Godly Model Creator

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12 users have written reviews for the Godly Model Creator novel and rated it with an average score of 4,7 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 174th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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I absolutely adore this novel and read it through all the way. highly recommend to anyone who wants a long novel to dig in to, it'll last you a good while and I'm sure you'll love it too!


Firstly I want to thank you for making this novel and it was a very good and enjoyable time reading it I wish you the best, keep going, and thank you.


Firstly I want to thank you for making this novel and it was a very good and enjoyable time reading it I wish you the best , keep going , and thank you.


Just finished all 1080 chapter, I’ll give it a 5 star even though the ending was tremendously rushed meaning the last 20 chapters was rush rush rush. However, a novel being entertaining for a 1000 chapters is an achievement itself.


Excellent novel. Can't stop reading once started. Finally 3 full days to complete the novel. Nice plots in the academy. It would be better if there are more face slaps to federation.


I don’t get what’s special about this novel. It has every single Chinese cliche in existence. Having only a mom and a sister, hardworking but untalented, hatred for high ranked origin abilities yet for some reason doesn’t hate his sister, who’s very talented. I don’t get it. The author is literally plagiarizing his work, not even containing a hint of originality or creativity. It’s funny how the abilities are called origin abilities, yet the author severely lacks originality.


Absolutely amazing Novel. Most of the novels have Good Starting and all but can make a nice ending. But GMC has all in it. Excellent story, Good Character Development, Etc. And Personally, I didn't even felt bored Reading it.
Highly Recommended...


This novel has five star ratings for a REASON. the setting is good, nothing incredibly unique but still well developed and engaging. The characters aren’t groundbreaking but they aren’t bad either. But where this novel really shines is through the abilities of the MC. His "cheat" ability is OP, but not too OP. He doesn’t suddenly get stronger than everyone else. No, he really works for his strength. Its not a story where he has a clear path to follow to get stronger, and potential waiting to be unlocked, no his ability is actually weak and sometimes you're not sure how hes gonna get stronger. But he does and its a great read.


Loved reading it and with a well done ending that fits the story it amazing, I would definitely recommend to read it read it all the way through


Very detailed and good novel... packed with action and adventure and some scheme plots... mc is smart and calculative plus he became strong bit by bit with each of new ability added to his use