Grand Ancestral Bloodlines
Chapter 577: Intact

Ryu's speed only seemed to grow faster. Unfortunately, his progress wasn't endlessly fast nor without bumps. He was finding it more and more difficult to constrain himself to the power of his bow.

One would have thought that after entering the Heir Realm, it would have become easier. But, it was the exact opposite. Using a bow now gave him an added boost to his strength, a strength he had to put even more effort into supressing now. It was a fascinating change.

There were several times Ryu almost snapped his body in two. It was simply incapable of keeping up with him. The fact he was killing Immortal Ring level threats with a Black Grade treasure was testament enough to just how potent his pupils were.

Ryu suddenly missed Ailsa. By now, she would have probably said something that would have enlightened to him what felt like the next several dozen steps he would need to make. But, without her, he could only stumble around on his own.

It felt like Ryu was progressing fast even in Ailsa absence, but that was more of a fluke compared to anything else. In fact, the way Ryu's cultivation had stalled in the Lower Connecting Heaven Realm was a better portrayal of how Ryu was without her around. He just happened to be 'lucky' enough to stumble into absorbing a Sky God's Primordial Yin, nothing more, nothing less. Ryu even felt that if Ailsa had been present, he might have even gotten far more out of that energy than he did.

He was definitely eager to see her awake again.

The current Ailsa's mind was in a dream like state. Ryu was still connected to her, but he couldn't make heads or tails of the thoughts she was having so there was really no point to him paying attention all of the time.

Ailsa's mind was akin to a dream while how Ryu perceived it was how one would feel about said dream after you awoke. Dreams always seemed to make perfect sense while you were dreaming them, but you would quickly realize just how ridiculous it all was the moment you woke up.

Toward this, Ryu was a bit helpless. But, it was at least good to know that Ailsa's mind was still active and healthy. She just needed the proper stimulus to wake up.

'The snow beasts are getting more powerful…' Ryu's eyes narrowed.

The change was subtle, but it wasn't something Ryu would miss. It seemed like things would only pick up as he approached the massive mountain in the distance.

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Yaana's small palms sent ripples throughout the air. Each ripple was clearly outlined, making the air look like the disturbed surface of a lake. However, the result of these ripples was nothing like the benign waves of water.

The instant the snow beasts touched these ripples, they were obliterated. There wasn't even a sound to be heard nor did it allow for the slightest hint of resistance. In one moment, the snow beast existed and in the next, it was as though it had never been there.

Yaana moved forward, having chosen the mountain as her destination just like everyone else had. It was far too obvious. There had to be a reason for it to be the only noticeable landmark within this land of snow. It was clear that the Ice Devil wanted them all to head in that direction, and maybe that was where the true trial would begin.

When Yaana realized that she was all alone in this place rather than right behind Ryu like she had hoped, she had been overwhelmed by a sense of sadness. But, it wasn't long after that that she regained her bearings and settled herself. She had already lived out a mortal life for over a hundred years before cultivating diligently for several hundred more. What was the point in growing impatient now?

Thinking of that small blind boy who ended up causing the downfall of a Kingdom all on his own, Yaana felt a bone deep infatuation.

She had had years to think of why it was she felt that way about Ryu. It could be said that they were childhood friends, but that was a phase that most grew out of as they matured. For the mere sake of a childhood friend, Yaana couldn't have possibly held on to such emotions for hundreds of years.

In all that time she had had to think, though, she had long since come up with an answer: She simply had never come across a man who was better.

Yaana had thought to settle down many times. All her life, it had been her duty to marry, to care for a household and to have children. Deep inside, she really wanted that life.

Fighting, killing, cultivating… These were never things she wanted to do, and that was despite the fact her grandfather was a general. If she had a dream, it was to be a housewife.

Many might look down on her for wanting such a thing. Some with misplaced kind intentions would believe that a strong woman could never want such a thing. Those with far less noble intentions would believe that she was a puppet, a weak willed defect to the female gender.

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But, in her heart of hearts, this was Yaana's truth.

However, in that ideal world Yaana had fantasized about more times that she could count, the most important figure in her life was her husband… But, every time she thought to settle for the man who was good enough, for the man who would treat her kindly and give her a warm, fulfilling life… She simply couldn't bring herself to do it.

This wasn't about her feeling the man was unworthy. She believed that everyone had their own unique worth to bring to the world.

The reason she couldn't do it was because every time she thought to do so, she felt a guilt from the depths of her soul. This wasn't a guilt toward Ryu, nor was it a guilt toward her dreams, it was a guilt she felt toward that man who would become her 'good enough'.

She couldn't bring herself to live a life where her own husband was always second in her heart… She didn't want to put another human being through that. She felt that everyone deserved happiness and that she wasn't the one who would be able to provide it to such a person.

And so, she worked hard. She put her head down and dismissed such thoughts from her mind, intent on spending the moments until her final breath chasing after a man she might very well never see again… Feeling content as she watched those 'good enough' men live happy, simple lives, building families of their own.

Those years had been the closest she got to being that loving housewife she had always wanted to be… It was her way of showing her loyalty, love and duty to a husband she would never have…

But who could have expected that she would gain such an opportunity now? With the life she had always wanted being within arms reach of her, how could she give in to despair now?

Yaana's speed increased. That mountain, she was certain that Ryu must be going toward it too. He must be going in the same direction as her. They would meet soon.

Of course, in her fantasies, there were a lot of things she neglected.

What if Ryu didn't feel the same way about her? What if he already cared for someone else? Was it even possible to live out her dream if she wasn't his only wife?

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But, Yaana didn't even consider any of these things. Maybe after regaining her youth, that naivete had come back. Or, maybe it was that it was difficult to extinguish a dream that had been stoked and protected for so long.

Ryu didn't feel the same way? She would simply stay silently by his side until he acknowledged her. As for the rest, she would figure it out one step at a time.

Suddenly, Yaana's expression changed. The ripples around her multiplied and her body shifted to the left just as a bone spear pierced through where she had just stood.

Yaana's countenance turned into a deep frown as several ripples manifested themselves. It only took a moment before she felt that she had been completely surrounded. At that moment, a dozen cloaked figures cut off her path of retreat in all directions. However, each also kept their distance.

"What is the meaning of this, Yaana? Did you forget your duty? Why is it that you didn't respond to our call? Are you betraying us?"

A barrage of questions rained down as Yaana stepped into the air, her brows wrinkled. She didn't like this even the smallest bit.

She had just wanted to find Ryu, she hadn't cared about the so-called mission she was sent here to do. She had planned on helping the Guild out later since she was, in fact, one of their disciples.

Still, though she had been wrong for prioritizing her own matters ahead of the Guild's matters, why had they struck to kill before even trying to speak to her?

"Why are you even bothering to ask question, Zech? Didn't you see earlier? She found her little lover, she doesn't care about you. The Madame already said that those who don't follow her orders should be killed, stop wasting your breath."

Zech remained silent for a long time, his jaw clenched. Eventually he squeezed out some words, trying to pretend as though his face wasn't turning crimson.

"Leave her corpse intact."

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The man who had spoken—Guido—was stunned for a moment before her burst out into a fit of laughter along with the others.

"Alright, you sick pervert. You can have her corpse."

The group shot forward as one.

Grand Ancestral Bloodlines Chapter 577: Intact
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