Evelyn’s body vanishes from her position as if it were extinguished.

In an instant, a vivid green flash plunges into the roaring flames of the furnace, enshrouding them.

The focus here isn’t merely avoiding a space devoid of flames but artfully forging a path ahead.

For Lennok, this served as a stark reminder of the true battles waged among superhumans, tracing the journey of a benefactor.

Having reached the open iron door of the furnace, Evelyn plants her left hand firmly on the ground, twists her body, and propels her left leg into the iron door with accumulated momentum.


Ripples of concentric circles ripple outward in three layers, causing the left iron door to crumple and cave inward within the furnace.

Even with the augmentation of magical-enhanced physical prowess and the direct transfer of kinetic energy, the impact remains almost inconceivable.

This phenomenon likely stems from the inner world, the microcosm, over which Evelyn exerts her power.

However, the predicament lies with the right iron door.

Even for Evelyn, consecutively exerting such impact would be a daunting task.

However, the half-closed furnace entrance intensified the heat, causing the left iron door to commence melting first.

If this continued, one of the furnace doors would give way before they could both be sealed.

Evelyn’s solution was straightforward.

She temporarily detached segments of her suit, affixing them to her right arm, and forcefully pushed the other door closed.


Inconceivable heat surged up Evelyn’s right arm, transforming it into a colossal flame that rapidly consumed the interior of her suit’s arm.

The agony of flesh burning while fully conscious defies description.

Yet, Evelyn only narrowed her eyes slightly, concentrating even harder to suppress the furnace’s inferno and secure the iron door.


Even in that harrowing state, she clung to her task, preventing the door from reopening.

Her endurance was nothing short of remarkable, a testament to the archer’s mental fortitude in enduring such conscious pain.

Her decisiveness in recognizing what needed to be done and acting without hesitation earned Lennok’s admiration.

In response to her initiative, Lennok extracted four talismans from inside his coat, infused them with potent mana, and embedded them into the door.

These were part of the sorcery enhancement catalyst sets he had acquired as a condition for assisting Evelyn.

Utilizing one here was painful, but he could later recover its value from her.

The four talismans released from Lennok’s hand adhered haphazardly around the iron door.

Surprisingly, the mana emanating from the randomly placed talismans began to subdue the furnace’s enchantment.

Vivid purple Mystic eyes swirled intensely, instantly deciphering the heat patterns within the furnace.

Lennok’s time spent in the library was not mere leisure.

Understanding the precise mechanics and activation criteria of his newly awakened Mystic eyes was of paramount importance.

As a result, Lennok deduced the significance of the rotating Mystic eyes in his left pupil.

Within his mind, it resembled a kaleidoscope, gazing upon innumerable branching pathways.

Reducing a portion of his ability to fathom boundless possibilities into a peculiar sensation.

The purple Mystic eyes represented a localized projection, visualizing a fragment of imagination.

Now, he might grasp the power akin to the Mystic eyes possessed by Oliviera.

Her Seven-Treasure Mystic eyes were likely a far more intricate “creation” akin to Lennok’s.

Guided by Lennok’s choices, the heat flow within the furnace was predicted and determined in shades of red and blue.

An intuition and foresight that transcended limitations.

A mutation born of overflowing talent coursing through the magical conduits linked to his left pupil.

Long-term use or broad observation remained unfeasible, but…

Predicting and visualizing the flow within the furnace’s boundaries was achievable.

Lennok’s hands moved with intricate precision, manipulating the mana within the four talismans.

As he guided the mana, he observed and directed the chaotic furnace heat, always one step ahead.

The mana diffusing into the furnace caused the red and blue regions to fluctuate wildly, yet Lennok did not falter.

His unique, formidable intuition transformed even vague conjectures into near-prophecies within his mind.

Ice-based creation magic.

Catalyst Enhancement: Spatial Designation

[결래결색 (Binding the Future’s End)].

The mana contained within the four talismans penetrates the inner depths of the furnace like a precision awl, severing the swirling current of heat.

Lennok’s magic, ceaselessly churning, congeals the scorching gusts that relentlessly flowed between the iron doors, sealing them off completely.

“Close the door.”


The instant the furnace entrance is entirely ensconced in a crystalline cocoon of magic, the trapped heat within begins to go berserk, emanating a bone-chilling cacophony from within.


The entire control room quakes under an immense tremor, as if the sealed iron doors might shatter at any moment, yet not a single additional wisp of heat escapes.

Lennok’s mana, swirling within the furnace, maintains the heat at a perilous threshold, channeling the explosive energy in a continuous cycle.

Other wizards, who had been enduring the furnace’s heat from the control room’s rear, watch in stupefied silence.

“What am I witnessing? Is this something that can be achieved through calculation?”

“It’s as if a life-risking gamble paid off… But still, it’s an unbelievable miracle.”

“The heat is rotating inside. Did he plan and execute this from the start…?”

Controlling heat of this magnitude with one’s mana is virtually inconceivable.

It’s akin to a solitary individual halting a volcanic eruption—an ephemeral embodiment of outlandish idealism where skill prevails over raw power.

In that very moment, as the other wizards observe without blinking, missing no detail of this spectacle…

They realize that the furnace has somewhat subsided, prompting the maintenance wizards to rush in, disconnecting countless wires attached to the furnace.


The quaking furnace heat spirals outward toward the exhaust, gradually settling down.

With the furnace’s heat source completely severed and the existing heat safely expelled, the surroundings come into focus.

Injured wizards clutching their scorched areas, groaning in pain. The belated arrival of the medical team, transporting individuals to the infirmary.

The maintenance team, admonished by their fellow wizards, commences the repair work on the furnace.

All of them gaze upon this scene in profound wonder.

These two individuals could have triggered a catastrophe capable of annihilating the entire Magic Tower, but they averted it with their skill and determination.

An explosion at a core facility of the steel industry isn’t just an accident; it’s a natural disaster.

If a furnace harnessing volcanic heat were to explode, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the entire volcanic region to face calamity.

“Please make way…!!”


Geonis, arriving belatedly, hurls his staff into the exhaust, and the gradually subsiding tremors vanish entirely, restoring serenity to the surroundings.

Lennok, arriving a step behind and visibly shaken, regards Geonis with an impassive gaze.

He had managed to pacify the furnace without Geonis’s aid, but was his tardy arrival a mere coincidence?

Nonetheless, a more pressing concern weighed on his mind.

“Evelyn, how’s your arm?”

She had endured the furnace’s runaway heat with one arm and even sealed the remaining door.

Without any protective measures, it wouldn’t be surprising if her entire body had been consumed by the flames.

“I’m fine.”

Evelyn, seated wearily behind Lennok, offered a fatigued smile.

“I used up all my mana, but I managed to divert the heat.”


“But I can’t avoid exhaustion.”

As she spoke, the sections of her suit that had enshrouded her arm had turned to ash entirely. In contrast, her arm, though bearing cracks and dryness, didn’t appear to be severely injured.

She must have pushed the limits of her microcosmic abilities, channeling the heat away while holding the furnace door.

The specifics of Evelyn’s microcosmic powers remained shrouded in mystery, but they involved manipulating the direction of specific forces.

Perhaps the moment she grasped the furnace’s iron door, she employed her innate abilities to vent the engulfing heat away from her arm, minimizing the damage.

Supporting this supposition, a long, rocket-like trail of melted material lay behind her feet, now solidifying.

It wasn’t merely a manipulation of mana; it was the capacity to directly intervene in the heat’s flow.

It was a mastery of heat manipulation that even Lennok might not be able to confidently replicate. Without such skill, there was no plausible explanation for how she preserved her arm amidst the furnace’s searing intensity.

It was clear evidence that she, too, had achieved mastery over the Domain.

“The problem isn’t my arm, it’s that the accident just now might not have been a coincidence,” Evelyn confided in Lennok.

“I don’t know if you saw it, but the expression on Geonis’s face just before the furnace went berserk was…”

“He was smiling.”


His countenance remained impassive, as though not a single drop of blood would flow even if pricked by a needle. However, this is precisely why Lennok did not overlook the faintest hint of emotion he radiated.

In the moments leading up to the incident, if Geonis’s lips had subtly curved as he turned his gaze toward the furnace…

Could this truly be regarded as a mere accident?

Just as Evelyn was on the verge of continuing her conversation,

“You’re here.”

Geonis, supported by fellow wizards, approached Evelyn.

He moved with an unsteady gait, almost unable to walk properly, and lowered his head with a pallid complexion.

“There’s nothing I can say to you two. I never expected to leave the cleanup of such a dangerous accident to guests of the tower…”

“…It’s unavoidable. I hope the tower recovers smoothly from the loss it suffered this time.”

Following Evelyn’s response, Geonis proceeded immediately.

“For any injuries or aftereffects from this incident, our tower will take responsibility and cover all expenses. Additionally, we’ll greatly extend the duration of your stay in the tower until both of you have fully recovered.”

“That means…”

“I really appreciate what you did today.”

As Geonis uttered these words, other wizards stepped forward to assist the two and transport them to the infirmary.

Lennok and Evelyn were only discharged after nearly half a day of comprehensive examinations to ensure their bodies bore no anomalies.

Until the previous day, they had been mere guests; now, they stood as heroes who had thwarted a calamity that could have obliterated the entire tower.

It was only fitting that their fellow wizards treated them with immense respect.

The two could naturally discern the unfolding situation within the medical ward.

During the investigation into the near-explosion of the furnace, signs of an external intrusion were uncovered, sparking rumors that these traces extended to caves near the volcanic region.

Evelyn, clutching a fruit basket gifted by the medical ward’s wizards, turned her gaze with a vacant expression.

“Lennok, what do you think?”

“There’s nothing to see.”

Lennok, free from injuries except for a strip of bandage adhered to his face, chuckled.

“It’s certain that he’s a highly suspicious character. Until now, his motives were hard to discern, but it became clear today.”


“He’s testing our capabilities. Continuously since yesterday… very blatantly.”

Lennok’s eyes gleamed coldly through the bandages.

Evelyn let out a soft laugh.

“It doesn’t matter. I have a rough idea of what he’s hiding. If we make him confess directly, that’ll be the end of it.”


“The disappearances occurring within the tower, the ignition lines covering the entire crater, the wizards’ testimonies about how long the days felt… If you put all these together, the answer might be right above us.”

“I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”

Evelyn tilted her head.

“At this point, do you have a way to find out what Geonis is hiding?”

In response to her query, Lennok, placing a hand on Evelyn’s shoulder, grinned.

“I have a plan.”

* * *

The very next day following the furnace explosion incident.

Evelyn, leading the agents she had brought along, departed from the tower immediately.

She initiated an investigation into the caves near the volcanic region, accepting Geonis’s proposal made just before the accident.

Given the magnitude of the explosion, it served as a significant pretext to examine the nearby caves, recognizing their importance.

Initially, Geonis feigned concern for her well-being but swiftly consented to her suggestion.

The only remaining guests within the sprawling tower were Lennok, who continued to visit the infirmary while pretending his injuries had not healed, and Mauser, assisting in the furnace’s control room.

Navigating the tumultuous corridors of the tower, Lennok was deep in contemplation.

‘The wizard I met in the practice area said the days felt too long. It’s too suspicious to ignore.’

Considering that in mountains or valleys, days tend to feel shorter, it’s unusual for time to appear extended within the tower’s environment.

Moreover, when a wizard, whose internal sense of time is generally precise, reports such an anomaly, it becomes even more suspicious.

Add to this the barrier encompassing the entire crater and the peculiar sensation Lennok experienced while projecting the structure of the ignition line.

‘The upper part of the hemispherical barrier was wide open. Initially, I thought it was just a measure to mix in the external air, but now that I think about it, that was…’

Perhaps it was a tactic to avoid detection by something situated atop the barrier.

Once his thoughts reached this point, the conclusion presented itself readily.

Above the tower’s five branches.

Something concealed in the sky of the crater, amid the swirl of ash, dust, and the ascending currents of hot air.

Chapter 246
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