[Fai! Fai!]

Hearing someone calling my name, I opened my eyes to the sight of Roxy puffing her cheeks.
She’s already decked out for the trip. Wearing new white colored travelling clothes and her sword already strapped on her waist. She seemed ready to go at any given time.

In comparison to that, I was still lying in my bed with pajamas on.

[Sorry. Guess I overslept.]

[That doesn’t matter. We are still within schedule. But! What’s the meaning of this?]


Roxy was pointing to the spot beside me.
And when my eyes followed her finger…

[Uaah, why the!]

Mimir sometimes fell asleep right after sucking my blood. I have given up trying to avoid that, but… who knows that there would be one more person in my bed?!

Light blue hair… there is only one person I could think of.


I was surprised that she’s here. When I opened up the blanket that was covering her…


What was she thinking? She’s dressed in the most unreasonable way.
No dress. No underwear. Simply put, she’s dressed in nothing at all.

But Roxy immediately closed my eyes, causing me to lose sight of Eris.

[What is the meaning of this! Fai?]

[No… I should be the one asking here. What is going on?!]

While me and Roxy were arguing, Mimir was woken up by the noise we made. The groaning leaking out from her mouth showed that she was sleeping soundly earlier.

[Funyaa…. How noisy… What is going on?]

[Whose fault do you think it is? Mimir should’ve gone and slept in her own room. Cause it’ll be me who get in trouble if otherwise!]

[Arara. Apparently I was too tired yesterday, so after sucking Fate-sama’s blood, I got sleepy and fell asleep. Pardon me. But it’s alright since we are brother and sister.]

[It is NOT alright!]

Roxy scolded Mimir. But scolding seemed to go in one ear and out the other for her.

[Oh, if it isn’t Roxy-sama! Good morning. Getting along with Fate-sama this early in the morning, aren’t you? Are you two doing blindfold play?]

[It’s because… Eris-sama is sleeping over there, while wearing almost nothing.]

[Eris-sama? Nn? …..EeEeeeeeeeh, Fate-sama! Please explain this! What were you doing while I was sleeping right next to you? Please explain in detail]

Roxy was blindfolding me, and on the other hand, Mimir was pulling my shirt and shaking my body incessantly.
Please stop! I just woke up here!

I didn’t really do anything though.
I also wanted to know why Eris is sleeping naked right next to me!

[I have no idea too. Eris! Wake up, Eris!]

Eris woke up after I screamed her name several times.
I couldn’t see because my eyes were covered, but I could tell from the way her bare skin was rubbing on me.

[Good morning… I wonder what’s going on. So noisy]

[Milord is the main cause here. Why sleeping here, and naked as well!]

[Ara? I was going to sleep on my own room, but looks like I made a mistake and ended up here. And I usually sleep naked. See, the temperature has become warmer. Can you tell as well?]

[I certainly cannot!]

[Ee, is that so? But I can certainly feel it today.]

Eris hugged me as she said so cheerfully. Of course I couldn’t see because Roxy is still blindfolding me, but the sensation of Eris’ soft body pressing against me was very apparent.

[Well then, good night!]

[Do not go to sleep again! Please settle this up first!]

Roxy put more power into her hand that was covering my eyes. Whilst Mimir seemed to be biting on my arm.

I’m starting to miss the refreshing moment of waking up in the morning back at the Barbatos mansion. Now it’s been replaced by this noisy morning.

Before this, I’ve been either travelling alone or only with Myne. Having three girls travelling with me seems like more than I could handle.
If every morning ends up like this, I don’t think my body would hold.

I needed to somehow persuade Eris to explain to the two girls that nothing had happened.
And somewhat settled the misunderstanding between Roxy and Mimir.

[Eris-sama, you cannot just sleep in Fai’s room all you want like that.]

[Ee! I can’t?]


[Then I’ll make sure to wear some clothes next time. That should settle it.]

[That would not do. Eris-sama should sleep in her own room!]

[Eee~, but I don’t want to sleep alone. Look, even Fate seems happy with me being here.]

[Fai, is that so?]

Oi! Don’t pass the ball to me at this kind of timing.
Seeing me desperately shaking my head, Roxy nodded in response.

[It is too unscrupulous, especially since there will be important things happening soon. Eris-sama should sleep in her own room from now on]


[Mimir too. I know you have a constitution that requires you to ingest Fai’s blood, but you cannot sleep in his bed like this]


Both Eris and Mimir raised a voice of dissatisfaction at Roxy’s rebuke.
As for me, I just wanted Eris to put on some clothes already. Otherwise, I would be kept blindfolded like this forever.
But Eris beat me in speaking back to Roxy.

[But Roxy always monopolize Fate. Can’t you share some of him with us?]

[That is…]

[Even yesterday, you went to his hometown with him. ]

[Indeed, indeed.]

Mimir chimed in to help corner Roxy.
But Roxy simply refused with a louder voice.

[That still would not do! Mimir is Eris-sama’s caretaker, yes? Please help Eris-sama put on some clothes immediately. Come on now, Eris-sama.]

Somehow, Eris and Mimir seemed to be unable to take Roxy’s angry rebuking anymore, thus finally leaving the room.
I can always rely on Roxy on times like this. While still keeping me blindfolded, she spoke to me,

[Fai is so full of gaps. Would you please, be more careful so that you will not end up troubling me?]

[My apologies.]

Those two other girls were too unreadable and unreasonable sometimes.
No matter how careful you were, the other side will simply come up with a hand that completely nullify all the preparation to repel them, and they would play such a hand without hesitation.
And sleep time is pretty much the time when I was the most unguarded. As I was told by Greed and Luna, during my training in the spiritual world, I won’t be able to wake up at all.

When Roxy finally release the blindfold, I was treated to the sight of her smiling. Because I knew her quite well, I understood immediately that she’s up to no good just from her expression.
Roxy was actually fairly similar to those two girls. She’ll smile even more when she’s trying to play pranks on me.

[If this kind of thing continues on, maybe I should also share a room with Fai next time.]


[Why such reaction! Does that mean a no?]

Her frowning face approached mine.
I’m grateful and happy at the same time, but…

[I’m just…. nervous]

[So, so do I. But I cannot just let this going anymore! At this rate, everytime I turn my eyes away, Mimir and Eris-sama would sneak into Fai’s room]

[That’s true. They’ve been coming nearly everyday actually.]

[Un un, therefore I have to keep watch.]

Roxy’s pretty face was slightly dyed in red. I imagined that my face was no different.
It gradually sunk in my mind, that I’ve actually agreed to share the same room with Roxy. But it’s too late to rescind it now.

I was reminded to my short talk with Luna――back at the Spiritual World.
For me, sharing a room with Roxy is like a dream come true.

[I’ll have to trouble you.]

[My pleasure. Tonight then?]

Roxy reached out for my hand, then pulled me off the bed.

[I’ll go change, then. Has Roxy had breakfast?]

[Not yet. I was waiting for you to wake up. Come to the dining room once you are done.]

Having said that, Roxy left my room with a smile.
And so, the room became quiet. I was all alone.
I felt bad for making her wait, so I changed my clothes as quickly as I could.

Taking the black sword and strapping it on my waist. Yes, preparation complete!

As I’m about to leave the room, Greed spoke to me.

『You are very popular this morning, aren’t you?』

「Oi, still talking trash? And you’ve been watching since last night, haven’t you?」

『Guess so? Mimir has been doing as per usual. Eris probably is still emotionally unstable after knowing that Libra has returned. The way I look at it, she needs some comfort, and being the spoiled girl she is, decided to sleep with Fate.』

[I see… This Libra, is he Eris long standing enemy or something?]

『Well, you can say it that way. If there is anything more complex in it, I’m not in the know. Luna wouldn’t know either.』

[When I looked at Eris’ face last night, I couldn’t help but to think that they’re sworn enemies or something.]

『Hahaha, you actually started to act attentive! You really have grown up a little.』

[What’s with always treating me like a child?]

How dare him make fun of me. Let’s tease Greed a little then.

[You know, Luna was feeling lonely last night. It’s because Greed didn’t come to visit]

『Fuhn, as if this me should care about that!』

[Is that really the case?]

『Yeah, of course.』

[You can’t take back those words.]

『This me does not care.』

Greed seemed to be hellbent on insisting that he doesn’t care.
When Luna becomes the topic, he’s always been stubbornly insisted that he paid no mind for her, which piqued my interest.
Having found no need to pay more attention to Greed, I proceeded to the dining room.
I planned on what to order as I walked, while also thinking of what topic I should discuss when I talk to Roxy later.
She’s quite interested in Greed. So if I told her about his ‘relationship’ with Luna, she’ll definitely listen excitedly.
The topic to talk about during the meal time has been decided.
Imagining Greed’s true form in my head, he’s probably rolling his eyes by now.

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