Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 2119: Seed of the Magic Soul Vine

Chapter 2119: Seed of the Magic Soul Vine


The ninja spat out another mouthful of blood when he hit the ground.


The ninja stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief. “How did you know…”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu, and she quickly helped him to his feet.

“Interrogate him,” said Jun Linyuan.

Feng Xun quickly picked up the ninja, but the next second, he paused and gave “Feng Wu” a strange look.

“Her” tone and demeanor reminded him so much of Boss Jun.

However, Feng Xun still didn’t suspect anything. He had found a perfect excuse for “Feng Wu.”

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The two of them had been staying together all the time; they were bound to resemble each other. Just look at how serious “Feng Wu” had become.

At that thought, Feng Xun rolled his eyes at “Boss Jun.” He wanted the old Feng Wu back!

Feng Wu was perplexed by that look.

Soon, Feng Wu saw how Feng Xun carried out an interrogation.

He was usually a silly teenager, but when he was at work, he could become very serious.

The ninja tried to kill himself several times, but Feng Xun stopped him in time.

When he tried to bite down on the poisonous pill hidden in his tooth, Feng Xun dislocated his chin.

When he tried to rip his collar open to get the poison, Feng Xun cut off his right hand.

The ninja glared at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun pushed the ninja’s chin back in place and smirked. “Did you really think you could pull that off in front of me? Don’t you know that I work for the interrogation department of Military Intelligence?”

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Feng Wu couldn’t help but glance at Feng Xun. The interrogation department?

She saw that neither Jun Linyuan nor Xuan Yi had any reaction. Did they belong to that department as well?

It was said that the Junwu Empire used to have an interrogation department that was under the command of the Ministry of War. The department then developed into Military Intelligence, which was under the direct command of Emperor Wu and followed his orders only.

Today, Feng Wu finally saw how formidable Feng Xun could be when he put his mind to it.

“Ahhh —

“Ahhh —

“Ahhh —”

The ninja was indeed a tough man. At first, he wouldn’t say anything, not even when he was tortured.

But Feng Xun was relentless.

Seeing the blood which splattered and how much the ninja suffered, Feng Wu was impressed.

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She should have known. Jun Linyuan’s friends couldn’t be that simple.

Feng Xun seemed harmless, but that was only because he was nice to Feng Wu. When it came to other people, he could be very intimidating.

“If you want to stay silent, be my guest, but you’re going to…” With a flip of his dagger, Feng Xun peeled another thin slice of flesh off the ninja.

Feng Wu felt that Feng Xun would make a great sashimi cook.

The ninja wanted to die but couldn’t.

He was tied to a tree and stripped to the waist. Feng Xun was cutting off his flesh one strip at a time. With each cut, the ninja screamed.

Of course it hurt.

Feng Xun’s interrogation skills were…

He could peel off a strip of flesh all the way from the ninja’s shoulder to his stomach without making him bleed.

“Kill me… Please let me die…”

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 2119: Seed of the Magic Soul Vine
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