God Emperor

Chapter 1245: Manlong Dragon Lord

Ao Xinyan stared at the being in front of her, pouted and said, “There’re countless talents in this era, yet few who’re at your level can rival you. You’re the top human talent in Kunlun’s Field in the latest hundred years. This is your era, and you represent the center of this era. Everything you do draws attention from all the powers.”

Ao Xinyan exaggerated a bit, but what she said made sense.

Everyone had different fate Qi. Without a great fate Qi, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t have accomplished as he had now, nor would he become the best among the youngsters.

Even if the human beings and savage beasts around him could have great fate Qi and obtain far greater advantages than other creatures.

It was fair to say that he represented the center of fate Qi in this era.

Zhang Ruochen and Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon were two creatures with great fate Qi. The entire Kunlun’s Field was alerted when they entered Yin and Yang Ocean at the same time.


Zhang Ruochen raised his head and looked to the west. He squinted his eyes and said, “What’s happening? Are there any more powers sending great beings to Yin and Yang Ocean?”

Waves three hundred feet tall started to tumble on the ocean to the west of Dragon Fire Path.

White mist gushed out from the back of the waves, approaching Dragon Fire Island.

Gradually, a white ancient ghost boat emerged among the fog.

Although he was far from the boat, Zhang Ruochen still used his heavenly eyes to see the couple of people he knew on the ancient boat. Chi Wansui, Wan Huayu, Bu Qianfan, Sui Han…

They were all the top rising stars in the imperial government over the last dozens of years. They all had a great power backing them.

“The people from the imperial government also entered Yin and Yang Ocean,” Zhang Ruochen said to himself.

Ao Xinyan was dazed. She said, “Did someone expose your tracks?”


Zhang Ruochen negated Ao Xinyan’s assumption.

Only Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo knew that he was going to Yin and Yang Ocean, aside from Blackie, to find the Divine Dragon Sun and Moon Chaos Tower and ingredients of Six Saints to the Sky Wine.

There was no way that Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo had told on him to the imperial government. There must be another reason.

Zhang Ruochen said, “If the Immortal Temple can figure out where I am, the Earth God Temple might also be able to do so.”

The Earth God Temple admitted countless mind power monks. They had the power to change everything. It was mysterious, powerful, and it was independent of the six ministries of the imperial government. They answered only to the empress.

It was said that three hundred years ago, the temple leader ‘Living Pusa’ talked about Taoism with Wang Shiqi for nine days.

Wang Shiqi couldn’t help praising him. He thought that Living Pusa was the likeliest to be a mind power supreme saint after Emperor Buddha and Emperor Wen.

Now, after three hundred years, it was probable that the Living Pusa had become a mind power supreme saint, and it was possible that the imperial government knew that Zhang Ruochen had entered Yin and Yang Ocean.

“The young saints from the immortal vampire race and the imperial government have arrived. Perhaps there’ll be more young saints entering Yin and Yang Ocean. We need to hurry,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Hong Long.

Right after Zhang Ruochen finished talking, a crack showed up in the south and the west of Dragon Fire Island.

The saints from the immortal vampire race and the imperial government flew into the island through the cracks like light spots.

Apparently, they all came prepared as they carried their stamps.

Holy Carnivorous Flower sucked Saint Beast Xuanwei dry at the mountainside.

The cultivation of Holy Carnivorous Flower surged. It had exceptional force, yet it wasn’t an upper-class saint yet.

“I’ve refined three saint sources and bodies of two saint beasts, yet I still haven’t made a breakthrough.” Carnivorous Holy Flower was very disappointed.

That beautiful phantom in the flower stared at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Master, please give me another saint source. I’ll definitely make a breakthrough.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “It isn’t because you don’t have enough nutrients that you can’t become an upper-class saint, but the nutrients you absorbed are not pure enough. I’ll take a Nanling Dragon Fire to refine the holy Qi inside your body, then you can make your breakthrough.”

Zhang Ruochen put Carnivorous Holy Flower back to his body and performed great spatial move. He took Blackie and Ao Xinyan to cross the space, jumping to the peak of the volcano at the center of the island.

The volcano was more than twenty thousand feet tall. It pierced through the clouds, and it was circular. There was black smoke coming out of the volcano.

The temperature above the volcano was ridiculously high.

Zhang Ruochen shot Ao Xinyan a glance and said, “You haven’t become a saint yet. Don’t jump down. Wait for me here.”

“No. I have the dragon marble to protect myself. I won’t be burnt to death even if I’m inside the volcano.”

Ao Xinyan looked firm and said, “I must go retrieve Nanling Dragon Fire. I need that to refine my body. After I’ve completed my true dragon body, I can have the power of Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon.”

Zhang Ruochen gave her a deep look as he didn’t want to beat her down.

After all, with Ao Xinyan’s potential and conviction, she might be able to fight Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon after she gained her true dragon body.

“Okay. Let’s go down together.”

Zhang Ruochen and Ao Xinyan jumped down into the volcano.

Blackie didn’t jump down there. Instead, it went to the mountainside and started to craft the formation inscriptions, preparing for the upcoming fight.

Dragon Fire Island was the sun eye of Yin and Yang Ocean.

And the volcano was at the center of the sun eye. Only saints were able to resist the temperature inside the volcano.

Zhang Ruochen was wearing Ten Saints Blood Armor, and he activated seventy-two layers of holy light and saint soul domain, rushing toward the underground.

Inside the volcano, it was like a melting pot of sky and land, filled with red lava and burning holy fire, which could melt everything in the world.

The deeper they went, the hotter they felt.

Ao Xinyan could barely go down after five thousand feet. She looked pained, but she still tried to follow Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen said, “You don’t need to get to the bottom. You can stay here, and perhaps you can find a Nanling Dragon Fire.”

Nanling Dragon Fire was in the lava. They had a higher chance if they went deeper.

It was almost impossible to find Nanling Dragon Fire where Ao Xinyan was.

Ao Xinyan knew that she couldn’t get to the bottom with her cultivation. She said, “I’ll stay here to try to get to second-trial pre-saint.”

Ao Xinyan found somewhere well-concealed. If she could make a breakthrough, it would be worth it.

Zhang Ruochen went deeper, nine thousand feet, ten thousand feet, eleven thousand feet…

When Zhang Ruochen got to eleven thousand feet below the ground, he was alerted. He sensed a danger coming and wielded his Abyss Ancient Sword.

A giant blue axe that was more than thirty feet long was wielded, going through the lava.

The axe was several times larger than the body of Zhang Ruochen, which had the power to crush mountains.


The axe clashed with Abyss Ancient Sword, making a deafening sound.

Zhang Ruochen bounced up around three hundred feet before he could balance himself again.

He felt sore in his arm, and he could barely hold the sword in his hand.


A deafening sound was transmitted from below.

A sole-armed giant that was more than fifty feet tall carried a giant axe and broke through the crimson lava, dashing toward Zhang Ruochen.

There were dragon scales the size of a palm all over the sole-armed giant, emanating traces of Dragon Qi.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the sole-armed giant with his heavenly eyes. He realized that it wasn’t a real human being, but a savage dragon.

Hong Long.

Zhang Ruochen clashed with the sole-armed giant again, and he bounced more than two hundred feet away, and his arm only got worse.

His body was already sanctified, yet he still wasn’t its match.

“No wonder it’s a savage dragon. It has incomparable strength and a sturdy body.”

Zhang Ruochen mobilized holy Qi and operated the meridians and saintly meridians in his body, and that pain went away immediately.

“I am the lord of the savage dragon race, Xin Tong. It’s already impressive that your weak human body could take two strikes from my axe,” the sole-armed giant said.

Zhang Ruochen said, “So, you’re the lord of the Savage beast race. You’re powerful indeed, stronger than Demoness Xue Zhen.”

The lord of the savage beast race, Xin Tong, was one of the most powerful young saint beasts cultivated by Ancestral Dragon Mountain. It had also followed Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon into Yin and Yang Ocean this time.

Being called a lord meant that Xin Tong had the purest royal bloodline of the savage beast race, making him much stronger than regular savage beasts.

“If I can reach Xuanhuang realm, I can kill Demoness Xue Zhen with one strike. Are you trying to insult me by comparing her to me?” Manlong Dragon Lord yelled.

Manlong Dragon Lord was only an upper-class saint, yet it was still stronger than Demoness Xue Zhen.

Suddenly, Manlong Dragon Lord thought of something, and it said with surprise, “Demoness Xue Zhen and Saint Beast Xuanwei are both outside. How did you get in here?”

“I killed them both with my sword.” Zhang Ruochen said.

“You’re that mysterious human sword warrior?” Manlong Dragon Lord asked.

Manlong Dragon Lord’s eyes popped.

It would be difficult even for Manlong Dragon Lord to fight them if Demoness Xue Zhen and Saint Beast Xuanwei teamed up, yet the human being in front of him was able to kill them both?

Manlong Dragon Lord didn’t believe that this person could be that powerful. He said, “Nonsense. You can’t even defeat either of them. How did you kill them both?”

“It isn’t important whether you believe it or not.”

Zhang Ruochen stopped talking to Manlong Dragon Lord. He chanted, “Carnivorous Holy Flower.”

Carnivorous Holy Flower gushed out of Zhang Ruochen’s back, and there was lightning flowing on the vines. Carnivorous Holy Flower splashed the vines, hitting the waist of Manlong Dragon Lord, knocking him away.

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