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6 users have written reviews for the Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~ novel and rated it with an average score of 5,0 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 377th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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This is a very interesting take on the vrmmorpg genre. The mc is oddly likeable and her ideology of separating the game from real life makes sense. The chapters are at times short but each arc has been well written. The only thing I wish to see more of is more real world scenarios in which we find out why the mc's personality is like that and why her family is so dysfunctional, It would be nice if we could find out why Spoiler Alert the mc's dad bames her for the death of the mother when she died of cancer and he wasn't even there in her final moments. also why he immediately brought in his mistress and kids just a few months after the mother died.


Well this was amazing
Just some (smol?) spoilers

a psycho MC who does any 'evil' deed such as torturing innocent people just to have fun or creating a war between two country cuz its interesting ( its actually just in game but considering how she said she would kill her father if not for her mother's last wish... and what she did to some thug and random guys it can be seen that she is a type who whould do the same iRL if there was no Rule against it ) all of this while having a natural innocence and being unable to properly interact with other people without showing her true self despite being smart and even cunning in other stuff makes it a lot more fun to read
anyway this was a breath of fresh air and i really liked it 5/5


A novel that I didn't think I'd enjoy but ended up loving nonetheless.

I'd recommend giving the novel a read although it's quite a sad and gory novel as the MC doesn't really know how to differentiate between right and wrong and her mother died while she was still young while her father treated her as a monster and still oppresses her.

I'd say that the story instead of revolving around the VRMMORPG revolves around Reina freeing herself from her shackles, growing and developing friendships.

If I'd had to name a problem then it'd be individual chapter length and the forum posting that sometimes takes chapters in a row as I feel those could be shorter while still providing the same effect.


This novel is vey gory and MC is heartless as hell, the fight scenes are detailed as hell so that you can Imagine how the fight looks and even the written for the environment is deatiled.


this novel has many gores

Spoiler Alert this is cool novel it feels like more of streess reilfe novel where you take all you frustration to all destroy everything


Fucking badass
Its a nice change from the normal hero mc to a badass mc who doesnt shy away from committing war crimes and is very logical and not stupid at all and considers the virtual world a fake unrelated world which is a nice change.