God's Eyes (Web Novel)
Chapter 523: Annex

Being able to connect himself to the silver divine aura was something Jason hadn't expected to be possible.

It opened many paths for him to exploit.

Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't have been able to create a new world bridge, alter an existing one, or even terminate the connection between two world bridges.

However, this had changed now!

Goosebumps erupted all over his body and Jason had to take a deep breath in order to calm down.

Suddenly, the desire to devour the silver, divine Celestia aura ignited within him, forcefully trying to divert his attention from the destruction of the world bridge towards the pure Celestia aura.

Yet, instead of giving in to the temptation, Jason made use of everything he had comprehended as he actively supported unleashing his Celestia aura.

In the beginning, the pure aura that had once belonged to his father retaliated against the golden-silverish aura Jason was releasing.

The divine aura's sentience's mission was to maintain the world bridge, and it would do nothing but that unless it received a different order.

It was only when Jason's aura was slowly starting to devour it, that the silver divine aura sensed who Jason was.

Owing to its sentience, the divine aura became placid within a moment, accepting everything Jason was about to do.

This shocked him a little bit, and he couldn't help but wonder where this sentience came from and what exactly it was.

He doubted that his father had been able to tell the sentience in his aura that it should accept everything Jason was doing.

As such, Jason could only assume that the sentience accepted every Celestia as its authority.

This was not exactly the case, and if Jason were to know the truth, he would blame that his knowledge was too shallow.

In the end, knowing the truth wouldn't have really made a difference to Jason's current situation.

His aura was slowly growing as it was being nurtured by the divine, silver aura it continued to absorb.

At the same time, the stigma above Jason's right eye, and on his soulbonds was enlarging.

Suddenly, Jason's eyes widened as his golden-silverish eyes glowed brightly, further brightening the surroundings.

It was long ago that his emperor eyes had shown signs of disclosing different abilities like showing hues that revealed certain emotions other individuals had towards him.

As such, Jason could only smile through the pain he began to feel like a part of the silver divine aura was suctioned inside his eye.

Large streams of blood poured out of his eyes that were slowly changing again.

Without a warning, Petri, who was next to him, also hissed painfully.

Jason had known that something was wrong with Petri since his evolution. Though it didn't seem to be anything major that obstructed anything, according to his youngest soulbond, his curses should have become stronger.

This hadn't happened during the evolution, and according to Petri something had been missing.

Neither Jason nor Petri could have imagined that divine aura was what had been missing this entire time.

Suddenly, Petri enlarged himself while slowly releasing Jason from his grasp.

At the same time, Artemis descended to the ground, allowing Jason to sit down as he folded his legs.

But Jason didn't even notice anything anymore because his eyes were metamorphosing due to multiple factors.

Because of that, he had been blinded once again.

Unbeknownst to Jason, his soulbonds were surrounding him, in order to absorb the silver divine aura that was drawn towards him.

His suction force was the strongest, and the three soulbonds only received a minuscule part of what Jason was greedily devouring.

Meanwhile, Jason felt as if he had entered some sort of trance, allowing him to annex and devour the silver divine aura rapidly.

His own aura was growing at a terrific speed which allowed him to envelop the entire world bridge within half an hour with it.

Only when the silver divine aura was completely enveloped and annexed did this change.

While the disintegration rune had been fully revealed and was now free for Jason to use, he couldn't even bother to do anything like that.

The amount of mana stored inside the silver divine aura was shockingly high.

Because of that, Jason began to realize that maintaining the silver aura had required much more mana than supplying enough mana to empower the world bridge itself!

Now that he was annexing and absorbing the silver divine aura, Jason was also absorbing the mana stored inside it.

Every single ounce of mana stored inside was highly compressed and more than enough to liquefy one drop of mana.

Shocked by this revelation, Jason couldn't help but take a moment and calm down the excitement that was about to be instilled within him.

While Solaris had long since left his body in order to devour traces of the divine aura, Artemis and Petri were fully focused on the same.

The only difference between his three soulbonds was that while Artemis and Solaris were merely absorbing it greedily, Petri used the divine aura to complete his evolution that had been lacking before.

He expelled the mana that was directly absorbed by Artemis, who enhanced every single trait of hers with the divine aura and the mana inside it.

At the same time, Solaris was slowly nurturing his abilities with divine energy.

Jason's eyes were transforming owing to the petrification curse that seemed to change due to Petri completing his evolution, in addition to the new ability that seemed to fully merge with his Emperor Eyes.

Other than that, Jason felt as if every cell inside his body was receiving a divine blessing, enhancing him substantially.

He was unsure whether this was something that was supposed to happen or not because it seemed to be an uncommon case.

However, rather than wondering about the logic behind what happened, Jason prepared himself to devour the divine rune with the destruction of the world bridge.

According to what he felt, the disintegration rune would not only destroy the world bridge but also release the overflowing mana.

As such, there would be more mana in his surroundings than it had ever been before.

Jason didn't want to waste this opportunity.

Because of that, he had to calm himself before he would try to focus on his task.

Once he was close to entering the fully concentrated state that would allow him to absorb the surrounding energies at a terrifyingly high speed, Jason followed his instincts to access the disintegration rune without even knowing what he was really doing.

Earlier, Jason hadn't known the exact way to do something like that, but now that a part of the silver divine aura had merged with him, remnants of memories filled his mind.

He was not sure whether they were his father's memories or just knowledge on how to do certain things, but that was not important.

Knowing how to destroy the world bridge in front of him and merging with the silver divine aura, were two things that should have never occurred on Argos in the first place.

Solely by using his mind, Jason controlled a trace of the annexed silver divine aura to lash out at the disintegration rune that shattered without showing any signs of resistance.

A few seconds later, nothing seemed to happen causing Jason, who was unable to see anything as of now, to gulp nervously.

He forcefully calmed down the sliver of worry that was beginning to root itself in his mind.

Devouring the silver divine aura was more important right now, and the release of the surrounding mana could either increase slowly, or be expelled explosively, and he had no control over it.

Somehow, Jason hoped that it would be the former, but this hope was shattered only a moment later.

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God's Eyes (Web Novel) Chapter 523: Annex
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