dust rose up while there were sky-shaking rumbles as shards of rocks flew in all directions and the mountains crumbled.


 “Quickly inform the Thearch. A strong enemy has invaded the divine vein!”

 “Hei Xin, go activate the great array quickly!”

 “Bastard, die!”

 As groups of Black Fox Heaven Monarchs were killed, there were countless screams, yells, roars, and calls of distress. There was a complete disorder just like hell.


 There was a ray of radiance which lit up in the center of the mountain range as a black barrier appeared out of nowhere, enveloping dozens of mountain peaks. This array had a horrific aura presence, and for such a great array and thousands of Heaven Monarchs to be stationed in this deserted place, it was obvious that this was a valuable and important place for the Black Fox Race.

 “Empress Mother is just inside there!”

 Xiao Fei suddenly called out with agitation as she could sense the Demon Empress’ aura presence. Jiang Yi immediately yelled out, “Lord Black Deity, I have to trouble you to break the array!”

 Chi! Chi!

 At this moment, there was a spot of light that lit up in the northern sky. That spot of light was gradually expanding, and finally, there was a Void Ancient Path that appeared. One man and two women who had a mountain-like aura presence had appeared. They were experts who weren’t inferior to Tuoba Qin.

 That male expert burst out with yell as long as he emerged. “Who is the treacherous person that dares to kill my Black Fox citizens? En… Tuoba Qin? Is this the assistance that you hired? Hmph, today, this Thearch shall make all of you perish here. Set up the formation!”

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