Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 652: The Tiny Flicker of Hope in Her Heart Slowly Disappeared

“Yiren, let go of me.” Xia Chuxi’s face was pale as he tried to push Qiao Yiren away.

However, why would Qiao Yiren allow him to go ahead and help that little sl*t, Su Qianxun?

Qiao Bonian kicked the door open with a bang. He took the lead and charged into the lounge. The moment he entered the lounge, he started to curse. “You’re such an unfilial daughter! How dare you do such a thing on your younger sister’s wedding day!”

The reporters crowded the lounge. They did not even look at the young woman on the bed clearly before they started to take photographs. They were obviously not going to miss out on reporting such an epic scandal.

Lan Yingying was so shocked that she went into a daze. She looked at the people who had just entered the lounge in disbelief. There were only three words in her mind: ‘I’m done for!’

When Xia Chuxi heard what Qiao Bonian said, he shoved Qiao Yiren away and dashed into the lounge regardless of anything.

He breathed a loud sigh of relief once he took a good look at the woman on the bed. Only then did he feel like he was alive again.

Qiao Bonian, too, was bewildered as he stood in the lounge. He was so bewildered that he did not know how to react.

Qiao Yiren, as well as her friends, dashed in, and when her friends saw what was going on, they began to scream. Yet, after they saw who the young woman on the bed was, they immediately went silent as if someone had put a mute spell on them.

Qiao Yiren initially froze for a moment, but immediately after, she became so frightened that her legs went limp. She could not believe what was happening. Why was Lan Yingying the one who got raped instead!?

Such a major incident happened to Lan Yingying during her wedding, and reporters were even there to take photographs of it. The Lan family would definitely be furious, and the Lan family was far from being a doormat.

Qiao Bonian had obviously thought of that too. He immediately ordered someone to ask the reporters to leave the lounge. Outsiders could not find out about the incident, let alone the members of the Lan family!

He believed that Lan Yingying would not want other people to know about the humiliating incident either.

Compared with angering the Lan family, he would rather spend some money to sweep the incident under the rug.

The four men had already moved away from Lan Yingying. They quickly put on their pants and fled the scene.

Qiao Yiren’s friends who were standing outside the door were so shocked that they were screaming and retreating.

While Qiao Bonian was trying to come up with a solution, chaotic footsteps were heard outside the lounge again. Members of the Lan family rushed in…

Lan Qingcheng’s father, Lan Liren was the first to enter the lounge. He was Lan Yingying’s eldest uncle. Lan Yingying’s parents and a few other people were standing behind him.

“Yingying, what on earth is going on?!” Lan Liren furrowed his eyebrows when he saw his niece lying naked on the bed.

Lan Yingying’s parents immediately started crying. Her mother immediately took off the scarf she was wearing and used it to cover her daughter. She hugged her daughter and sobbed. “Yingying, what happened? Who set you up? Tell mummy about it. I’ll definitely make sure that justice is served.”

Lan Yingying’s mother was able to react very quickly. There was no turning back as many people had witnessed the scene, so she had to make her daughter the victim!

“Mum, help me. Please help me. I don’t know what happened either. I was set up.” Lan Yingying had a total meltdown. She knew very well that she was done for.

The tiny flicker of hope in her heart slowly disappeared. Nothing could be worse than this!

“Mr. Qiao, such a thing happened to my daughter while she was attending your daughter’s wedding, and her reputation has been destroyed! You… You have to be responsible for it!” Lan Yingying’s father was so furious that he almost vomited blood. His daughter had always been oppressed by Qingcheng, to begin with. And now, her reputation had been utterly destroyed!

“Please calm down first. I’ll get to the bottom of this matter. Qiao Bonian almost broke out in cold sweat. He never expected things to go this way.

His plan was seamless. Qiao Bonian thought of destroying Su Qianxun’s reputation before anything else. After that, he could control her and make her do things that would benefit him. After all, even if her body was sullied, she was still beautiful. That young woman could make all the men fall to her knees with her pretty face alone.

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