Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss



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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, School Life, and Action genres. Written by the Author North Night. 3123 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


She was a peerless genius in the 24th Century – all she needed was a silver needle and she could practically bring anyone back from the dead.

After an explosion, she crossed over into a strange world; everyone calls her “Miss.” The previous “Miss” before had no contractual spirit, was weak and incompetent, and even the fiancé comes over with a new love and bullies her?

Now that she has taken over, who dares to act so presumptuously around her? With needles in hand, the world is for her to own! Wherever she goes, miracles follow! However, she saved a pest. What was she thinking when she saved that man. His stunning demeanor and impeccable face is a huge contrast to his cruel actions. He tries all ways to win her over.

This is an interesting cross over story with some magic, romance and a black bellied miss as the main character.

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Story is very nicely crafted. Tho quite long bec the author is very detailed in explaining the scenes, still very entertaining and addicting, tho there were many gory scenes, good thing no graphics! 😅 Overall, it is a very good read, plot twists are exciting. Kinship, romance, friendships - all found in the novel. Good job to the author! 😊😊


Excellent story 😀😀😀 Though, it's long and sometimes I have to take a break to absorb all of the info, it was all worth it. Amazing plot and characters. Love love love💖


So i read till chapter 840, i really like the fact that it's gore but the FL always drag the counterattack till the very end so it's frustrating to read when she could end a character earlier. But the relation between the FL and her friend is really heartwarming. Her EQ is not hight and the ML know that she don't understand how relationship work and he takes avantage of that to hug her a lot. Overall i think it's a good novel.


The stories is completed, not sure why it says is still 'Ongoing'. One of a very nice novel with detail and excessive plots. Unlike some novels where the characters behavior changed drastically throughout the story, this one remains. Highly recommended if you like female protagonist.


This one is pretty good. If you like novels with female protagonist then it is one of your best choice. If you had already read it, as you can see, in the beginning, it is really full of thrill. But as you proceed, it is sometimes had a pretty gross situation because the fl is really cruel (like melting of the body because of poison😣) but I think you can persevere to the very end just like me.