Genius Wizard Takes Medicine
Genius Wizard Takes Medicine

Genius Wizard Takes Medicine

Drug-Eating Genius Mage

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126 Chapters 62.6K Views 1.66K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Genius Wizard Takes Medicine novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author PostMuscle. 126 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


“World” is a game renowned for its remarkable freedom.

In “version 3.0”, I made the decision to maximize my focus on boosting magical abilities!

All stats now revolve around magic! But In turn, I embraced a substantial number of disadvantageous traits.

However, that is inconsequential. I am determined to forge the ultimate Wizard character, It matters little whether the character’s outward appearance resembles a walking corpse.

Yet… What is this?

I have suddenly transformed into that very character ā€“ a character with prodigious talent, yet unable to survive a single day without relying on drugs.

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  • Spenvy 6

    is he sick or does he snort the sauce ?

    • Azazir 3

      He's pretty much 24/7 on crack to be functioning human. Cuz he made weak char for maximum wizard potential, so expect him to be OP at the end cuz he can mitigate a lot with the medicine and if he can repair everything he'll have all the benefits.

    • Touch 3

      Hopefully snort the majestic otherworldly sauce

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  • Varkolak 2

    It's not for me, just isn't giving me any excitement.

  • lnwUser87572 1

    The novel I've been waiting for a long time has finally arrived!!!

  • ErebosGDS 6

    Title went from "wizard taking drugs" to "wizard taking medicine" šŸ’€

  • TJ5775 5

    So Iā€™m at chapter 45 of the Manhwa where do I start

    • OfensywnyCioban 4

      start on chap 54

  • Imperialus 7

    Goofy ahh title Looks interesting tho

  • Dragos 1

    Cyberpunk 2077 but with magic

  • Sog0m 3

    So, when is our protagonist going to stop the missions and focus on his magic again? I'm at ch 60

  • Shero_101 2

    Rating: 4.5/5 This story offers a truly unique reading experience. The premise involves our protagonist entering the body of a character he created, a concept that has garnered popularity. However, what sets this story apart is its intriguing blend of magic and futuristic technology in a world that surpasses Earth in terms of technological advancements. The protagonist's character is notably physically weak, yet his talent is nothing short of extraordinary. As the story unfolds, readers are gradually introduced to various organizations within this complex world. While the world's borders are not fully explained yet, the presence of both mages and individuals with incredibly robust bodies adds depth to the narrative. After just 17 chapters, the MC has already displayed considerable strength, although he remains far from being among the most powerful figures in the story's universe. His reluctance to harm innocent individuals showcases a moral compass, but it's clear that he would res

    • Resent 1


      • Rubeez 7

        " Stay back Ashley, this RESident is getting evil "

  • Desskman 17

    "Wizard take cracks and weeds"

    • Conquistad_1 1