God Emperor

Chapter 1519: Horrified Luosha Armies

Zhang Ruochen terrified the Luosha armies by killing two first marquises.

They couldn’t help stepping back, seeing Zhang Ruochen marching forward.

“What’re you afraid of. He is only one person. Do you really think he can hold off our encirclement?” Blood Pluto Python exerted saint might at the saint king level and yelled.

The Luosha marquises standing in the evil cloud, led by five first marquises, overcame their fear and formed Nine Nine to One Formation.

The power ripple coming out of the evil cloud became stronger as the formation operated.

“Let us help you, my lord.”

Le, Han Qiu, and Princess White Li didn’t want Zhang Ruochen to fight the Luosha armies by himself, so they suppressed their injuries and rushed toward Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen saw how wounded they were, and that they needed time to recover even after taking the healing saint spills.

“Stay here and recover first. Leave this to me and don’t come until you’ve at least half recovered.”

Zhang Ruochen took out the Buddha sarira and gave it to Princess White Li. He said, “The sarira can purify the evil Qi in your body. Use the power of the sarira to protect everyone if you run into danger.”

The previous officials from Sacred Central Empire were all moved, as their crown prince cared about them so much. If it weren’t for their injuries, they would’ve fought side by side with their highness to the death.

But now, they needed to recover first.

Zhang Ruochen took a large step forward. Each step was three hundred feet long. He bent his legs a bit and surged to the sky after the third step.

“I’ll kill you along with them today.”

Blood Pluto Python raised its head and gave an order: “Kill him.”

The Luosha marquises standing in the evil cloud also yelled, used the power of Nine Nine to One Formation, and attacked Zhang Ruochen.

There were twelve formations in total.

The saint spells coming out of the formations were terrific. Some even looked like lightning rivers that were hundreds of feet wide, and each bolt of lightning was like a heavenly blade, crushing the saint mountain behind Zhang Ruochen. If the lightning hit Zhang Ruochen’s body, he would be seriously injured no matter how sturdy his body and defense were.

One saint spell formed a sole-eyed demon which was as large as a saint mountain. It shook the saint Qi around.

All twelve Nine Nine to One Formations were operated by a second marquis, and five of them had first marquises operating them. The Nine Nine to One Formations were way stronger than those Zhang Ruochen encountered before.

Any formation was strong enough to kill a first-step saint king.

The chaotic saintly way destruction Qi distracted the previous officials from Sacred Central Empire from healing as they were all worried about Zhang Ruochen’s safety.

Zhang Ruochen clashed with that sole-eyed evil demon, and then, he teleported himself to above its head.


Zhang Ruochen mobilized the saint Qi inside his body, yelled and pointed at one of the Nine Nine to One Formations.

The space above the Nine Nine to One Formation started to shake fiercely, making cracking sounds. And then, it crumbled from the inside out, forming a black hole with a diameter of hundreds of feet.

It was complete darkness inside the hole, which was the hollow that could destroy all the creatures.

Most of the Luosha marquises that formed the Nine Nine to One Formation were swallowed by the hollow, and their bodies were turned into dust right outside the hollow.

Only a few managed to survive, but they were all horrified.

Zhang Ruochen was incredible. He collapsed the space by barely pointing at it. No one could fight against that.


The space kept collapsing.

Zhang Ruochen broke one Nine Nine to One Formation after another like Satan. Countless Luosha marquises were swallowed by the hollow.

And besides, Zhang Ruochen was extraordinarily fast and able to perform spatial move, so it was difficult for the formation to actually charge him.

The five first marquises were also terrified.

Zhang Ruochen looked more like a demon from hell than them. It seemed there was unlimited saint power in his body.

There was a splendid demonic palace at the top of a saint mountain.

The palace didn’t used to be there.

The demonic palace was made of the skull of a supreme saint, and it was more than seven thousand feet long. There was a layer of demonic iron that contained mysterious power on the surface of the palace, decorated by saint jades and mysterious stones of all sorts.

There was still some remaining supreme-saint power left which was sealed inside the demonic palace.

Ordinary saints would be terrified by that supreme-saint force.

Princess Luosha had fully recovered, and she looked vigorous.

She was holding a saint scepter, standing at the center of the demonic palace. She looked around and observed the battle under the mountain. Eventually, she looked to where Blood Pluto Python and Zhang Ruochen were.

Princess Luosha heard an old voice. “Your highness, the priest from Guanghan Field seems to have the same level of space power as you do. If we let him roam free, he’ll cause a great loss to our race.”

It was an old woman with silver hair.

There were wicked engravings on that old woman’s forehead, forming an eye. She was also holding a saint scepter.

That saint scepter looked more like a spear, as the tip was sharp.

Princess Luosha hesitated for an instant and asked, “What do you plan to do, senior sister?”

That old woman was the disciple of one of Princess Luosha’s masters. Her name was Ji Hua, and she had much stronger mind power than Princess Luosha, reaching level fifty-six. Ji Hua was an achiever in formations.

She was the one who set up Thousand-Star Formation.

“Freeze the space and kill him.”

Ji Hua looked hostile, but then, she smiled sneakily and said, “He is one of the few people in the world who’s in your league when it comes to talent and appearance. I’m worried that you won’t be willing to kill him, your highness.”

“He’s a great talent from Heaven World, but I’m a princess from Hell World. Why would I be unwilling?”

But then, Princess Luosha said, “However, our grandmaster made a prediction before that anyone who takes off my Ten Thousand Saints Blouse will be the man of my destiny.”

“Is it the priest from Guanghan Field?”

Ji Hua’s eyes popped, as she found it hard to believe.

Princess Luosha felt conflicted.

She was anxious when Zhang Ruochen took off her Ten Thousand Saints Blouse, as Zhang Ruochen was from Heaven World.

Was that a joke? Or was her grandmaster wrong?

Ji Hua stayed silent for a while and said, “However, our grandmaster also said you should be emotionless in your life if you want to attain more. Perhaps she was saying you should kill that man of your destiny the second you meet him, so that you won’t be trapped by your feelings.”

Princess Luosha could understand what Ji Hua was saying. However, she was a girl who had been refining for more than a century. She was curious about the man of destiny, and she wanted to get to know him more and how it felt to be with him.

The more intelligent a person was, the more curious the person would be.

And that curiosity might be their doom.

“Are you trapped already, your highness?” Ji Hua asked worriedly seeing Princess Luosha’s silence.

Princess Luosha said, “No, of course not.”

“Then let’s kill him today so that he won’t be able to distract you anymore.”

Ji Hua released a trace of terrific mind power and infused it into her saint scepter.

The saint scepter made an ear-piercing noise and flew out of the demonic palace like a trace of light, landing on the battlefield where Zhang Ruochen and Blood Pluto Python were.


The saint scepter that was nine feet long was stuck in the ground, and suddenly, it got a thousand times taller, turning into a sky-connecting pillar, solidifying the space around it.

The space seemed to have become solid, and normal warriors might not be able to move at all.

Zhang Ruochen found it very difficult to tear the space apart or to perform spatial move.

Zhang Ruochen looked to the demonic palace in the distance where he saw Princess Luosha and Ji Hua.


Blood Pluto Python guffawed, “Saint Master Ji Hua froze the space using her saint scepter. Zhang Ruochen won’t be able to perform spatial skills anymore.”

“Kill him! Zhang Ruochen without his space power is like an owl without its wings!”

Those Luosha marquises who were originally terrified suddenly got their confidence boosted as if Zhang Ruochen was powerless after the space was frozen.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t back off. Instead, he rushed forward. A dragon shadow showed up on his left arm; an elephant shadow showed up on his right arm. A Luan shadow showed up under his left foot while a phoenix shadow showed up under his right foot.

Bang Bang!

Every time he slapped, a Luosha marquis would be crushed into pieces. Only a few were able to survive one of his attacks.

Zhang Ruochen slaughtered a large group of Luosha marquises, leaving a trail of corpses.

There had been more than a thousand Luosha marquises encircling the saints from Sacred Central Empire, but after thirty minutes, there were less than three hundred of them.

Blood Pluto Marquis was enraged. Princess Luosha was watching the battle in the demonic palace, yet it not only failed to defeat an absolute saint with more than a thousand marquises, but also suffered a huge blow. Its future would be dim in the Luosha race.


Blood Pluto Python rushed out from the Luosha marquises who were trying to flee and dashed toward Zhang Ruochen.

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