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Chapter 944: The end of the road


This sound seemed to have turned into a nightmare to everyone’s ears.

The moment it was heard, everyone’s expression changed. When they had a proper look at the next person to be engulfed by the quicksand, everyone’s face looked even uglier.

Wu Ming!

It turned out to be Wu Ming!


Everyone’s heart trembled for a second.

If it was an ordinary esper, then forget about it but… Wu Ming! Along the way, he had been providing them with a lot of experience! At least, that was what they thought. Now, this terrifying quicksand actually found its next target, Wu Ming?

“How could…”

Zheng Tai’s whole body trembled even more.

Su Hao!

How could it be Su Hao!

After all, Su Hao was much stronger than him! Although everyone praised him for being the youngest world esper and crafted a new era, only he knew he was not worth mentioning in front of Su Hao! Previously when the Su family underwent changes, that world bell ringing was probably for Su Hao, right?

This is a man who was far ahead and stronger than him!

A guy, who was once a frenemy, but now a friend.

And now…

This guy was finished like that?

Zheng Tai dared not believe it.

There was one more person who had the same idea, Liu Ping! Because Liu Ping always had this thought in his heart, within this exploration team, the ones most qualified to leave here alive would be him and Wu Ming. The reason was because Wu Ming had the experience while he was the strongest within the team.

Thus, the quicksand wouldn’t be reaching them, right?

But never would he think…

The third target was Wu Ming! The quicksand was completely random that even Wu Ming, someone who had experienced Taihu Territory couldn’t stop it. Let alone him?

Everyone went silent.

Looking at the sand slowly starting to engulf Wu Ming’s feet, everyone didn’t know what to say.

“Wu Ming…” Liu Ping tried to say something.

Su Hao shrugged his shoulders, “In the end, it reached my turn. Hehe, during my time in Taihu Territory, I already had such thoughts that I will face this scene. Never did I expect to escape the disaster and meet it in this Great Despair instead. Rest assured, there is nothing to worry about. I have long prepared for this.”

There was no need for comfort.

There won’t be any attempt to drag others.

In fact, Wu Ming didn’t need any consolation. Such actions made the team not know what to say. Wu Ming’s expression was so calm that it made them feel sad. Liu Ping suddenly had some regret. To force Wu Ming, who was unwilling to come into this Great Despair, was that the right or wrong decision?

But that was just for a moment, and he no longer thought of it.

Nine Snakes were here.

What he was here for was for the sake of the entire human race!

“Is there any family member you need to take care of?” Liu Ping wished to do something for him.

“Nope.” Su Hao shook his head, “Oh, my master is Chen Ge, but he probably needs no help from you. As for helping me to take care… if possible, help me take care of that little brat Zheng Tai. After all, he wasn’t strong but followed me here. Plus, he has the opportunity to become the strongest esper.”

“Alright.” Liu Ping was moved.

At such a moment, he is actually still thinking about mankind! This was a true human, completely different from those previous scums!

At the same time, the quicksand had submerged Su Hao’s feet.

“Go.” Su Hao took a deep breath, “Based on my calculations, I understand the sand’s absorption rate of Rule Force and the range of the resulting expansion. Thus, I still wish to give it a try.”

“Relax, I won’t involve everyone.”

“I will experiment as far as you all go within the scope. If you all still don’t leave, I can only give up the only chance of victory.” Su Hao said calmly.

He wished to give it a try.

Everyone’s heart shivered. However, they couldn’t say anything to refute. Not to mention, he already clearly said that he wouldn’t involve others. If you all don’t leave, he simply won’t be making an attempt.

This was in consideration for everyone.

Even when he still wished to give it a try, he didn’t want to involve anyone.

“Let’s go!” Liu Ping turned around and left.

“Wu Ming!” Zheng Tai shouted out loud, and his eyes were a bit red, “You must, you must survive!”

“Let’s go!”

After Zheng Tai finished his words, he turned around and ran.

Without using any Rule Force, everyone ran awkwardly within the desert. Although the world espers couldn’t use Rule Force, their physical fitness was still alright.

Soon, everyone vanished from Su Hao’s field of vision.

They were buying time for Su Hao.

Su Hao could give it a try if they ran far. This… This was to increase the chances for Su Hao, although they were well aware that the increment was too pitifully minute.

“They are all gone now…”

As Su Hao watched everyone disappear, his eyes lit up.

He felt a bit moved earlier.

However, he also knew that this move of his was just temporary.

Time is a terrifying thing, and human beings are also the fastest, forgetful race. Su Hao was very sure that those who were grateful to him for this kind sacrifice would completely forget about their gratitude when facing any conflict of interest and kill without mercy.

Of course, there were still a small number of people who valued love as an exception.

“Oh mankind…” Su Hao smiled as he mocked humanity.

At this time, the quicksand had already crossed Su Hao’s waist. Su Hao attempted to struggle with Rule Force.


The radius of the quicksand skyrocketed!

In an instant, it covered a radius of one hundred meters. At the same time, the quicksand directly reached Su Hao’s chest from his waist.

This is dangerous!

This quicksand was a terrifying thing.

“Rule Force is useless.” Su Hao took a deep breath, “Then, what about the origin energy?”

He was different from other world espers. He was still a domain esper to begin with. Thus while possessing Rule Force, he still had his origin energy. If Rule Force was ineffective, what about the origin energy?


Su Hao tried to struggle with the origin energy.


It didn’t stimulate the quicksand, but at the same time, he still couldn’t break free. The brilliance of the origin energy couldn’t even pass through the sand. After all, the sand was one that absorbed Rule Force.

“The origin energy is too weak after all.” Su Hao pondered.

Rule Force, ineffective!

Origin energy, useless!


What about my internal force?


Su Hao tried again.


It still failed.

The sand that can absorb Rule Force had a terrifying shielding effect, causing the origin energy and internal force to be unable to pass through. Thus, Su Hao’s body remained stuck.

With these three forces rendered ineffective, was it all over?

Su Hao also had another different force, the strength of his flesh itself. What if he could break away with his sky-high physical fitness? Seeing that the sand was still engulfing him, Su Hao had to give it a try.


Su Hao’s physical strength accumulated.

Suddenly, Su Hao’s body suddenly charged forward. That horrifying physical strength of his broke out. However, when he faintly felt that he could escape from the sand, a heavy pressure descended.

That feeling…

It was akin to fighting against the entire desert!


Su Hao’s body, which had exited halfway, bounced back!

Bounced back!


Su Hao was flung directly into the sand.

Not only did he fail to break free, but he was also instantly dragged inside by the quicksand.


Su Hao vanished, and the quicksand with a radius of one hundred meters slowly flew. Su Hao went silent at the very center of the quicksand vortex, and no trace could be seen anymore.

“It ended?”

In front of Su Hao, it was total darkness.

He knew clearly.

Right now, he had been dragged in by the quicksand.

Not to mention that this was inside a Great Despair, even an ordinary desert, one will eventually be suffocated to death without being able to use Rule Force.

Was he afraid?

If he weren’t, then something would be wrong!

Of course, he was afraid!

However, he mustn’t be afraid because at such crucial moments, the more you’re afraid, the easier it is to make mistakes. Thus, Su Hao had long suppressed his emotions. Right now, he was so calm that it would scare away any spectators.

Rule Force? No reaction.

Origin energy? Invalid.

Internal strength? Useless.

Flesh? Ineffective.

All of his strengths were ineffective against the quicksand. Plus, Rule Force and his physical strength even caused the rebound effect from the quicksand!

Now, what else could Su Hao do to save himself?

It was dark in front of him.

Su Hao could see that his consciousness was gradually fading away. In this desert, it seemed to have some kind of power that could make one sleep. Gradually make you fall asleep and never wake up again.

This was such a sad thing.

Although the words he mentioned to Liu Ping were all nonsense, Su Hao felt really helpless because he didn’t expect that quicksand would come to him this quick.

What bad luck he had.

Fortune seemed to never be on his side. In Su Hao’s memory, unless he tried hard to get something, he would never enjoy the privilege of any good luck falling from the sky.

Not once!

As for happy encounters…

This kind of thing was a joke to Su Hao. The resources he obtained and the treasures he met were all fought with his life on the line. Each time, it was extremely difficult, and he almost died.

And now, it came to an end.

By often walking by the river, how could one keep their shoes dry all the time?

Su Hao had been walking on the verge of death each time, and it was his turn this time. It was just that there was still quite some distance before the grand completion of Kingdom of Heaven…

Su Hao suddenly envied Li Xin.

If it were that guy, probably when everyone died, then it would reach his turn, right? Oh, not necessary. Even when everyone died, Su Hao had no doubt that Li Xin would still reach the end of the desert. This guy’s luck has always been at the maximum level.

To compare it like that, the gap was truly quite a distance.


He seemed to feel drowsy?

Su Hao was a little confused.

He must not sleep!

Su Hao knew that if he fell asleep, he would never wake up again!

However, he also knew that in this state, he couldn’t last too long. Without any power to fight against this sleep-inducing force, what could he do to resist?

That was something that directly influenced his soul!

What to do then?

Su Hao suddenly established Blue Dream Butterfly’s talent and created a solid spiritual defense for himself.

He instantly became sober.

It was effective.

Su Hao was a bit happy. After all, this was still not to the point of absolute misery. The establishment of an origin talent allowed him to fight for more time. In this short time, he must come up with a solution. The flowing sands around him had gotten faster and faster. Su Hao felt that he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Hold on…

More and more?

Su Hao suddenly thought of something.

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