God Emperor

God Emperor

Chapter 1244: The Third Dead Soul Ancient Ship

A dragon pearl of the Saint King level was definitely a priceless and rare treasure. Ao Xinyan had spat out the dragon pearl without hesitation to save Zhang Ruochen and delay the Demoness Xuezhen.

Zhang Ruochen truly owed her.

Swallowing the dragon pearl again, Ao Xinyan’s face had a ruddy color again. Crystal-like spots of light appeared on her skin.

She used a technique and beams of Dragon Qi whooshed through her meridians, healing her internal injuries.

Zhang Ruochen transformed into a blur and came to the outside of the Fighting Fire God Formation. One hand was behind his back. The other held the Abyss Ancient Sword.

Inside the formation, the Saint Beast Xuanwei saw the Demoness Xuezhen get killed. He was very frightened and had wanted to escape. However, 36 fiery chains appeared in the formation. It locked down the 300-foot-wide land, not giving him any chance to escape.

Blackie stood up and laughed cockily. “Weren’t you arrogant earlier in going up against me? How come you want to escape now? Stay and I’ll give you a chance for a fair fight.”

Joy flashed deep within Saint Beast Xuanwei’s eyes. “You said it. A fair fight where outsiders can’t get involved.”

“Of course. I keep my word.”

If Zhang Ruochen and Blackie worked together, Saint Beast Xuanwei would definitely die today. At most, he could set off his saint heart and have them die together.

However, he was still confident in dealing with a fat cat.

If he could kill the cat first, then he could face Zhang Ruochen more easily.


Saint Beast Xuanwei roared and his human figure exploded. He transformed into a 120-foot-tall, 340-foot-long black porcupine. He was covered in sharp thorns. Each thorn was like a sharp spear.

“Divine Porcupine.”

Saint Beast Xuanwei released all his Spiritual Power, condensing above all 18,000 thorns. The next moment, 3,000 thorns flew out of his body and toward Blackie in a black cloud.

Just as Saint Beast Xuanwei used this attack, Zhang Ruochen used the Spatial Move. He charged into the Fighting Fire God Formation, appearing above the beast.

“Wu Sword.” Zhang Ruochen formed a circle with his arms. The Abyss Ancient Sword flew above their heads, shining with brilliant light like a blazing noon sun.


A 100-foot-long Sword Qi image appeared on the surface of the Abyss Ancient Sword. It stabbed downward with the ancient sword.


The huge Sword Qi image penetrated Saint Beast Xuanwei’s body, nailing him to the ground. Great amounts of saintly blood flowed out of the wound in his abdomen. It dyed the entire Fighting Fire God Formation red.

“You said…fair fight…not trustworthy at…all…”

The Saint Beast Xuanwei was furious. He activated all his Spiritual Power, wanting to control the Abyss Ancient Sword and yank it out so he could escape.

Zhang Ruochen pointed forward. A sword image formed by sword intent flew out of his finger and stabbed through Saint Beast Xuanwei’s heart.

The beast’s Spiritual Power instantly grew chaotic. He could no longer consolidate any power. The victor was clear now.

Blackie stopped operating the Fighting Fire God Formation and strode over lazily. Standing before Saint Beast Xuanwei, it laughed.

“I agreed to a fair fight, so I’ll definitely fighting fairly. But if Zhang Ruochen wants to kill you, I can’t do anything about it.”


Saint Beast Xuanwei let out another angry roar. Gradually, his vitality ran dry and he turned into a corpse.

“I’m smart, right? I used the fair fight to numb him so he didn’t set off his saint heart and kill us all. Then you attacked suddenly, taking him by surprise, haha.”

Blackie felt proud, thinking that it had used its intelligence to defeat the opponent.

Zhang Ruochen opened his hand and reached forward. The huge sword image on the surface of the Abyss Ancient Sword retracted into the blade. It flew back into Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

“You think Saint Beast Xuanwei was really fooled by you?” Zhang Ruochen asked indifferently. “You think it really wasn’t prepared? It’s only because the time sword technique changed the flow of time. The beast’s reaction speed became extremely slow, so it couldn’t stop the Abyss Ancient Sword, and it died.”

Blackie stopped smiling and glared. “You’re just jealous that I’m smarter than you.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t feel like arguing with it. He closed his eyes and thought back through the entire fight. He summarized his mistakes so he wouldn’t do the same in the next battle.

Every battle between equal matches was an experience to grow from.

Right now, his most powerful attack wasn’t Sword Qi, the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm, or the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.

It was the attack after combining the Spatial Move and time sword technique. He first used the Spatial Move to approach the opponent. Then he used the time sword technique to kill the enemy with one strike.

It was just one word: fast.

Speed was the only technique that couldn’t be countered.

Both the Spatial Move and time sword technique made Zhang Ruochen’s attacks extremely fast and unpredictable.

In the Xuanhuang Realm, there weren’t many beings who could counter this technique of his. As for Chedi Realm Saints, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be able to beat them at all. The cultivation difference was too large. He couldn’t win with just speed.

From now on, I won’t use this method unless I can kill them with one strike, Zhang Ruochen thought. If I use it too often, the enemy will figure out a way around it. After all, those who can reach the Saint Realm can’t be idiots.

In the other direction, the Holy Carnivorous Flower had already sucked the snake’s Blood Qi, Holy Qi, and saintly source dry. The vine had thickened more. The veins of each leaf were like bolts of lightning.

The flower at the top was the size of a stone mill. It shone with red light. The petals seemed to have been carved out of blood crystals. They were beautiful but radiated with a dangerous aura.

A black-haired beauty stood in the center. She had dark eyebrows, red lips, and white teeth. There were flirtatious ripples in her eyes. She was indescribably mesmerizing. However, it was only a shadow and not a body of flesh and blood.

After the Holy Carnivorous Flower bloomed for the first time, the fruit was her shadow. The second time would be her physical body.

This meant that if the Holy Carnivorous Flower wanted to have a physical body, it must wait until the second fruit. With its current cultivation, its flower hadn’t even bloomed completely. There was still a long way to go before forming a fruit.

Zhang Ruochen could sense clearly that its cultivation had improved greatly after absorbing the Demoness Xuezhen. It may soon break through an important obstacle.

Maybe it will soon enter the upper-level Saint Realm? Zhang Ruochen was curious.

Rustle, rustle.

The flower’s roots spread forward and stabbed into Saint Beast Xuanwei. It turned the beast into nutrients and continued to absorb it. It seemed to really be trying to break into the next level.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t stop it. With his current cultivation, he was confident in repressing the flower even if it reached the upper Saint Realm.

On the other hand, if it became an upper-level Saint, its combat ability would definitely be strong. It could be a great help to Zhang Ruochen.

The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon was surrounded by strong cultivators. Zhang Ruochen and Blackie couldn’t fight them alone. If they could have the Holy Carnivorous Flower and it was in the upper Saint Realm, Zhang Ruochen would be more confident about the upcoming battles.

He suddenly sensed something and furrowed his brows.


Transforming into white light, he flew to the top of the 3,000-meter-tall mountain and looked southward. The southern sea shone with gold light. The sea and skies all turned golden.

A golden Dead Soul Ancient Ship was cruising out of the golden clouds. It was like a golden dragon floating in the water. It was hundreds of miles long, as large as a mountain range.

Slowly, it approached and stopped at the south side of the island. Twenty to thirty specks of red light flew off of it, landing outside the island. Each spot of light was a human with blood wings. They radiated with thick Saintly Way auras.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes grew serious. “How come a large group of Immortal Vampire Saints have come to the Yin Yang Sea too?” he murmured to himself.

These people with blood wings were Immortal Vampire Saints. Some of them had auras similar to the Death Knight. It was possible that countless more Death Knights had come to the Yin Yang Sea.

Blackie and Ao Xinyan also came to the mountaintop. “The Immortal Pavilion could calculate that you came to the Yin Yang Sea. They’ll also figure out that the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon has come. It can’t be a coincidence that the most powerful young human and beast entered the Yin Yang Sea together. They’ll suspect something.”

“This means that the Immortal Pavilion sent a large group of Saints here also to search for the Dragon Sun Moon Mix?”

Standing to the side, Ao Xinyan was shocked. She finally learned the true reason why Zhang Ruochen entered the Yin Yang Sea. He was looking for the Divine Dragons’ most powerful weapon.

The Dragon Sun Moon Mix.

If this divine weapon was revealed, it would definitely change the entire situation of Kunlun’s Field. Did the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon have the same goal as them?

“They might not know you’re looking for it,” Blackie said. “But they definitely know there’s a great treasure in the Yin Yang Sea. Otherwise, you and the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon wouldn’t risk so much to break into here.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled. “My every movement can stir up a storm. Am I at that level now?”

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